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Articles added in the last thirty days:

Sep 17 12:00Culturomics of Aerobic Photoheterotrophs in Wheat Phyllosphere Reveals Divergent Evolutionary Patterns of Photosynthetic Genes in Methylobacterium spp. - Athanasios Zervas, Yonghui Zeng, Anne Mette Madsen, Lars H Hansen (GBE)
Sep 16 20:00Elevated mutation and selection in wild emmer wheat in response to 28 years of global warming - Yong-Bi Fu et al. (PNAS)
Sep 16 20:00Pervasive convergent evolution and extreme phenotypes define chaperone requirements of protein homeostasis - Yasmine Draceni, Sebastian Pechmann (PNAS)
Sep 16 12:00ModelTest-NG: A New and Scalable Tool for the Selection of DNA and Protein Evolutionary Models - Diego Darriba et al. (MBE)
Sep 16 12:00The genome of the endangered Dryas monkey provides new insights into the evolutionary history of the vervets - T van der Valk et al. (MBE)
Sep 14 12:00Genetics of adaptation of the ascomycetous fungus Podospora anserina to submerged cultivation - Olga A Kudryavtseva et al. (GBE)
Sep 14 08:00An Evolutionary Perspective on the Impact of Genomic Copy Number Variation on Human Health - Marie Saitou, Omer Gokcumen (JME)
Sep 13 12:00Comparative transcriptomics provides insights into reticulate and adaptive evolution of a butterfly radiation - Wei Zhang et al. (GBE)
Sep 13 12:00New non-bilaterian transcriptomes provide novel insights into the evolution of coral skeletomes. - Nicola Conci, Gert Wӧrheide, Sergio Vargas (GBE)
Sep 13 12:00The Draft Genome of Kochia scoparia and the Mechanism of Glyphosate Resistance via Transposon-Mediated EPSPS Tandem Gene Duplication - Eric L Patterson et al. (GBE)
Sep 13 12:00Recombining your way out of trouble: The genetic architecture of hybrid fitness under environmental stress - Zebin Zhang et al. (MBE)
Sep 12 12:00Large-scale Molecular Evolutionary Analysis Uncovers a Variety of Polynucleotide Kinase Clp1 Family Proteins in the Three Domains of Life - Motofumi Saito et al. (GBE)
Sep 12 12:00Disappearance of Icelandic walruses coincided with Norse settlement - Xénia Keighley et al. (MBE)
Sep 10 12:00Chestnut-crowned babbler calls are composed of meaningless shared building blocks - Sabrina Engesser, Jennifer L. Holub, Louis G. O'Neill, Andrew F. Russell, Simon W. Townsend (PNAS)
Sep 10 12:00Evolution of the vomer and its implications for cranial kinesis in Paraves - Han Hu et al. (PNAS)
Sep 10 12:00Diversification of giant and large eukaryotic dsDNA viruses predated the origin of modern eukaryotes - Julien Guglielmini, Anthony C. Woo, Mart Krupovic, Patrick Forterre, Morgan Gaia (PNAS)
Sep 10 12:00Solving the riddle of the evolution of Shine-Dalgarno based translation in chloroplasts - Iddo Weiner et al. (MBE)
Sep 10 08:00Adaptive Evolution of C-Type Lysozyme in Vampire Bats - Chunzheng He et al. (JME)
Sep 10 08:00Genomic and phenotypic analyses reveal mechanisms underlying homing ability in pigeon - Yong Shao et al. (MBE)
Sep 10 08:00Archaeal ribosomal proteins possess nuclear localization signal-type motifs: implications for the origin of the cell nucleus - Sergey Melnikov et al. (MBE)
Sep 10 08:00Gene expression modularity reveals footprints of polygenic adaptation in Theobroma cacao - Tuomas Hämälä et al. (MBE)
Sep 10 08:00Adaptive radiation of the flukes of the family Fasciolidae inferred from genome-wide comparisons of key species - Young-Jun Choi et al. (MBE)
Sep 6 12:00Corytophanids replaced the pleurodont XY system with a new pair of XY chromosomes - Armando Acosta et al. (GBE)
Sep 6 12:00 'Lost and Found': snoRNA annotation in the Xenopus genome and implications for evolutionary studies - Svetlana Deryusheva, Gaëlle J S Talhouarne, Joseph G Gall (MBE)
Sep 5 12:00Introducing trait networks to elucidate the fluidity of organismal evolution using palaeontological data - Etienne Lord et al. (GBE)
Sep 5 12:00Lateral acquisitions repeatedly remodel the oxygen detoxification pathway in diplomonads and relatives - Alejandro Jiménez-González, Feifei Xu, Jan O Andersson (GBE)
Sep 5 12:00tartan underlies the evolution of Drosophila male genital morphology - Joanna F. D. Hagen et al. (PNAS)
Sep 5 12:00Extreme heterogeneity in sex chromosome differentiation and dosage compensation in livebearers - Iulia Darolti et al. (PNAS)
Sep 5 12:00Many human RNA viruses show extraordinarily stringent selective constraints on protein evolution - Jinn-Jy Lin, Maloyjo Joyraj Bhattacharjee, Chun-Ping Yu, Yan Yuan Tseng, Wen-Hsiung Li (PNAS)
Sep 5 12:00Characterization and Evolution of Germ1, an Element that Undergoes Diminution in Lampreys (Cyclostomata: Petromyzontidae) - Rex Meade Strange, Landon L. Moore (JME)
Sep 5 12:00Evolutionary History of GLIS Genes Illuminates their Roles in Cell Reprogramming and Ciliogenesis - Yuuri Yasuoka, Masahito Matsumoto, Ken Yagi, Yasushi Okazaki (MBE)
Sep 5 08:00Stress Adapted Mollusca and Nematoda Exhibit Convergently Expanded Hsp70 and AIG1 Gene Families - Megan N. Guerin, Deborah J. Weinstein, John R. Bracht (JME)
Sep 4 12:00Widespread male sex bias in mammal fossil and museum collections - Graham Gower et al. (PNAS)
Sep 4 12:00Scleral pigmentation leads to conspicuous, not cryptic, eye morphology in chimpanzees - Juan Olvido Perea-García, Mariska E. Kret, Antónia Monteiro, Catherine Hobaiter (PNAS)
Sep 4 08:00Molecular evolution in small steps under prevailing negative selection - A nearly-universal rule of codon substitution - Qingjian Chen, Ao Lan, Xu Shen, Chung-I Wu (GBE)
Sep 4 08:00Balancing selection drives the maintenance of genetic variation in Drosophila antimicrobial peptides - Joanne R Chapman, Tom Hill, Robert L Unckless (GBE)
Sep 4 08:00Sea turtle population genomic discovery: Global and locus-specific signatures of polymorphism, selection, and adaptive potential - Julie C Chow, Paul E Anderson, Andrew M Shedlock (GBE)
Sep 3 20:00The evolution of Reverse Gyrase suggests a non-hyperthermophilic Last Universal Common Ancestor - Ryan Catchpole, Patrick Forterre (MBE)
Sep 3 16:00The Current Genomic Landscape of Western South America: Andes, Amazonia, and Pacific Coast - Chiara Barbieri et al. (MBE)
Sep 3 12:00Can the RNA World still function without cytidine? - Andrew S Tupper, Ralph E Pudritz, Paul G Higgs (MBE)
Aug 30 12:00Stochastic gene expression influences the selection of antibiotic resistance mutations - Lei Sun, Peter Ashcroft, Martin Ackermann, Sebastian Bonhoeffer (MBE)
Aug 30 12:00Polymorphism data assist estimation of the non-synonymous over synonymous fixation rate ratio ω for closely related species - Carina F Mugal et al. (MBE)
Aug 30 12:00Legacy Data Confounds Genomics Studies - Luke Anderson-Trocmé et al. (MBE)
Aug 29 12:00The genomic substrate for adaptive radiation: Copy Number Variation across 12 tribes of African cichlid species - Joshua J Faber-Hammond et al. (GBE)
Aug 29 12:00Ancient mitochondrial gene transfer between fungi and the orchids - Brandon T Sinn, Craig F Barrett (MBE)
Aug 28 12:00Molecular evolution of auxin-mediated root initiation in plants - Jie Yu et al. (MBE)
Aug 28 12:00Butterfly mimicry polymorphisms highlight phylogenetic limits of gene re-use in the evolution of diverse adaptations - Nicholas W VanKuren, Darli Massardo, Sumitha Nallu, Marcus R Kronforst (MBE)
Aug 28 08:00Phylogenetic shifts in gene body methylation correlate with gene expression and reflect trait conservation - Danelle K Seymour, Brandon S Gaut (MBE)
Aug 28 08:00Unusual Patterns of Mitochondrial Inheritance in the Brown Alga Ectocarpus - Laure Mignerot et al. (MBE)
Aug 27 12:00Genome organization and adaptive potential of archetypal organophosphate-degrading Sphingobium fuliginis ATCC 27551 - Azam Sarwar et al. (GBE)
Aug 27 12:00Plastome reduction in the only parasitic gymnosperm Parasitaxus is due to losses of photosynthesis but not housekeeping genes and apparently involves the secondary gain of a large inverted repeat - Xiao-Jian Qu, Shou-Jin Fan, Susann Wicke, Ting-Shuang Yi (GBE)
Aug 27 12:00Evolutionary dissection of the Dot/Icm system based on comparative genomics of 58 Legionella species - Gomez-Valero Laura, Chiner-Oms Alvaro, Comas Iñaki, Buchrieser Carmen (GBE)
Aug 27 08:00Thyroid Hormone Signalling: From the Dawn of Life to the Bedside - Iordanis Mourouzis et al. (JME)
Aug 26 20:00Recurrent convergent evolution at amino acid residue 261 in fish rhodopsin - Jason Hill et al. (PNAS)
Aug 26 20:00Selection on VPS13A linked to migration in a songbird - David P. L. Toews, Scott A. Taylor, Henry M. Streby, Gunnar R. Kramer, Irby J. Lovette (PNAS)
Aug 26 08:00The impact of natural selection on the evolution and function of placentally expressed galectins - Zackery A Ely et al. (GBE)
Aug 26 08:00Current and Promising Approaches to Identify Horizontal Gene Transfer Events in Metagenomes - Gavin M Douglas, Morgan G I Langille (GBE)
Aug 24 08:00Bayesian Estimation of Past Population Dynamics in BEAST 1.10 Using the Skygrid Coalescent Model - Verity Hill, Guy Baele (MBE)
Aug 23 08:00"Ghost Introgression" As a Cause of Deep Mitochondrial Divergence in a Bird Species Complex - Dezhi Zhang et al. (MBE)
Aug 21 08:00Phylogeny and Evolution of RNA 3′-Nucleotidyltransferases in Bacteria - George H. Jones (JME)
Aug 21 08:00Big on Change, Small on Innovation: Evolutionary Consequences of RNA Sequence Duplication - Andrew Plebanek et al. (JME)
Aug 21 08:00Horizontal transfer of promiscuous activity from non-photosynthetic bacteria contributed to evolution of chlorophyll degradation pathway - Daichi Obata et al. (MBE)
Aug 21 08:00Opposing pressures of speed and efficiency guide the evolution of molecular machines - Jason A Wagoner, Ken A Dill (MBE)
Aug 20 16:00In Vitro Selection of DNA Aptamers for a Small-Molecule Porphyrin by Gold Nanoparticle-Based SELEX - Wenjing Li et al. (JME)
Aug 19 20:00Biomineralization by particle attachment in early animals - Pupa U. P. A. Gilbert et al. (PNAS)
Aug 19 20:00Peroxidase evolution in white-rot fungi follows wood lignin evolution in plants - Iván Ayuso-Fernández, Jorge Rencoret, Ana Gutiérrez, Francisco Javier Ruiz-Dueñas, Angel T. Martínez (PNAS)
Aug 19 12:00Expressed vomeronasal type-1 receptors (V1rs) in bats uncover conserved sequences underlying social chemical signaling - Laurel R Yohe, Kalina T J Davies, Stephen J Rossiter, Liliana M Dávalos (GBE)
Aug 19 12:00Direct Evidence of an Increasing Mutational Load in Humans - Stéphane Aris-Brosou (MBE)
Aug 19 12:00Contemporary demographic reconstruction methods are robust to genome assembly quality: A case study in Tasmanian Devils - Austin H Patton et al. (MBE)
Aug 19 12:00Comparative genomic characterization of the multimammate mouse Mastomys coucha - Aaron Hardin et al. (MBE)
Aug 19 12:00NUQA: Estimating cancer spatial and temporal heterogeneity and evolution through alignment-free methods - A C Roddy et al. (MBE)