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Articles added in the last thirty days:

Jan 23 12:00The genome of the great gerbil reveals species-specific duplication of an MHCII gene - Pernille Nilsson et al. (GBE)
Jan 23 12:00Can green algal plastid genome size be explained by DNA repair mechanisms? - David Roy Smith (GBE)
Jan 23 12:00Molecular evolution of the glutathione S-transferase family in the Bemisia tabaci species complex - Ofer Aidlin Harari et al. (GBE)
Jan 23 12:00Genomic analysis of Mycobacterium tuberculosis isolates and construction of a Beijing lineage reference genome - Woei-Fuh Wang et al. (GBE)
Jan 21 20:00An evolutionary switch from sibling rivalry to sibling cooperation, caused by a sustained loss of parental care - Darren Rebar, Nathan W. Bailey, Benjamin J. M. Jarrett, Rebecca M. Kilner (PNAS)
Jan 21 20:00Tradeoffs in the evolution of plant farming by ants - Guillaume Chomicki, Gudrun Kadereit, Susanne S. Renner, E. Toby Kiers (PNAS)
Jan 21 20:00Functional variants of DOG1 control seed chilling responses and variation in seasonal life-history strategies in Arabidopsis thaliana - Alejandra Martínez-Berdeja et al. (PNAS)
Jan 21 12:00Comparative genomics identifies putative signatures of sociality in spiders - Chao Tong et al. (GBE)
Jan 21 12:00Evolutionary dynamics of abundant 7 bp satellites in the genome of Drosophila virilis - Jullien M Flynn, Manyuan Long, Rod A Wing, Andrew G Clark (MBE)
Jan 21 12:00Evolution of transcriptional repressors impacts Caenorhabditis vulval development - Helen M Chamberlin et al. (MBE)
Jan 21 12:00The genomes of the livebearing fish species Poeciliopsis retropinna and Poeciliopsis turrubarensis reflect their different reproductive strategies - Henri van Kruistum et al. (MBE)
Jan 20 12:00Genomic analysis of Wolbachia from Laodelphax striatellus (Delphacidae, Hemiptera) reveals insights into its "Jekyll and Hyde" mode of infection pattern - Xiao-Li Bing et al. (GBE)
Jan 20 12:00Demography and natural selection have shaped genetic variation in the widely distributed conifer Norway Spruce (Picea abies) - Xi Wang, Carolina Bernhardsson, Pär K Ingvarsson (GBE)
Jan 20 08:00Genome-wide natural selection signatures are linked to genetic risk of modern phenotypes in the Japanese population - Yoshiaki Yasumizu et al. (MBE)
Jan 17 08:00The reproducibility of an inferred tree and the diploidization of gene segregation after genome duplication - Yukako Katsura, Masatoshi Nei (GBE)
Jan 17 08:00Using Selection by Nonantibiotic Stressors to Sensitize Bacteria to Antibiotics - Jeff Maltas, Brian Krasnick, Kevin B Wood (MBE)
Jan 16 12:00Evolution of a new function by fusion between phage DNA and a bacterial gene - Omar Warsi et al. (MBE)
Jan 16 08:00Enhancers Facilitate the Birth of De Novo Genes and Gene Integration into Regulatory Networks - Paco Majic, Joshua L Payne (MBE)
Jan 14 16:00Polygenic patterns of adaptive introgression in modern humans are mainly shaped by response to pathogens - Alexandre Gouy, Laurent Excoffier (MBE)
Jan 14 12:00Anaerobic peroxisomes in Mastigamoeba balamuthi - Tien Le et al. (PNAS)
Jan 13 12:00Disentangling population history and character evolution among hybridizing lineages - Sean P Mullen et al. (MBE)
Jan 11 12:00Snake recombination landscapes are concentrated in functional regions despite PRDM9 - Drew R Schield et al. (MBE)
Jan 10 12:23Comparative plastid genomics of Cryptomonas species reveals fine-scale genomic responses to loss of photosynthesis - Goro Tanifuji et al. (GBE)
Jan 9 12:00Transcriptome-wide patterns of the genetic and expression variation in two sympatric schizothoracine fishes in a Tibetan Plateau glacier lake - Juan Chen et al. (GBE)
Jan 9 12:00Recent out-of-Africa migration of human herpes simplex viruses - Diego Forni et al. (MBE)
Jan 9 08:00Gene Expression Modularity Reveals Footprints of Polygenic Adaptation in Theobroma cacao - Tuomas Hämälä et al. (MBE)
Jan 8 12:00Ancient DNA evidence from China reveals the expansion of Pacific dogs - Ming Zhang et al. (MBE)
Jan 7 16:00Genomic Evidence for Complex Domestication History of the Cultivated Tomato in Latin America - Hamid Razifard et al. (MBE)
Jan 7 12:00Differential Expression in Testis and Liver Transcriptomes from Four Species of Peromyscus (Rodentia: Cricetidae) - Laramie L Lindsey et al. (GBE)
Jan 7 12:00A compartment size-dependent selective threshold limits mutation accumulation in hierarchical tissues - Dániel Grajzel, Imre Derényi, Gergely J. Szöllősi (PNAS)
Jan 7 12:00Estimating Pangenomes with Roary - Farrah Sitto, Fabia U Battistuzzi (MBE)
Jan 6 12:00Reduced translational efficiency of eukaryotic genes after duplication events - Andrew Ying-Fei Chang, Ben-Yang Liao (MBE)
Jan 3 12:00Insights from empirical analyses and simulations on using multiple fossil calibrations with relaxed clocks to estimate divergence times - Tom Carruthers, Robert W Scotland (MBE)
Jan 3 12:00Origin and Evolution of Carboxysome Positioning Systems in Cyanobacteria - Joshua S MacCready, Joseph L Basalla, Anthony G Vecchiarelli (MBE)
Dec 31 08:00Extreme offspring ornamentation in American coots is favored by selection within families, not benefits to conspecific brood parasites - Bruce E. Lyon, Daizaburo Shizuka (PNAS)
Dec 31 08:00Evidence of tool use in a seabird - Annette L. Fayet, Erpur Snær Hansen, Dora Biro (PNAS)
Dec 31 08:00Fin ray patterns at the fin-to-limb transition - Thomas A. Stewart et al. (PNAS)
Dec 29 08:00Stochastic Gene Expression Influences the Selection of Antibiotic Resistance Mutations - Lei Sun, Peter Ashcroft, Martin Ackermann, Sebastian Bonhoeffer (MBE)
Dec 28 08:00Near-random distribution of chromosome-derived circular DNA in the condensed genome of pigeons and the larger, more repeat-rich human genome - Henrik Devitt Mùller et al. (GBE)
Dec 26 12:00The Loci of Behavioral Evolution: Evidence That Fas2 and tilB Underlie Differences in Pupation Site Choice Behavior between Drosophila melanogaster and D. simulans - Alison Pischedda, Michael P Shahandeh, Thomas L Turner (MBE)
Dec 26 12:00Mutations Beget More Mutations—Rapid Evolution of Mutation Rate in Response to the Risk of Runaway Accumulation - Yongsen Ruan et al. (MBE)