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Articles added in the last thirty days:

Mar 29 08:00Loss of heterozygosity drives adaptation in hybrid yeast - Caiti S. Smukowski Heil et al. (MBE)
Mar 28 20:00Ancient recombination events between human herpes simplex viruses - Sonia Burrel et al. (MBE)
Mar 28 12:00Rapid genetic adaptation during the first four months of survival under resource exhaustion - Sarit Avrani, Evgeni Bolotin, Sophia Katz, Ruth Hershberg (MBE)
Mar 27 20:00Metabolic evolution and the self-organization of ecosystems - Rogier Braakman, Michael J. Follows, Sallie W. Chisholm (PNAS)
Mar 27 08:00Origin and evolution of the kiwifruit canker pandemic - Honour C. McCann et al. (GBE)
Mar 27 08:00A direct test of selection in cell populations using the diversity in gene expression within tumors - Chunyan Li et al. (MBE)
Mar 27 08:00Genome-Wide Identification Of The Mutation Underlying Fleece Variation And Discriminating Ancestral Hairy Species From Modern Woolly Sheep - Julie Demars et al. (MBE)
Mar 24 16:00Partner abundance controls mutualism stability and the pace of morphological change over geologic time - Guillaume Chomicki, Susanne S. Renner (PNAS)
Mar 23 08:00The Multipartite Mitochondrial Genome of Enteromyxum leei (Myxozoa): Eight Fast-Evolving Megacircles - Dayana Yahalomi et al. (MBE)
Mar 23 08:00Antagonistic Coevolution of MER Tyrosine Kinase Expression and Function. - Amanda L. Evans et al. (MBE)
Mar 22 12:00The Chlamydia suis Genome Exhibits High Levels of Diversity, Plasticity, and Mobile Antibiotic Resistance: Comparative Genomics of a Recent Livestock Cohort Shows Influence of Treatment Regimes - Helena M.B. Seth-Smith et al. (GBE)
Mar 22 12:00Duplications and Positive Selection Drive the Evolution of Parasitism-Associated Gene Families in the Nematode Strongyloides papillosus - Praveen Baskaran, Tegegn G. Jaleta, Adrian Streit, Christian Rödelsperger (GBE)
Mar 22 12:00Genome expression balance in a triploid trihybrid vertebrate - Kyle E. McElroy et al. (GBE)
Mar 22 12:00Night monkey hybrids exhibit de novo genomic and karyotypic alterations: the first such case in primates - Hirohisa Hirai et al. (GBE)
Mar 22 12:00Comparative genomics of Rhodococcus equi virulence plasmids indicates host-driven evolution of the vap pathogenicity island - Iain MacArthur et al. (GBE)
Mar 22 12:00Involvement of Clustered Genes in Mammalian Functions: Their Relation in a Rat Mutant Strain - Naoki Nanashima et al. (JME)
Mar 21 12:00Balancing selection maintains polymorphisms at neurogenetic loci in field experiments - Eija Lonn et al. (PNAS)
Mar 20 16:00Cerberus-Nodal-Lefty-Pitx signaling cascade controls left-right asymmetry in amphioxus - Guang Li et al. (PNAS)
Mar 20 16:00Mitochondrial Mutation Rate, Spectrum and Heteroplasmy in Caenorhabditis elegans Spontaneous Mutation Accumulation Lines of Differing Population Size - Anke Konrad et al. (MBE)
Mar 20 16:00Enzyme Efficiency but Not Thermostability Drives Cefotaxime Resistance Evolution in TEM-1 β-Lactamase - Jennifer L. Knies, Fei Cai, Daniel M. Weinreich (MBE)
Mar 20 16:00Mutation Supply and Relative Fitness Shape the Genotypes of Ciprofloxacin-Resistant Escherichia coli - Douglas L. Huseby et al. (MBE)
Mar 20 16:00Recurrent Gene Duplication Leads to Diverse Repertoires of Centromeric Histones in Drosophila Species - Lisa E. Kursel, Harmit S. Malik (MBE)
Mar 20 12:00Origin and evolutionary alteration of the mitochondrial import system in eukaryotic lineages. - Yoshinori Fukasawa, Toshiyuki Oda, Kentaro Tomii, Kenichiro Imai (MBE)
Mar 20 08:00Convergence of Domain Architecture, Structure, and Ligand Affinity in Animal and Plant RNA-Binding Proteins - Raquel Dias, Austin Manny, Oralia Kolaczkowski, Bryan Kolaczkowski (MBE)
Mar 20 08:00Inference of epistatic effects leading to entrenchment and drug resistance in HIV-1 protease - William F. Flynn, Allan Haldane, Bruce E. Torbett, Ronald M. Levy (MBE)
Mar 16 20:00Selection in Europeans on fatty acid desaturases associated with dietary changes - Matthew T. Buckley et al. (MBE)
Mar 16 12:00Organellar genomes from a ∼5,000 years old archaeological maize sample are closely related to NB genotype - Bernardo Pérez-Zamorano et al. (GBE)
Mar 16 08:00The multipartite mitochondrial genome of Enteromyxum leei (Myxozoa): eight fast evolving megacircles - Dayana Yahalomi et al. (MBE)
Mar 15 12:00Centromere destiny in dicentric chromosomes: New insights from the evolution of human chromosome 2 ancestral centromeric region - Giorgia Chiatante et al. (MBE)
Mar 15 12:00Convergent Balancing Selection on the Mu-Opioid Receptor in Primates - Carolyn G. Sweeney et al. (MBE)
Mar 13 16:00Osmolality/salinity-responsive enhancers (OSREs) control induction of osmoprotective genes in euryhaline fish - Xiaodan Wang, Dietmar Kültz (PNAS)
Mar 13 16:00Storage and release of hydrogen cyanide in a chelicerate (Oribatula tibialis) - Adrian Brückner et al. (PNAS)
Mar 13 12:00Expressed Structurally-stable Inverted Duplicates in Mammalian Genomes as Functional Noncoding Elements - Zhen-Xia Chen et al. (GBE)
Mar 13 08:00The Influence of HIV on The Evolution of Mycobacterium tuberculosis - Anastasia Koch et al. (MBE)
Mar 13 08:00The role of DAF-21/Hsp90 in mouth-form plasticity in Pristionchus pacificus - Bogdan Sieriebriennikov, Gabriel V. Markov, Hanh Witte, Ralf J. Sommer (MBE)
Mar 13 08:00Probing the evolutionary history of human bitter taste receptor pseudogenes by restoring their function - Davide Risso et al. (MBE)
Mar 11 08:00Phylogenetics of lophotrochozoan bHLH genes and the evolution of lineage-specific gene duplicates - Yongbo Bao, Fei Xu, Sebastian M. Shimeld (GBE)
Mar 11 08:00A nonsynonymous SNP catalog of Mycobacterium tuberculosis virulence genes and its use for detecting new potentially virulent sublineages - N.E. Mikheecheva, M.V. Zaychikova, A.V. Melerzanov, V.N. Danilenko (GBE)
Mar 11 08:00Non-replicative RNA Recombination of an Animal Plus-Strand RNA Virus in the Absence of Efficient Translation of Viral Proteins - Maximiliane Kleine Büning et al. (GBE)
Mar 11 08:00A Consensus Method for Ancestral Recombination Graphs - Mary K. Kuhner, Jon Yamato (JME)
Mar 10 11:37Experimental Evolution of Escherichia coli Harboring an Ancient Translation Protein - Betül Kacar, Xueliang Ge, Suparna Sanyal, Eric A. Gaucher (JME)
Mar 10 11:22The evolution and functional diversification of the deubiquitinating enzyme superfamily - Caitlyn Vlasschaert, David Cook, Xuhua Xia, Douglas A. Gray (GBE)
Mar 10 11:22Population structure of multidrug resistant Klebsiella oxytoca within hospitals across the UK and Ireland identifies sharing of virulence and resistance genes with K. pneumoniae - Danesh Moradigaravand, Veronique Martin, Sharon J. Peacock, Julian Parkhill (GBE)
Mar 10 11:22Biological species are universal across Life's domains - Louis-Marie Bobay, Howard Ochman (GBE)
Mar 10 11:22Phytophthora megakarya and P. palmivora, closely related causal agents of cacao black pod rot, underwent increases in genome sizes and gene numbers by different mechanisms. - Shahin S. Ali et al. (GBE)
Mar 10 11:22The landscape of extreme genomic variation in the highly adaptable Atlantic killifish - Noah M. Reid et al. (GBE)
Mar 10 11:22Patterns and processes of Mycobacterium bovis evolution revealed by phylogenomic analyses - José S. L. Patané et al. (GBE)
Mar 10 11:22A sweet story: Bean pod mottle virus transmission dynamics by Mexican bean beetles (Epilachna varivestis) - Charlotte M. Smith, Cassidy R. Gedling, Kiana F. Wiebe, Bryan J. Cassone (GBE)
Mar 10 11:22An annotated draft genome for Radix auricularia (Gastropoda, Mollusca) - Tilman Schell et al. (GBE)
Mar 10 11:22The complete genome sequence of the phytopathogenic fungus Sclerotinia sclerotiorum reveals insights into the genome architecture of broad host range pathogens - Mark Derbyshire et al. (GBE)
Mar 10 11:22Evolutionary Genomics of an Ancient Prophage of the Order Sphingomonadales - Vandana Viswanathan et al. (GBE)
Mar 10 11:22Mating changes sexually dimorphic gene expression in the seed beetle Callosobruchus maculatus - E. Immonen, A. Sayadi, H. Bayram, G. Arnqvist (GBE)
Mar 10 11:22Modular organization of residue-level contacts shape the selection pressure on individual amino acid sites of ribosomal proteins - Saurav Mallik, Sudip Kundu (GBE)
Mar 10 11:22Evolutionary dynamics of regulatory changes underlying gene expression divergence among Saccharomyces species - Brian P. H. Metzger, Patricia J. Wittkopp, Joseph. D. Coolon (GBE)
Mar 10 11:22Phylogenomic Insights into Mouse Evolution Using a Pseudoreference Approach - Brice A. J. Sarver et al. (GBE)
Mar 10 11:22Allele-specific expression analysis does not support sex chromosome inactivation on the chicken Z chromosome - Qiong Wang et al. (GBE)
Mar 10 11:22Host genotype and microbiota contribute asymmetrically to transcriptional variation in the threespine stickleback gut - Clayton M. Small et al. (GBE)
Mar 10 11:22Recombination-mediated host-adaptation by avian Staphylococcus aureus - Susan Murray et al. (GBE)
Mar 10 11:22Evidence of a conserved molecular response to selection for increased brain size in primates - Amy M. Boddy et al. (GBE)
Mar 10 11:22The Chlamydia suis genome exhibits high levels of diversity, plasticity and mobile antibiotic resistance: comparative genomics of a recent livestock cohort shows influence of treatment regimes - Helena M.B. Seth-Smith et al. (GBE)
Mar 10 11:22Cross-species Genome-wide Identification of Evolutionary Conserved MicroProteins - Daniel Straub, Stephan Wenkel (GBE)
Mar 10 11:22Duplications and positive selection drive the evolution of parasitism associated gene families in the nematode Strongyloides papillosus - Praveen Baskaran, Tegegn G. Jaleta, Adrian Streit, Christian Rödelsperger (GBE)
Mar 10 11:22Conserved patterns of sex chromosome dosage compensation in the Lepidoptera (WZ/ZZ): insights from a moth neo-Z chromosome - Liuqi Gu, James R. Walters, Douglas C. Knipple (GBE)
Mar 10 11:22Rapid evolution of microRNA loci in the brown algae - J. Mark Cock et al. (GBE)
Mar 10 11:22Evolutionary dynamics of pathoadaptation revealed by three independent acquisitions of the VirB/D4 type IV secretion system in Bartonella - Alexander Harms et al. (GBE)
Mar 10 11:22RNA editing during sexual development occurs in distantly related filamentous ascomycetes - Ines Teichert, Tim Dahlmann, Ulrich Kück, Minou Nowrousian (GBE)
Mar 10 11:22Burrowers from the past: mitochondrial signatures of Ordovician bivalve infaunalization - Federico Plazzi, Guglielmo Puccio, Marco Passamonti (GBE)
Mar 10 11:22Genome-wide estimates of transposable element insertion and deletion rates in Drosophila melanogaster - Jeffrey R. Adrion et al. (GBE)
Mar 10 11:22It remains unknown whether filaggrin gene mutations evolved to increase cutaneous synthesis of vitamin D - Jacob P. Thyssen, M.D., Peter M. Elias, M.D. (GBE)
Mar 10 11:21Deleterious Variants in Asian Rice and the Potential Cost of Domestication - Qingpo Liu, Yongfeng Zhou, Peter L. Morrell, Brandon S. Gaut (MBE)
Mar 10 11:21Rapid Expansion of Immune-Related Gene Families in the House Fly, Musca domestica - Timothy B. Sackton, Brian P. Lazzaro, Andrew G. Clark (MBE)
Mar 10 11:21No Evidence for Phylostratigraphic Bias Impacting Inferences on Patterns of Gene Emergence and Evolution - Tomislav Domazet-Lošo et al. (MBE)
Mar 10 11:21Genomics of Parallel Experimental Evolution in Drosophila - J.L. Graves et al. (MBE)
Mar 10 11:21Antibiotic Cycling and Antibiotic Mixing: which one best mitigates antibiotic resistance? - R. E. Beardmore, R. Pena-Miller, F. Gori, J. Iredell (MBE)
Mar 10 11:21Down-Regulation of EPAS1 Transcription and Genetic Adaptation of Tibetans to High-Altitude Hypoxia - Yi Peng et al. (MBE)
Mar 10 11:21Origin and evolution of the sponge aggregation factor gene family - Laura F. Grice et al. (MBE)
Mar 10 11:21The Goddard and Saturn Genes Are Essential for Drosophila Male Fertility and May Have Arisen De Novo - Anna M. Gubala et al. (MBE)
Mar 10 11:21Transposable Element-Mediated Balancing Selection at Hsp90 Underlies Embryo Developmental Variation - Bing Chen et al. (MBE)
Mar 10 11:21Both Maintenance and Avoidance of RNA-Binding Protein Interactions Constrain Coding Sequence Evolution - Rosina Savisaar, Laurence D. Hurst (MBE)
Mar 10 11:21Evolution of Local Mutation Rate and Its Determinants - Nadezhda V. Terekhanova, Vladimir B. Seplyarskiy, Ruslan A. Soldatov, Georgii A. Bazykin (MBE)
Mar 10 11:21Purifying and Positive Selection Influence Patterns of Gene Loss and Gene Expression in the Evolution of a Plant Sex Chromosome System - Daisy Crowson, Spencer C.H. Barrett, Stephen I. Wright (MBE)
Mar 10 11:21Changes in lipidome composition during brain development in humans, chimpanzees, and macaque monkeys - Qian Li et al. (MBE)
Mar 10 11:21Mitogenome Diversity in Sardinians: a Genetic Window onto an Island's Past - Anna Olivieri et al. (MBE)
Mar 10 11:21Efficient inference of recent and ancestral recombination within bacterial populations - Rafal Mostowy et al. (MBE)
Mar 10 11:21The Demographic and Adaptive History of the African Green Monkey - Susanne P. Pfeifer (MBE)
Mar 10 11:21Stability-mediated epistasis restricts accessible mutational pathways in the functional evolution of avian hemoglobin - Amit Kumar et al. (MBE)
Mar 10 11:21Differential Gene Expression in the Human Brain Is Associated with Conserved, but not Accelerated, Noncoding Sequences - Kyle A. Meyer, Tomas Marques-Bonet, Nenad Sestan (MBE)
Mar 10 11:21Population genomics of Paramecium species - Parul Johri et al. (MBE)
Mar 10 11:21How long does Wolbachia remain on board? - Marc Bailly-Bechet et al. (MBE)
Mar 10 11:21Phylodynamic inference across epidemic scales - Erik M. Volz, Ethan Romero-Severson, Thomas Leitner (MBE)
Mar 10 11:21Pollutants and insecticides drive local adaptation in African malaria mosquitoes - Colince Kamdem, Caroline Fouet, Stephanie Gamez, Bradley J. White (MBE)
Mar 10 11:21Frozen in Time: The History of Proteins - Nicholas A. Kovacs, Anton S. Petrov, Kathryn A. Lanier, Loren Dean Williams (MBE)
Mar 10 11:21Structural History of Human SRGAP2 Proteins - Michael Sporny et al. (MBE)
Mar 10 11:21Identification of Highly Divergent Diatom-Derived Chloroplasts in Dinoflagellates, Including a Description of Durinskia kwazulunatalensis sp. nov. (Peridiniales, Dinophyceae) - Norico Yamada, Stuart D. Sym, Takeo Horiguchi (MBE)
Mar 10 11:21New statistical criteria detect phylogenetic bias caused by compositional heterogeneity - David A. Duchêne, Sebastian Duchêne, Simon Y. W. Ho (MBE)
Mar 10 11:21Deciphering the Routes of invasion of Drosophila suzukii by Means of ABC Random Forest - Antoine Fraimout et al. (MBE)
Mar 10 11:21Detection of pathways affected by positive selection in primate lineages ancestral to humans - J.T. Daub et al. (MBE)
Mar 10 11:21The impact of native state switching on protein sequence evolution - Avital Sharir-Ivry, Yu Xia (MBE)
Mar 10 11:21Bayesian Analysis of Evolutionary Divergence with Genomic Data Under Diverse Demographic Models - Yujin Chung, Jody Hey (MBE)
Mar 10 11:21Structure of the transcriptional regulatory network correlates with regulatory divergence in Drosophila - Bing Yang, Patricia J. Wittkopp (MBE)
Mar 10 11:21Contrasting Rates of Molecular Evolution and Patterns of Selection among Gymnosperms and Flowering Plants - Amanda R. De La Torre, Zhen Li, Yves Van de Peer, Pär K. Ingvarsson (MBE)
Mar 10 11:21Recurrent gene duplication leads to diverse repertoires of centromeric histones in Drosophila species - Lisa E. Kursel, Harmit S. Malik (MBE)
Mar 10 11:21Convergence of domain architecture, structure and ligand affinity in animal and plant RNA-binding proteins - Raquel Dias, Austin Manny, Oralia Kolaczkowski, Bryan Kolaczkowski (MBE)
Mar 10 11:21BuddySuite: Command-line toolkits for manipulating sequences, alignments, and phylogenetic trees - Stephen R. Bond, Karl E. Keat, Sofia N. Barreira, Andreas D. Baxevanis (MBE)
Mar 10 11:21Genetic diversity and the efficacy of purifying selection across plant and animal species - Jun Chen, Sylvain Glemin, Martin Lascoux (MBE)
Mar 10 11:21Comparative sperm proteomics in mouse species with divergent mating systems - Alberto Vicens et al. (MBE)
Mar 10 11:21Single cell transcriptomics, mega-phylogeny and the genetic basis of morphological innovations in Rhizaria - Anders K. Krabberùd et al. (MBE)
Mar 10 11:21The evolutionary dynamics of orthologs that shift in gene body methylation between Arabidopsis species - Shohei Takuno, Danelle K. Seymour, Brandon S. Gaut (MBE)
Mar 10 11:21Evolution of the genome 3D organization: comparison of fused and segregated globin gene clusters. - Anastasia P. Kovina et al. (MBE)
Mar 10 11:20Stepwise evolution of a buried inhibitor peptide over 45 million years - Achala S. Jayasena et al. (MBE)
Mar 9 20:00Discovery of an endogenous Deltaretrovirus in the genome of long-fingered bats (Chiroptera: Miniopteridae) - Helena Farkašová et al. (PNAS)
Mar 7 16:00Massive increase in visual range preceded the origin of terrestrial vertebrates - Malcolm A. MacIver, Lars Schmitz, Ugurcan Mugan, Todd D. Murphey, Curtis D. Mobley (PNAS)
Mar 6 16:00The presumed ginkgophyte Umaltolepis has seed-bearing structures resembling those of Peltaspermales and Umkomasiales - Fabiany Herrera et al. (PNAS)
Mar 6 16:00Multiple origins of viral capsid proteins from cellular ancestors - Mart Krupovic, Eugene V. Koonin (PNAS)
Mar 6 16:00Unified reduction principle for the evolution of mutation, migration, and recombination - Lee Altenberg, Uri Liberman, Marcus W. Feldman (PNAS)
Feb 27 12:00The Origin of Life: Models and Data - (JME)