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Articles added in the last thirty days:

Feb 17 16:00Dispersal assembly of rain forest tree communities across the Amazon basin - Kyle G. Dexter et al. (PNAS)
Feb 16 20:00Evidence for environmental and ecological selection in a microbe with no geographic limits to gene flow - Kerry A. Whittaker, Tatiana A. Rynearson (PNAS)
Feb 16 08:00The Evolutionary Loss of RNAi Key Determinants in Kinetoplastids as a Multiple Sporadic Phenomenon - (JME)
Feb 15 16:00Specificity of genome evolution in experimental populations of Escherichia coli evolved at different temperatures - Daniel E. Deatherage, Jamie L. Kepner, Albert F. Bennett, Richard E. Lenski, Jeffrey E. Barrick (PNAS)
Feb 14 16:00Intrinsically disordered proteins drive enamel formation via an evolutionarily conserved self-assembly motif - Tomas Wald et al. (PNAS)
Feb 8 20:00Dynamics of genome size evolution in birds and mammals - Aurélie Kapusta, Alexander Suh, Cédric Feschotte (PNAS)
Feb 6 16:00Cross-cultural regularities in the cognitive architecture of pride - Daniel Sznycer et al. (PNAS)
Feb 6 16:00Selection maintains signaling function of a highly diverged intrinsically disordered region - Taraneh Zarin, Caressa N. Tsai, Alex N. Nguyen Ba, Alan M. Moses (PNAS)
Feb 6 08:00Patterns of Evolutionary Trajectories and Domestication History within the Genus Hordeum Assessed by REMAP Markers - (JME)
Jan 30 16:00Evidence that the rate of strong selective sweeps increases with population size in the great apes - Kiwoong Nam et al. (PNAS)
Jan 30 16:00Multispecies coalescent delimits structure, not species - Jeet Sukumaran, L. Lacey Knowles (PNAS)
Jan 24 12:00Synchronized chaotic targeting and acceleration of surface chemistry in prebiotic hydrothermal microenvironments - Aashish Priye, Yuncheng Yu, Yassin A. Hassan, Victor M. Ugaz (PNAS)