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Articles added in the last thirty days:

Jul 16 20:00News Feature: Do hosts and their microbes evolve as a unit? - Jyoti Madhusoodanan (PNAS)
Jul 16 20:00Trehalase gene as a molecular signature of dietary diversification in mammals - Hengwu Jiao et al. (MBE)
Jul 15 20:00Development and evolution of age-dependent defenses in ant-acacias - Aaron R. Leichty, R. Scott Poethig (PNAS)
Jul 15 08:003A comprehensive survey on the terpene synthase gene family provides new insight into its evolutionary patterns - Shu-Ye Jiang, Jingjing Jin, Rajani Sarojam, Srinivasan Ramachandran (GBE)
Jul 13 08:00Dependency Between Protein-Protein Interactions and Protein Variability and Evolutionary Rates in Vertebrates: Observed Relationships and Stochastic Modeling - Xichun Wang et al. (JME)
Jul 12 12:00Phenotypic and genomic local adaptation across latitude and altitude in Populus trichocarpa - Man Zhang, Haktan Suren, Jason A Holliday (GBE)
Jul 12 12:00Genome resequencing reveals congenital causes of embryo and nestling death in crested ibis (Nipponia nippon) - Chun-Zheng Fu, Xuan-Min Guang, Qiu-Hong Wan, Sheng-Guo Fang (GBE)
Jul 12 12:00Evolution of Phototransduction Genes in Lepidoptera - Aide Macias-Muñoz, Aline G Rangel Olguin, Adriana D Briscoe (GBE)
Jul 12 12:00Genome-wide genotype-expression relationships reveal both copy number and single nucleotide differentiation contribute to differential gene expression between stickleback ecotypes - Yun Huang et al. (GBE)
Jul 12 08:00Molecular chaperones accelerate the evolution of their protein clients in yeast - David Alvarez-Ponce, José Aguilar-Rodríguez, Mario A Fares (GBE)
Jul 12 08:00Many Options, Few Solutions: Over 60 My Snakes Converged on a Few Optimal Venom Formulations - Agneesh Barua, Alexander S Mikheyev (MBE)
Jul 12 08:00De novo mutation rate estimation in wolves of known pedigree - Evan Koch et al. (MBE)
Jul 12 08:00Admixture between ancient lineages, selection, and the formation of sympatric stickleback species-pairs - Laura L Dean et al. (MBE)
Jul 10 12:00The Critical Role of Codon Composition on the Translation Efficiency Robustness of the Hepatitis A Virus Capsid - Lucía D'Andrea et al. (GBE)
Jul 10 12:00Sex-Ratio meiotic drive shapes the evolution of the Y chromosome in Drosophila simulans - Q Helleu et al. (MBE)
Jul 10 08:00Epimutations in developmental genes underlie the onset of domestication in farmed European sea bass - Dafni Anastasiadi, Francesc Piferrer (MBE)
Jul 9 20:00Genetic affinities among southern Africa hunter-gatherers and the impact of admixing farmer and herder populations - Mário Vicente, Mattias Jakobsson, Peter Ebbesen, Carina M Schlebusch (MBE)
Jul 8 12:00The piranha draft genome provides molecular insight associated to its unique feeding behavior - Manfred Schartl et al. (GBE)
Jul 8 12:00CyMIRA: The Cytonuclear Molecular Interactions Reference for Arabidopsis - Evan S Forsythe et al. (GBE)
Jul 5 08:00Mode and tempo of microsatellite length change in a malaria parasite mutation accumulation experiment - Marina McDew-White et al. (GBE)
Jul 5 08:00Clustered core- and pan-genome content on Rhodobacteraceae chromosomes - Karel Kopejtka et al. (GBE)
Jul 5 08:00Dosage compensation throughout the Schistosoma mansoni lifecycle: specific chromatin landscape of the Z chromosome. - Marion AL Picard et al. (GBE)
Jul 5 08:00Whole genome sequencing of the giant devil catfish, Bagarius yarrelli - Wansheng Jiang et al. (GBE)
Jul 5 08:00EPAS1 gain-of-function mutation contributes to high-altitude adaptation in Tibetan horses - Xuexue Liu et al. (MBE)
Jul 5 08:00High satellite repeat turnover in great apes studied with short- and long-read technologies - Monika Cechova et al. (MBE)
Jul 5 08:00Co-evolution of sites under immune selection shapes Epstein-Barr Virus population structure - Fanny Wegner et al. (MBE)
Jul 4 12:00Genome-Wide Single-Nucleotide Polymorphism Data Unveil Admixture of Chinese Indigenous Chicken Breeds with Commercial Breeds - Changsheng Nie et al. (GBE)
Jul 4 08:00Pancrustacean evolution illuminated by taxon-rich genomic-scale data sets with an expanded remipede sampling - Jesus Lozano-Fernandez et al. (GBE)
Jul 4 08:00Evidence that Evolution of the Diabetes Susceptibility Gene SLC30A8 that Encodes the Zinc Transporter ZnT8 Drives Variations in Pancreatic Islet Zinc Content in Multiple Species - Karin J. Bosma et al. (JME)
Jul 4 08:00Skeletal mineralisation in association with type X collagen expression is an ancestral feature for jawed vertebrates - Mélanie Debiais-Thibaud et al. (MBE)
Jul 4 08:00Recurrent losses and rapid evolution of the condensin II complex in insects - T D King et al. (MBE)
Jul 2 08:00Genome Reports: The genome sequence of the anthelmintic-susceptible New Zealand Haemonchus contortus - Nikola Palevich et al. (GBE)
Jul 2 08:00Genome-wide single nucleotide polymorphism data unveil admixture of Chinese indigenous chicken breeds with commercial breeds - Changsheng Nie et al. (GBE)
Jul 1 20:00Female bed bugs (Cimex lectularius L) anticipate the immunological consequences of traumatic insemination via feeding cues - Michael T. Siva-Jothy et al. (PNAS)
Jul 1 08:00Meta-omics reveals genetic flexibility of diatom nitrogen transporters in response to environmental changes - Greta Busseni et al. (MBE)
Jun 28 12:00Perspectives on the Origin of Biological Homochirality on Earth - Koji Tamura (JME)
Jun 28 12:00Ancient hybridization and adaptive introgression of an invadolysin gene in schistosome parasites - Roy N Platt et al. (MBE)
Jun 28 12:00Parallel evolution of HIV-1 in a long-term experiment - Frederic Bertels, Christine Leemann, Karin J Metzner, Roland Regoes (MBE)
Jun 27 08:00Complete genomes of symbiotic cyanobacteria clarify the evolution of Vanadium-nitrogenase - Jessica Nelson et al. (GBE)
Jun 27 08:00Draft genome of the rice coral Montipora capitata obtained from linked-read sequencing - Martin Helmkampf et al. (GBE)
Jun 27 08:00Comparative genomics of wild bee and flower isolated Lactobacillus reveals potential adaptation to the bee host - Hoang Q Vuong, Quinn S McFrederick (GBE)
Jun 26 08:00Mutational and selective processes involved in evolution during bacterial range expansions - Lars Bosshard, Stephan Peischl, Martin Ackermann, Laurent Excoffier (MBE)
Jun 25 20:00Multiple Independent Recruitment of Sodefrin Precursor-like Factors in Anuran Sexually Dimorphic Glands - Franky Bossuyt et al. (MBE)
Jun 25 08:00Symbiosis, Selection and Novelty: Freshwater Adaptation in the Unique Sponges of Lake Baikal - Nathan J Kenny, Bruna Plese, Ana Riesgo, Valeria B Itskovich (MBE)
Jun 25 08:00Genomic patterns of local adaptation under gene flow in Arabidopsis lyrata - Tuomas Hämälä, Outi Savolainen (MBE)
Jun 25 08:00Horizontal transfer of bacterial cytolethal distending toxin B genes to insects - Kirsten I Verster et al. (MBE)
Jun 24 20:00Contemporary loss of migration in monarch butterflies - Ayşe Tenger-Trolander, Wei Lu, Michelle Noyes, Marcus R. Kronforst (PNAS)
Jun 24 12:00Comparative analyses of chromatin landscape in white adipose tissue suggest humans may have less beigeing potential than other primates - Devjanee Swain-Lenz et al. (GBE)
Jun 22 12:00Antibiotic resistance evolution is contingent on the quorum sensing response in Pseudomonas aeruginosa - Sara Hernando-Amado, Fernando Sanz-García, José Luis Martínez (MBE)
Jun 22 08:00Genetic variation in human gene regulatory factors uncovers regulatory roles in local adaptation and disease - Álvaro Perdomo-Sabogal, Katja Nowick (GBE)
Jun 21 12:00Modeling Structural Constraints on Protein Evolution via Side-Chain Conformational States - Umberto Perron et al. (MBE)
Jun 20 08:00First estimation of the spontaneous mutation rate in Diatoms - Marc Krasovec, Sophie Sanchez-Brosseau, Gwenael Piganeau (GBE)
Jun 20 08:00The genomic origins of small mitochondrial RNAs: are they transcribed by the mitochondrial DNA or by mitochondrial pseudogenes within the nucleus (NUMTs)? - Andrea Pozzi, Damian K Dowling (GBE)
Jun 20 08:00Nanopore sequencing significantly improves genome assembly of the protozoan parasite Trypanosoma cruzi - Florencia Díaz-Viraqué et al. (GBE)
Jun 19 08:00Phylogenomic Analysis of a Putative Missing Link Sparks Reinterpretation of Leech Evolution - Anna J Phillips et al. (GBE)
Jun 19 08:00Simultaneous TE Analysis of 19 Heliconiine Butterflies Yields Novel Insights into Rapid TE-based Genome Diversification and Multiple SINE Births and Deaths - David A Ray et al. (GBE)
Jun 19 08:00Whole-Genome Analysis of Halomonas sp. Soap Lake #7, Reveals It Possesses Putative Mrp Antiporter Operon Groups 1 and 2 - Melanie R Mormile et al. (GBE)
Jun 18 20:00News Feature: Probing the limits of "evolutionary rescue" - Amy McDermott (PNAS)
Jun 18 20:00Aquatic adaptation and depleted diversity: a deep dive into the genomes of the sea otter and giant otter - Annabel C Beichman et al. (MBE)
Jun 18 08:00Deleterious mutation accumulation in Arabidopsis thaliana pollen genes: a role for a recent relaxation of selection - M C Harrison, E B Mallon, D Twell, R L Hammond (GBE)
Jun 18 08:00The role of gene conversion between Transposable Elements in rewiring regulatory networks - Jeffrey A Fawcett, Hideki Innan (GBE)
Jun 18 08:00Enrichment of G4DNA and a large inverted repeat coincide in the mitochondrial genomes of Termitomyces - Mathijs Nieuwenhuis et al. (GBE)
Jun 18 08:00Fierce selection and interference in B-cell repertoire response to chronic HIV-1 - Armita Nourmohammad et al. (MBE)
Jun 18 08:00Identifying clusters of high confidence homologies in multiple sequence alignments - Raja Hashim Ali, Marcin Bogusz, Simon Whelan (MBE)
Jun 18 08:00Variation in recombination rate is shaped by domestication and environmental conditions in barley - Steven Dreissig, Martin Mascher, Stefan Heckmann (MBE)
Jun 17 20:00A fully resolved backbone phylogeny reveals numerous dispersals and explosive diversifications throughout the history of Asteraceae - Jennifer R. Mandel et al. (PNAS)
Jun 17 20:00Evolution of facial muscle anatomy in dogs - Juliane Kaminski, Bridget M. Waller, Rui Diogo, Adam Hartstone-Rose, Anne M. Burrows (PNAS)
Jun 17 20:00Polar bear evolution is marked by rapid changes in gene copy number in response to dietary shift - David C. Rinker, Natalya K. Specian, Shu Zhao, John G. Gibbons (PNAS)