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Articles added in the last thirty days:

Aug 17 16:00Recurrent Amplification of the Heterochromatin Protein 1 (HP1) Gene Family across Diptera - Quentin Helleu, Mia T Levine (MBE)
Aug 14 08:00Oligomerization of a Bimolecular Ribozyme Modestly Rescues its Structural Defects that Disturb Interdomain Assembly to Form the Catalytic Site - Md. Motiar Rahman, Shigeyoshi Matsumura, Yoshiya Ikawa (JME)
Aug 13 20:00Human exonization through differential nucleosome occupancy - Yumei Li et al. (PNAS)
Aug 13 08:00Deep sequencing of fosmid clones indicates gene conversion in the male-specific region of the giant panda Y chromosome - Fei-Ran Han, Xuan-Min Guang, Qiu-Hong Wan, Sheng-Guo Fang (GBE)
Aug 11 08:00Cotranscriptional 3′-End Processing of T7 RNA Polymerase Transcripts by a Smaller HDV Ribozyme - Arvin Akoopie, Ulrich F. Müller (JME)
Aug 9 08:00A Freeloader?: The Highly Eroded Yet large Genome of the Serratia symbiotica symbiont of Cinara strobi - Alejandro Manzano-Marín et al. (GBE)
Aug 9 08:00Exploring the limits and causes of plastid genome expansion in volvocine green algae - Hager Gaouda et al. (GBE)
Aug 9 08:00Transposable elements contribute to the adaptation of Arabidopsis thaliana - Zi-Wen Li et al. (GBE)
Aug 9 08:00Coalescent analysis of phylogenomic data confidently resolves the species relationships in the Anopheles gambiae species complex - Yuttapong Thawornwattana, Daniel Dalquen, Ziheng Yang (MBE)
Aug 9 08:00Integrative population and physiological genomics reveals mechanisms of adaptation in killifish - Reid S Brennan et al. (MBE)
Aug 8 12:01Xenacoelomorpha survey reveals that all 11 animal homeobox gene classes were present in the first bilaterians - Michael Brauchle et al. (GBE)
Aug 8 12:01Convergent evolution among ruminant-pathogenic Mycoplasma involved extensive gene content changes - Wen-Sui Lo, Gail E Gasparich, Chih-Horng Kuo (GBE)
Aug 8 12:01"Characterization of the ICCE Repeat in Mammals Reveals an Evolutionary Relationship with the DXZ4 Macrosatellite Through Conserved CTCF Binding Motifs." - Natalia Westervelt, Brian P Chadwick (GBE)
Aug 7 12:00Piercing fishes: porin expansion and adaptation to hematophagy in the vampire snail Cumia reticulata - M Gerdol, M Cervelli, M Oliverio, M V Modica (MBE)
Aug 7 12:00A simple method to detect candidate overlapping genes in viruses using single genome sequences - Timothy E Schlub, Jan P Buchmann, Edward C Holmes (MBE)
Aug 7 12:00Bayesian phylogeography and pathogenic characterisation of smallpox based on HA, ATI and CrmB genes - Dillon C Adam, Matthew Scotch, C Raina MacIntyre (MBE)
Aug 7 12:00A maximum-likelihood approach to estimating the insertion frequencies of transposable elements from population sequencing data - Xiaoqian Jiang, Haixu Tang, Wazim Mohammed Ismail, Michael Lynch (MBE)
Aug 7 08:00A genetic map of ostrich Z chromosome and the role of inversions in avian sex chromosome evolution - Homa Papoli Yazdi, Hans Ellegren (GBE)
Aug 6 20:00Degradation and remobilization of endogenous retroviruses by recombination during the earliest stages of a germ-line invasion - Ulrike Löber et al. (PNAS)
Aug 3 08:00Genome analyses of the microalga Picochlorum provide insights into the evolution of thermotolerance in the green lineage - Marc Krasovec et al. (GBE)
Aug 3 08:00The role of phylogenetically conserved elements in shaping patterns of human genomic diversity - August E Woerner, Krishna R Veeramah, Joseph C Watkins, Michael F Hammer (MBE)
Aug 2 20:00Multiple Modes of Adaptation: Regulatory and Structural Evolution in a Small Heat Shock Protein Gene - Sumaetee Tangwancharoen, Gary W Moy, Ronald S Burton (MBE)
Aug 2 08:00Whole genome incorporation and epigenetic stability in a newly synthetic allopolyploid of gynogenetic gibel carp - Guang-Ming Shao et al. (GBE)
Aug 2 08:00Iron-Sulfur Cluster Biosynthesis in Algae with Complex Plastids - C Grosche, A Diehl, S A Rensing, U G Maier (GBE)
Aug 2 08:00Biased inference of selection due to GC-biased gene conversion and the rate of protein evolution in flycatchers when accounting for it - Paulina Bolívar et al. (MBE)
Aug 2 08:00Biophysical inference of epistasis and the effects of mutations on protein stability and function - Jakub Otwinowski (MBE)
Aug 1 20:00Invariances in the architecture of pride across small-scale societies - Daniel Sznycer et al. (PNAS)
Aug 1 08:00Within-gene Shine-Dalgarno sequences are not selected for function - Adam J Hockenberry, Michael C Jewett, Luís A N Amaral, Claus O Wilke (MBE)
Jul 31 20:00Comparative genomic investigation of high-elevation adaptation in ectothermic snakes - Jia-Tang Li et al. (PNAS)
Jul 31 08:00Investigation on the Evolutionary Relation of Diverse Polyhydroxyalkanoate Gene Clusters in Betaproteobacteria - Gurusamy Kutralam-Muniasamy et al. (JME)
Jul 31 08:00Scratching the Surface of an Itch: Molecular Evolution of Aculeata Venom Allergens - Kate Baumann, Daniel Dashevsky, Kartik Sunagar, Bryan Fry (JME)
Jul 30 12:00Conotoxin diversity in Chelyconus ermineus (Born, 1778) and the convergent origin of piscivory in the Atlantic and Indo-Pacific cones - Samuel Abalde, Manuel J Tenorio, Carlos M L Afonso, Rafael Zardoya (GBE)
Jul 30 12:00Toward reducing phylostratigraphic errors and biases - Bryan A Moyers, Jianzhi Zhang (GBE)
Jul 30 12:00Utilization of hybrid assembly approach to determine the genome of an opportunistic pathogenic fungus, Candida albicans TIMM 1768 - Suresh Panthee et al. (GBE)
Jul 30 12:00Closed genome and comparative phylogenetic analysis of the clinical multidrug resistant Shigella sonnei strain 866 - Anna Allué-Guardia et al. (GBE)
Jul 30 12:00Mitochondrial glycolysis in a major lineage of eukaryotes - Carolina Río Bártulos et al. (GBE)
Jul 30 12:00Draft genome sequence for the tree pathogen Phytophthora plurivora - Ramesh R Vetukuri et al. (GBE)
Jul 30 12:00On the origin of compositional features of ribosomes - Xinzhu Wei, Jianzhi Zhang (GBE)
Jul 30 08:00Pattern of DNA methylation in Daphnia: Evolutionary perspective - Jouni Kvist et al. (GBE)
Jul 30 08:00Mutation landscape of base substitutions, duplications and deletions in the representative current cholera pandemic strain - Wen Wei et al. (GBE)
Jul 30 08:00Purifying selective pressure suggests the functionality of a vitamin B12 biosynthesis pathway in a global population of Mycobacterium tuberculosis - Alina Minias, Piotr Minias, Bożena Czubat, Jarosław Dziadek (GBE)
Jul 30 08:00Molecular adaptations for sensing and securing prey and insight into amniote genome diversity from the garter snake genome - Blair W Perry et al. (GBE)
Jul 30 08:00Species-specific changes in a primate transcription factor network provide insights into the molecular evolution of the primate prefrontal cortex - Stefano Berto, Katja Nowick (GBE)
Jul 28 08:00Sequential Molecular Events of Functional Trade-Offs in 5-Hydroxyisourate Hydrolase Before and After Gene Duplication Led to the Evolution of Transthyretin During Chordate Diversification - Kiyoshi Yamauchi, Kentaro Kasai (JME)
Jul 27 12:00Genes involved in Drosophila melanogaster ovarian function are highly conserved throughout evolution - Sebastien Elis et al. (GBE)
Jul 27 12:00Complex evolutionary history of translation Elongation Factor 2 and diphthamide biosynthesis in Archaea and parabasalids - Adrienne B Narrowe et al. (GBE)
Jul 27 12:00A tangled web: origins of reproductive parasitism - Joseph J Gillespie et al. (GBE)
Jul 27 12:00Loss of genomic diversity in a Neisseria meningitidis clone through a colonization bottleneck - Araceli Lamelas et al. (GBE)
Jul 25 08:00A dead gene walking: convergent degeneration of a clade of MADS-box genes in crucifers - Andrea Hoffmeier et al. (MBE)
Jul 24 12:00Rapid viral symbiogenesis via changes in parasitoid wasp genome architecture - Gaelen R Burke, Tyler J Simmonds, Barbara J Sharanowski, Scott M Geib (MBE)
Jul 24 12:00Evidence for a unique DNA-dependent RNA polymerase in cereal crops - Joshua T Trujillo et al. (MBE)
Jul 24 08:00Constraints on Paleoproterozoic atmospheric oxygen levels - Eric J. Bellefroid et al. (PNAS)
Jul 23 08:00Species Tree Inference with bpp Using Genomic Sequences and the Multispecies Coalescent - Thomas Flouri, Xiyun Jiao, Bruce Rannala, Ziheng Yang (MBE)
Jul 20 08:00Novel bioinformatics approach identifies transcriptional profiles of lineage-specific transposable elements at distinct loci in the human dorsolateral prefrontal cortex - Guia Guffanti et al. (MBE)
Jul 19 08:00Evolutionary Perspectives of Genotype-Phenotype Factors in Leishmania Metabolism - Abhishek Subramanian, Ram Rup Sarkar (JME)
Jul 19 08:00Exon-capture based phylogeny and diversification of the venomous gastropods (Neogastropoda, Conoidea) - J Abdelkrim et al. (MBE)