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Articles added in the last thirty days:

Nov 17 12:00Out of Southern East Asia of the Brown Rat Revealed by Large-Scale Genome Sequencing - Lin Zeng et al. (MBE)
Nov 17 12:00Landscape of DNA methylation on the marsupial X - Shafagh A Waters et al. (MBE)
Nov 17 12:00Origin and Evolution of the Bartonella Gene Transfer Agent - Daniel Tamarit et al. (MBE)
Nov 15 12:00An Overlooked Paleotetraploidization in Cucurbitaceae - Jinpeng Wang et al. (MBE)
Nov 15 12:00Genome-Wide Analysis of Starvation-Selected Drosophila melanogaster—A Genetic Model of Obesity - Christopher M Hardy et al. (MBE)
Nov 15 08:00Structure related differences between cytochrome oxidase I proteins in a stable heteroplasmic mitochondrial system - David O F Skibinski et al. (GBE)
Nov 15 08:00Human accelerated regions and other human-specific sequence variations in the context of evolution and their relevance for brain development - Anastasia Levchenko, Alexander Kanapin, Anastasia Samsonova, Raul Gainetdinov (GBE)
Nov 15 08:00The Polyphyletic Origins of Primase-Helicase Bifunctional Proteins - Ankita Gupta et al. (JME)
Nov 15 08:00The effect of non-reversibility on inferring rooted phylogenies - Svetlana Cherlin et al. (MBE)
Nov 14 12:00Frequent nonallelic gene conversion on the human lineage and its effect on the divergence of gene duplicates - Arbel Harpak, Xun Lan, Ziyue Gao, Jonathan K. Pritchard (PNAS)
Nov 14 08:00"Prokaryotic pathway" is not prokaryotic: Non-cyanobacterial origin of the chloroplast lipid biosynthetic pathway revealed by comprehensive phylogenomic analysis - Naoki Sato, Koichiro Awai (GBE)
Nov 14 08:00Transition to an aquatic habitat permitted the repeated loss of the pleiotropic KLK8 gene in mammals - Nikolai Hecker, Virag Sharma, Michael Hiller (GBE)
Nov 13 16:00Adaptive benefits from small mutation supplies in an antibiotic resistance enzyme - Merijn L. M. Salverda, Jeroen Koomen, Bertha Koopmanschap, Mark P. Zwart, J. Arjan G. M. de Visser (PNAS)
Nov 13 12:00CompositeSearch: A Generalized Network Approach for Composite Gene Families Detection - Jananan Sylvestre Pathmanathan, Philippe Lopez, François-Joseph Lapointe, Eric Bapteste (MBE)
Nov 10 08:00RAD-Seq reveals patterns of additive polygenic variation caused by spatially-varying selection in the American Eel (Anguilla rostrata) - Charles Babin, Pierre-Alexandre Gagnaire, Scott A Pavey, Louis Bernatchez (GBE)
Nov 9 08:00Copy number variation and expression analysis reveals a non-orthologous pinta gene family member involved in butterfly vision - Aide Macias-Muñoz, Kyle J McCulloch, Adriana D Briscoe (GBE)
Nov 9 08:00Female mimicry by sneaker males has a transcriptomic signature in both the brain and gonad in a sex changing fish - Erica V Todd et al. (MBE)
Nov 9 08:00The genotype-phenotype relationships in the light of natural selection - Han Chen, Chung-I Wu, Xionglei He (MBE)
Nov 8 08:00 Genetic drift and indel mutation in the evolution of yeast mitochondrial genome size - Shujie Xiao, Duong T Nguyen, Baojun Wu, Weilong Hao (GBE)
Nov 8 08:00Reciprocal Nucleopeptides as the Ancestral Darwinian Self-Replicator - Eleanor F Banwell, Bernard M A G Piette, Anne Taormina, Jonathan G Heddle (MBE)
Nov 7 20:00Faster Evolving Primate Genes are More Likely to Duplicate - Áine N O'Toole, Laurence D Hurst, Aoife McLysaght (MBE)
Nov 7 12:00Pulsed evolution shaped modern vertebrate body sizes - Michael J. Landis, Joshua G. Schraiber (PNAS)
Nov 7 12:00Gene Regulation and Species-Specific Evolution of Free Flight Odor Tracking in Drosophila - Benjamin Houot et al. (MBE)
Nov 7 08:00Genomic environment impacts color vision evolution in a family with visually-based sexual selection - Benjamin A Sandkam, Jeffrey B Joy, Corey T Watson, Felix Breden (GBE)
Nov 6 16:01Myoanatomy of the velvet worm leg revealed by laboratory-based nanofocus X-ray source tomography - Mark Müller et al. (PNAS)
Nov 6 16:01Gut microbiomes and reproductive isolation in Drosophila - Philip T. Leftwich, Naomi V. E. Clarke, Matthew I. Hutchings, Tracey Chapman (PNAS)
Nov 6 08:00The first Mitochondrial Genomics and Evolution SMBE-Satellite meeting: a new scientific symbiosis - Oren Ostersetzer et al. (GBE)
Nov 6 08:00Comparative genome analysis reveals adaptation to the ectophytic lifestyle of sooty blotch and flyspeck fungi - Chao Xu, Rong Zhang, Guangyu Sun, Mark L Gleason (GBE)
Nov 6 08:00Genomic and proteomic evidence for the presence of a peroxisome in the apicomplexan parasite Toxoplasma gondii and other Coccidia - Daniel Moog, Jude M Przyborski, Uwe G Maier (GBE)
Nov 6 08:00Evolutionary epigenomics of retrotransposon-mediated methylation spreading in rice by - Jae Young Choi, Michael D Purugganan (MBE)
Nov 6 08:00Mode and rate of evolution of haemosporidian mitochondrial genomes: timing the radiation of avian parasites - M Andreína Pacheco et al. (MBE)
Nov 4 08:00A Role for the Mutagenic DNA Self-Catalyzed Depurination Mechanism in the Evolution of 7SL-Derived RNAs - Maxwell P. Gold, Jacques R. Fresco (JME)
Nov 3 08:00Increased Affinity for RNA Targets Evolved Early in Animal and Plant Dicer Lineages through Different Structural Mechanisms - Haiyan Jia, Oralia Kolaczkowski, James Rolland, Bryan Kolaczkowski (MBE)
Nov 2 12:00Thermophilic adaptation in prokaryotes is constrained by metabolic costs of proteostasis - Sergey V Venev, Konstantin B Zeldovich (MBE)
Nov 2 08:00A journey across genomes uncovers the origin of ubiquinone in cyanobacteria - Mauro Degli Esposti (GBE)
Nov 1 08:00Evolution of Single-Domain Globins in Hydrothermal Vent Scale-Worms - J. Projecto-Garcia et al. (JME)
Oct 31 20:00The Paleo-Indian Entry into South America According to Mitogenomes - Stefania Brandini et al. (MBE)
Oct 31 16:00Intragenomic conflict and immune tolerance: do selfish X-linked alleles drive skewed X chromosome inactivation? - Scott W Roy (GBE)
Oct 31 16:00Unravelling the genetic diversity among cassava Bemisia tabaci whiteflies using NextRAD sequencing - Everlyne N Wosula, Wenbo Chen, Zhangjun Fei, James P Legg (GBE)
Oct 31 12:00Testing the neutral hypothesis of phenotypic evolution - Wei-Chin Ho, Yoshikazu Ohya, Jianzhi Zhang (PNAS)
Oct 30 16:00Intercellular competition and the inevitability of multicellular aging - Paul Nelson, Joanna Masel (PNAS)
Oct 30 16:00Estimating mobility using sparse data: Application to human genetic variation - Liisa Loog et al. (PNAS)
Oct 30 16:00Seasonally fluctuating selection can maintain polymorphism at many loci via segregation lift - Meike J. Wittmann, Alan O. Bergland, Marcus W. Feldman, Paul S. Schmidt, Dmitri A. Petrov (PNAS)
Oct 30 12:00Evolution of the Aux/IAA Gene Family in Hexaploid Wheat - Linyi Qiao et al. (JME)
Oct 30 08:00CompositeSearch, a generalized network approach for composite gene families detection - Jananan Sylvestre Pathmanathan, Philippe Lopez, François-Joseph Lapointe, Eric Bapteste (MBE)
Oct 27 08:00The Structured Coalescent and Its Approximations - Nicola F. Müller, David A. Rasmussen, Tanja Stadler (MBE)
Oct 26 16:00Transcriptome Profiling of Neurosensory Perception Genes in Wing Tissue of Two Evolutionary Distant Insect Orders: Diptera (Drosophila melanogaster) and Hemiptera (Acyrthosiphon pisum) - Sandra Agnel, Martine da Rocha, Alain Robichon (JME)
Oct 26 12:00Out of southern East Asia of the brown rat revealed by large scale genome sequencing - Lin Zeng et al. (MBE)
Oct 26 08:00Neurogenomic signatures of successes and failures in life-history transitions in a key insect pollinator - Fabio Manfredini et al. (GBE)
Oct 26 08:00Coalescent-based analyses of genomic sequence data provide a robust resolution of phylogenetic relationships among major groups of gibbons - Cheng-Min Shi, Ziheng Yang (MBE)
Oct 25 12:00Tracing the Evolutionary History of the CAP Superfamily of Proteins Using Amino Acid Sequence Homology and Conservation of Splice Sites - Anup Abraham, Douglas E. Chandler (JME)
Oct 25 08:00Population genomics in wild tomatoes - the interplay of divergence and admixture - Ian Beddows, Aparna Reddy, Thorsten Kloesges, Laura E Rose (GBE)
Oct 24 20:00Interdependence, Reflexivity, Fidelity, Impedance Matching, and the Evolution of Genetic Coding - Charles W Carter, Jr, Peter R Wills (MBE)
Oct 24 16:00Development of functional ectopic compound eyes in scarabaeid beetles by knockdown of orthodenticle - Eduardo E. Zattara, Anna L. M. Macagno, Hannah A. Busey, Armin P. Moczek (PNAS)
Oct 24 16:00Survival and divergence in a small group: The extraordinary genomic history of the endangered Apennine brown bear stragglers - Andrea Benazzo et al. (PNAS)
Oct 24 16:00Evolutionary and molecular foundations of multiple contemporary functions of the nitroreductase superfamily - Eyal Akiva, Janine N. Copp, Nobuhiko Tokuriki, Patricia C. Babbitt (PNAS)
Oct 24 12:00Recombination alters the dynamics of adaptation on standing variation in laboratory yeast populations - Katya Kosheleva, Michael M Desai (MBE)
Oct 24 08:00Lateralized Feeding Behavior Comes with Asymmetrical Neuroanatomy and Lateralized Gene Expressions in the Brain in Scale-Eating Cichlid Fish - Hyuk Je Lee et al. (GBE)
Oct 24 08:00Spatial and Temporal Scales of Range Expansion in Wild Phaseolus vulgaris - Andrea Ariani, Jorge Berny Mier y Teran, Paul Gepts (MBE)
Oct 24 08:00Horizontal transfer of non-LTR retrotransposons from arthropods to flowering plants - Dongying Gao et al. (MBE)
Oct 24 08:00Effects of beneficial mutations in pykF gene vary over time and across replicate populations in a long-term experiment with bacteria - Fen Peng et al. (MBE)
Oct 23 20:00GPCRs globally coevolved with receptor activity-modifying proteins, RAMPs - Shahar Barbash, Emily Lorenzen, Torbjörn Persson, Thomas Huber, Thomas P. Sakmar (PNAS)
Oct 23 20:00Abiotic production of sugar phosphates and uridine ribonucleoside in aqueous microdroplets - Inho Nam, Jae Kyoo Lee, Hong Gil Nam, Richard N. Zare (PNAS)
Oct 23 20:00Unique growth strategy in the Earth's first trees revealed in silicified fossil trunks from China - Hong-He Xu et al. (PNAS)
Oct 23 20:00Evolutionary cascades induced by large frugivores - Jedediah F. Brodie (PNAS)
Oct 23 20:00Extensive gene tree discordance and hemiplasy shaped the genomes of North American columnar cacti - Dario Copetti et al. (PNAS)
Oct 23 12:00Legionella becoming a mutualist: adaptive processes shaping the genome of symbiont in the louse Polyplax serrata. - Jana Říhová, Eva Nováková, Filip Husník, Václav Hypša (GBE)
Oct 23 12:00Adaptive evolution under extreme genetic drift in oxidatively stressed Caenorhabditis elegans - Stephen F Christy et al. (GBE)
Oct 23 12:00The diversification of Zika virus: Are there two distinct lineages? - Zhen Gong, Xiaoyu Xu, Guan-Zhu Han (GBE)