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Articles added in the last thirty days:

Nov 16 08:00Repeated evolution of asexuality involves convergent gene expression changes - Darren J Parker et al. (MBE)
Nov 16 08:00Cytonuclear coevolution following homoploid hybrid speciation in Aegilops tauschii - Changping Li et al. (MBE)
Nov 16 08:00The genome landscape of Tibetan sheep reveals adaptive introgression from argali and the history of early human settlements on the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau - Xiao-Ju Hu et al. (MBE)
Nov 15 08:00Evolution of the mutational process under relaxed selection in Caenorhabditis elegans - Ayush Shekhar Saxena et al. (MBE)
Nov 14 20:00Indirect reciprocity with private, noisy, and incomplete information - Christian Hilbe, Laura Schmid, Josef Tkadlec, Krishnendu Chatterjee, Martin A. Nowak (PNAS)
Nov 14 08:00Methods for estimating demography and detecting between-locus differences in the effective population size and mutation rate - Kai Zeng, Benjamin C Jackson (MBE)
Nov 14 08:00Genomic Evidence of Local Adaptation to Climate and Diet in Indigenous Siberians - Brian Hallmark et al. (MBE)
Nov 14 08:00The many nuanced evolutionary consequences of duplicated genes - Ashley I Teufel et al. (MBE)
Nov 13 12:00Delineation of the Genera Haemoproteus and Plasmodium Using RNA-Seq and Multi-gene Phylogenetics - Jasper Toscani Field et al. (JME)
Nov 13 08:00Ancient DNA of the extinct Jamaican monkey Xenothrix reveals extreme insular change within a morphologically conservative radiation - Roseina Woods, Samuel T. Turvey, Selina Brace, Ross D. E. MacPhee, Ian Barnes (PNAS)
Nov 13 08:00Ant-plant interactions evolved through increasing interdependence - Matthew P. Nelsen, Richard H. Ree, Corrie S. Moreau (PNAS)
Nov 13 08:00Genetic and plastic variation in opsin gene expression, light sensitivity, and female response to visual signals in the guppy - Yusuke Sakai, Shoji Kawamura, Masakado Kawata (PNAS)
Nov 12 08:00Lineage-specific expression divergence in grasses is associated with male reproduction, host-pathogen defense, and domestication - Raquel Assis (GBE)
Nov 8 08:00Dissecting the genomic diversification of LATE EMBRYOGENESIS ABUNDANT (LEA) protein gene families in plants - Mariana Aline Silva Artur et al. (GBE)
Nov 8 08:00Horizontal Gene Transfer in Five Parasite Plant Species in Orobanchaceae - Tomoyuki Kado, Hideki Innan (GBE)
Nov 7 20:00The geographic mosaic of coevolution in mutualistic networks - Lucas P. Medeiros, Guilherme Garcia, John N. Thompson, Paulo R. Guimarães Jr. (PNAS)
Nov 6 20:00Recombination and large structural variations shape interspecific edible bananas genomes - Franc-Christophe Baurens et al. (MBE)
Nov 6 08:00Presence of an Agrobacterium-type tumor-inducing plasmid in Neorhizobium sp. NCHU2750 and the link to phytopathogenicity - Mindia Haryono et al. (GBE)
Nov 6 08:00Conjugative transposons and their cargo genes vary across natural populations of Rickettsia buchneri infecting the tick Ixodes scapularis - Rachael Hagen, Victoria I Verhoeve, Joseph J Gillespie, Timothy P Driscoll (GBE)
Nov 6 08:00Genomics and development of Lentinus tigrinus, a white-rot wood-decaying mushroom with dimorphic fruiting bodies - Baojun Wu et al. (GBE)
Nov 6 08:00Lineage-specific expression divergence in grasses is associated with - Raquel Assis (GBE)
Nov 6 08:00Tandem repeats contribute to coding sequence variation in bumblebees (Hymenoptera: Apidae) - Xiaomeng Zhao et al. (GBE)
Nov 6 08:00Localizing and classifying adaptive targets with trend filtered regression - Mehreen R Mughal, Michael DeGiorgio (MBE)
Nov 6 08:00Loss of gene body methylation in Eutrema salsugineum is associated with reduced gene expression - Aline Muyle, Brandon S Gaut (MBE)
Nov 5 20:00Unique pelvic fin in a tetrapod-like fossil fish, and the evolution of limb patterning - Jonathan E. Jeffery, Glenn W. Storrs, Timothy Holland, Clifford J. Tabin, Per E. Ahlberg (PNAS)
Nov 5 20:00Inclusive fitness consequences of dispersal decisions in a cooperatively breeding bird, the long-tailed tit (Aegithalos caudatus) - Jonathan P. Green, Ben J. Hatchwell (PNAS)
Nov 5 20:00Narrow thermal tolerance and low dispersal drive higher speciation in tropical mountains - Nicholas R. Polato et al. (PNAS)
Nov 3 08:00The Diabetes Susceptibility Gene SLC30A8 that Encodes the Zinc Transporter ZnT8 is a Pseudogene in Guinea Pigs Potentially Contributing to Low Guinea Pig Islet Zinc Content - Kristen E. Syring et al. (JME)
Nov 3 08:00Tipping the scales: the migration-selection balance leans toward selection in snake venoms - Mark J Margres et al. (MBE)
Nov 3 08:00On the regulatory evolution of new genes throughout their life history - Jia-yu Zhang, Qi Zhou (MBE)
Nov 2 08:00Loss of enzymes in the bile acid synthesis pathway explains differences in bile composition among mammals - Virag Sharma, Michael Hiller (GBE)
Nov 2 08:00Insights into the evolution of shells and love darts of land snails revealed from their matrix proteins - Keisuke Shimizu et al. (GBE)
Nov 2 08:00A polygenic genetic architecture of flowering time in the worldwide Arabidopsis thaliana population - Yanjun Zan, Örjan Carlborg (MBE)
Oct 31 08:00Comparative genomics supports sex and meiosis in diverse Amoebozoan - Paulo G Hofstatter, Matthew W Brown, Daniel J G Lahr (GBE)
Oct 31 08:00Detection of shared balancing selection in the absence of trans-species polymorphism - Xiaoheng Cheng, Michael DeGiorgio (MBE)
Oct 30 12:00A Single Pheromone Receptor Gene Conserved across 400 My of Vertebrate Evolution - Hikoyu Suzuki et al. (MBE)
Oct 30 08:00Origin and consequences of chromosomal inversions in the virilis group of Drosophila - Micael Reis et al. (GBE)
Oct 30 08:00Changes in biological pathways during 6,000 years of civilization in Europe - Evgeny Chekalin et al. (MBE)
Oct 29 16:00Engineering yeast endosymbionts as a step toward the evolution of mitochondria - Angad P. Mehta et al. (PNAS)
Oct 29 12:00Accelerated laboratory evolution reveals the influence of replication on the GC skew in Escherichia coli - Nobuaki Kono, Masaru Tomita, Kazuharu Arakawa (GBE)
Oct 29 12:00A new reference genome shows the one-speed genome structure of the barley pathogen Ramularia collo-cygni - Remco Stam et al. (GBE)
Oct 29 12:00Evolution of Portulacineae marked by gene tree conflict and gene family expansion associated with adaptation to harsh environments - Ning Wang et al. (MBE)
Oct 28 08:00Positive Selection in the Evolution of Mammalian CRISPs - Alberto Vicens, Claudia L. Treviño (JME)
Oct 26 12:00Expansion and Functional Divergence of the SHORT VEGETATIVE PHASE (SVP) Genes in Eudicots - Xing Liu et al. (GBE)
Oct 26 12:00Mitochondrial and plastid genomes from coralline red algae provide insights into the incongruent evolutionary histories of organelles - JunMo Lee et al. (GBE)
Oct 26 12:00Effect of collapsed duplications on diversity estimates: what to expect - Diego A Hartasánchez et al. (GBE)
Oct 26 08:00Phylotranscriptomic insights into the diversification of endothermic Thunnus tunas - Adam Ciezarek et al. (MBE)
Oct 25 16:00A Comprehensive Map of Genetic Variation in the World's Largest Ethnic Group—Han Chinese - Charleston W K Chiang, Serghei Mangul, Christopher Robles, Sriram Sankararaman (MBE)
Oct 25 08:00A Non-neutral Origin for Error Minimization in the Origin of the Genetic Code - Massimo Di Giulio (JME)
Oct 24 08:00Physical interactions reduce the power of natural selection in growing yeast colonies - Andrea Giometto, David R. Nelson, Andrew W. Murray (PNAS)
Oct 23 12:00Metabolic determinants of enzyme evolution in a genome-scale bacterial metabolic network - José Aguilar-Rodríguez, Andreas Wagner (GBE)
Oct 23 08:00Archaeorhynchus preserving significant soft tissue including probable fossilized lungs - Xiaoli Wang et al. (PNAS)
Oct 23 08:00Evolution of bidirectional costly mutualism from byproduct consumption - William R. Harcombe, Jeremy M. Chacón, Elizabeth M. Adamowicz, Lon M. Chubiz, Christopher J. Marx (PNAS)
Oct 23 08:00Functional consequences of the evolution of matrimony, a meiosis-specific inhibitor of Polo kinase - Amanda M Bonner, R Scott Hawley (MBE)
Oct 23 08:00Extreme Lewontin's paradox in ubiquitous marine phytoplankton species - Dmitry A Filatov (MBE)
Oct 22 12:00From de novo to 'de nono': The majority of novel protein coding genes identified with phylostratigraphy are old genes or recent duplicates - Claudio Casola (GBE)
Oct 22 12:00Complete genome sequence reveals evolutionary dynamics of an emerging and variant pathovar of Xanthomonas euvesicatoria - Kanika Bansal, Sanjeet Kumar, Prabhu B Patil (GBE)
Oct 22 12:00Prophage-driven genomic structural changes promote Bartonella vertical evolution - Ricardo Gutiérrez et al. (GBE)