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Articles added in the last thirty days:

Mar 19 12:00Conservation, divergence and functions of centromeric satellite DNA families in the Bovidae - A Escudeiro et al. (GBE)
Mar 19 12:00Primate piRNA Cluster Evolution Suggests Limited Relevance of Pseudogenes in piRNA-Mediated Gene Regulation - Daniel Gebert, Hans Zischler, David Rosenkranz (GBE)
Mar 19 12:00Amplification Dynamics of Platy-1 retrotransposons in the Cebidae Platyrrhine lineage - Jessica M Storer et al. (GBE)
Mar 19 08:00Fine-scale characterization of genomic structural variation in the human genome reveals adaptive and biomedically relevant hotspots - Yen-Lung Lin, Omer Gokcumen (GBE)
Mar 19 08:00Antiquity of forelimb ecomorphological diversity in the mammalian stem lineage (Synapsida) - Jacqueline K. Lungmus, Kenneth D. Angielczyk (PNAS)
Mar 18 12:00Testing Empirical Support for Evolutionary Models that Root the Tree of Life - Derek Caetano-Anollés et al. (JME)
Mar 16 08:00Genomes of skipper butterflies reveal extensive convergence of wing patterns - Wenlin Li et al. (PNAS)
Mar 16 08:00Transposable elements drive rapid phenotypic variation in Capsella rubella - Xiao-Min Niu et al. (PNAS)
Mar 15 08:00Transmission trees on a known pathogen phylogeny: enumeration and sampling - Matthew Hall, Caroline Colijn (MBE)
Mar 14 08:00Fractional coalescent - Somayeh Mashayekhi, Peter Beerli (PNAS)
Mar 14 08:00Genomic plasticity associated with antimicrobial resistance in Vibrio cholerae - Jyoti Verma et al. (PNAS)
Mar 14 08:00Shared Ancient Sex Chromosomes in Varanids, Beaded Lizards, and Alligator Lizards - Michail Rovatsos, Ivan Rehák, Petr Velenskɓ, Lukáš Kratochvíl (MBE)
Mar 13 12:00Sex-biased gene expression and dosage compensation on the Artemia franciscana Z-chromosome - Ann Kathrin Huylmans et al. (GBE)
Mar 13 12:00Evolutionary rates of bumblebee genomes are faster at lower elevations - Gonghua Lin et al. (MBE)
Mar 13 12:00The genome of Drosophila innubila reveals lineage-specific patterns of selection in immune genes - Tom Hill, Boryana S Koseva, Robert L Unckless (MBE)
Mar 13 08:00Complex gene loss and duplication events have facilitated the evolution of multiple loricrin genes in diverse bird species - Anthony C Davis, Matthew J Greenwold, Roger H Sawyer (GBE)
Mar 13 08:00Visualization of Genetic Drift Processes Using the Conserved Collagen 1α1 GXY Domain - Anne J. Kleinnijenhuis (JME)
Mar 13 08:00Emergence of a Thrombospondin Superfamily at the Origin of Metazoans - Deborah K Shoemark et al. (MBE)
Mar 12 20:00Parallel speciation of wild rice associated with habitat shifts - Zhe Cai et al. (MBE)
Mar 12 08:00Codon usage differences among genes expressed in different tissues of Drosophila melanogaster - Bryan L Payne, David Alvarez-Ponce (GBE)
Mar 12 08:00Relative mutation rates in nucleomorph-bearing algae - C J Grisdale, D R Smith, J M Archibald (GBE)
Mar 12 08:00Sponges lack ParaHox genes - Claudia C Pastrana, Melissa B DeBiasse, Joseph F Ryan (GBE)
Mar 12 08:00Polyandrous bee provides extended offspring care biparentally as an alternative to monandry based eusociality - Michael Mikát et al. (PNAS)
Mar 11 16:00Adaptive Landscapes in the Age of Synthetic Biology - Xiao Yi, Antony M Dean (MBE)
Mar 11 08:00Phylogenetic Clustering by Linear Integer Programming (PhyCLIP) - Alvin X Han et al. (MBE)
Mar 9 12:00Cluster-transition determining sites underlying the antigenic evolution of seasonal influenza viruses - Lijun Quan et al. (MBE)
Mar 9 12:00Weak regulation of many targets is cumulatively powerful- a reply to Seitz on microRNA functionality - Yixin Zhao, Xu Shen, Tian Tang, Chung-I Wu (MBE)
Mar 9 12:00Bayesian detection of convergent rate changes of conserved noncoding elements on phylogenetic trees - Zhirui Hu, Timothy B Sackton, Scott V Edwards, Jun S Liu (MBE)
Mar 9 12:00On the number of functional microRNA targets - Hervé Seitz (MBE)
Mar 9 08:00Mechanisms for achieving high speed and efficiency in biomolecular machines - Jason A. Wagoner, Ken A. Dill (PNAS)
Mar 9 08:00Mitochondrial genomics reveals shared phylogeographic patterns and demographic history among three periodical cicada species groups - Zhenyong Du et al. (MBE)
Mar 8 08:00Resolving phylogenetic relationships for Streptococcus mitis and Streptococcus oralis through core and pan genome analyses - Irina M Velsko, Megan S Perez, Vincent P Richards (GBE)
Mar 8 08:00Genetic variation in Pan species is shaped by demographic history and harbors lineage-specific functions - Sojung Han, Aida M Andrés, Tomas Marques-Bonet, Martin Kuhlwilm (GBE)
Mar 8 08:00A high-quality grapevine downy mildew genome assembly reveals rapidly evolving and lineage-specific putative host adaptation genes - Yann Dussert et al. (GBE)
Mar 8 08:00Large-Scale Comparative Analysis of Codon Models Accounting for Protein and Nucleotide Selection - Iakov I Davydov, Nicolas Salamin, Marc Robinson-Rechavi (MBE)
Mar 6 12:00Distribution and Genetic Diversity of Genes Involved in Quorum Sensing and Prodigiosin Biosynthesis in the Complete Genome Sequences of Serratia marcescens - Ryohei Sakuraoka, Tomohiro Suzuki, Tomohiro Morohoshi (GBE)
Mar 6 12:00The molecular basis of freshwater adaptation in prawns: Insights from comparative transcriptomics of three Macrobrachium species - Md. Lifat Rahi, Peter B Mather, Tariq Ezaz, David A Hurwood (GBE)
Mar 6 12:00Seasonal variation in genome-wide DNA methylation patterns and the onset of seasonal timing of reproduction in great tits - Heidi M Viitaniemi et al. (GBE)
Mar 6 12:00Identifying Lineage-specific Targets of Natural Selection by a Bayesian Analysis of Genomic Polymorphisms and Divergence from Multiple Species - Shilei Zhao et al. (MBE)
Mar 6 12:00Substructured population growth in the Ashkenazi Jews inferred with Approximate Bayesian Computation - Ariella L Gladstein, Michael F Hammer (MBE)
Mar 5 12:00Ribosome provisioning activates a bistable switch coupled to fast exit from stationary phase - P Remigi et al. (MBE)
Mar 5 12:00Repeated phenotypic evolution by different genetic routes in Pseudomonas fluorescens SBW25 - Jenna Gallie et al. (MBE)
Mar 5 12:00Blast fungal genomes show frequent chromosomal changes, gene gains and losses, and effector gene turnover - Luis B Gómez Luciano et al. (MBE)
Mar 5 08:00Evolution of nitric oxide regulation of gut function - Junko Yaguchi, Shunsuke Yaguchi (PNAS)
Mar 4 12:00The draft genome of an octocoral, Dendronephthya gigantea - Yeonsu Jeon et al. (GBE)
Mar 4 12:00Insights into the genomics of clownfish adaptive radiation: genetic basis of the mutualism with sea anemones - Anna Marcionetti et al. (GBE)
Mar 4 08:00Emergence of a chimeric globin pseudogene and increased hemoglobin oxygen affinity underlie the evolution of aquatic specializations in Sirenia - Anthony V Signore et al. (MBE)
Mar 2 08:00Polymorphism-aware species trees with advanced mutation models, bootstrap and rate heterogeneity - Dominik Schrempf, Bui Quang Minh, Arndt von Haeseler, Carolin Kosio (MBE)
Mar 2 08:00Plasticity of Promoter-Core Sequences Allows Bacteria to Compensate for the Loss of a Key Global Regulatory Gene - Otmane Lamrabet et al. (MBE)
Feb 28 08:00Conserved Critical Evolutionary Gene Structures in Orthologs - Miguel A. Fuertes, José R. Rodrigo, Carlos Alonso (JME)
Feb 26 12:00A Machine Learning Method for Detecting Autocorrelation of Evolutionary Rates in Large Phylogenies - Qiqing Tao, Koichiro Tamura, Fabia U Battistuzzi, Sudhir Kumar (MBE)
Feb 26 08:00Evolution of chloroplast retrograde signaling facilitates green plant adaptation to land - Chenchen Zhao et al. (PNAS)
Feb 25 08:00Giant transposons in eukaryotes: Is bigger better? - Irina R Arkhipova, Irina A Yushenova (GBE)
Feb 25 08:00The genome of the fungal pathogen Verticillium dahliae reveals extensive bacterial to fungal gene transfer - Xiaoqian Shi-Kunne et al. (GBE)
Feb 23 08:00Major histocompatibility complex class I diversity limits the repertoire of T cell receptors - Magdalena Migalska, Alvaro Sebastian, Jacek Radwan (PNAS)
Feb 23 08:00Proteomic analysis of histones H2A/H2B and variant Hv1 in Tetrahymena thermophila reveals an ancient network of chaperones - Kanwal Ashraf et al. (MBE)
Feb 22 08:00Acquisition and loss of secondary metabolites shaped the evolutionary path of three emerging phytopathogens of wheat - Elisha Thynne et al. (GBE)
Feb 22 08:00Origin of the aromatic group of cultivated rice (Oryza sativa L.) traced to the Indian subcontinent - Peter Civáň et al. (GBE)
Feb 22 08:00Rapid divergence followed by adaptation to contrasting ecological niches of two closely related columbine species Aquilegia japonica and A. oxysepala - Ming-Rui Li et al. (GBE)
Feb 20 12:00The Chemical Likelihood of Ribonucleotide-α-Amino acid Copolymers as Players for Early Stages of Evolution - Ziwei Liu et al. (JME)
Feb 20 08:00Different ways of doing the same: variations in the two last steps of the purine biosynthetic pathway in prokaryotes - Dennifier Costa Brandão Cruz et al. (GBE)
Feb 20 08:00Trilobite evolutionary rates constrain the duration of the Cambrian explosion - John R. Paterson, Gregory D. Edgecombe, Michael S. Y. Lee (PNAS)
Feb 20 08:00News Feature: Cities serve as testbeds for evolutionary change - Carolyn Beans (PNAS)
Feb 20 08:00An ABC method for whole-genome sequence data: inferring Paleolithic and Neolithic human expansions - Flora Jay, Simon Boitard, Frédéric Austerlitz (MBE)
Feb 20 08:00Evolutionary rate correlation between mitochondrial-encoded and mitochondria-associated nuclear-encoded proteins in insects - Zhichao Yan, Gongyin Ye, John H. Werren (MBE)
Feb 19 20:00Tracing ancient human migrations into Sahul using hepatitis B virus genomes - Lilly K W Yuen et al. (MBE)
Feb 19 12:00Patterns and mechanisms of diminishing returns from beneficial mutations - Xinzhu Wei, Jianzhi Zhang (MBE)
Feb 19 12:00Prebiotic iron originates the peptidyl transfer origin - Shin-Yi Lin, Ying-Chi Wang, Chiaolong Hsiao (MBE)
Feb 19 12:00Neo-functionalisation of mitochondrial proteins and incorporation into signaling networks in plants - Sbatie Lama et al. (MBE)
Feb 19 08:00Inter and intra-specific transcriptional and phenotypic responses of Pseudo-nitzschia under different nutrient conditions - Kimberley A Lema et al. (GBE)