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Articles added in the last thirty days:

Jan 16 08:00Limits of long-term selection against Neandertal introgression - Martin Petr, Svante Pääbo, Janet Kelso, Benjamin Vernot (PNAS)
Jan 16 08:00Facial masculinity does not appear to be a condition-dependent male ornament and does not reflect MHC heterozygosity in humans - Arslan A. Zaidi et al. (PNAS)
Jan 15 20:00Genetic load and potential mutational meltdown in cancer cell populations - Yuezheng Zhang et al. (MBE)
Jan 15 08:00The evolutionary traceability of a protein - Arpit Jain et al. (GBE)
Jan 15 08:00Evolutionary history of Polyneoptera and its implications for our understanding of early winged insects - Benjamin Wipfler et al. (PNAS)
Jan 14 08:00Evolution of young sex chromosomes in two dioecious sister plant species with distinct sex determination systems - Hélène Martin et al. (GBE)
Jan 14 08:00Genetic gene expression changes during environmental adaptations tend to reverse plastic changes even after the correction for statistical nonindependence - Wei-Chin Ho, Jianzhi Zhang (MBE)
Jan 14 08:00Genome-wide characterization of Arabian Peninsula populations: shedding light on the history of a fundamental bridge between continents - Veronica Fernandes et al. (MBE)
Jan 14 08:00Evolution of an X-linked miRNA family predominantly expressed in mammalian male germ cells - Fengjuan Zhang et al. (MBE)
Jan 12 08:00The chemosensory receptor repertoire of a true shark is dominated by a single olfactory receptor family - Kanika Sharma et al. (GBE)
Jan 12 08:00Repeated evolution vs common ancestry: Sex chromosome evolution in the haplochromine cichlid Pseudocrenilabrus philander - Astrid Böhne et al. (GBE)
Jan 12 08:00Symbiotic organs shaped by distinct modes of genome evolution in cephalopods - Mahdi Belcaid et al. (PNAS)
Jan 10 12:00An Extension of the Kimura Two-Parameter Model to the Natural Evolutionary Process - Takuma Nishimaki, Keiko Sato (JME)
Jan 10 08:00Plastome-wide rearrangements and gene losses in carnivorous Droseraceae - Paul G Nevill et al. (GBE)
Jan 10 08:00Plastid genomes and proteins illuminate the evolution of eustigmatophyte algae and their bacterial endosymbionts - Tereza Ševčíková et al. (GBE)
Jan 8 20:00A single SNP turns a social honey bee (Apis mellifera) worker into a selfish parasite - Denise Aumer et al. (MBE)
Jan 8 12:00Insights into the Evolution of the Suppressors of Cytokine Signaling (SOCS) Gene Family in Vertebrates - Bei Wang, Eakapol Wangkahart, Christopher J Secombes, Tiehui Wang (MBE)
Jan 8 08:00Conserved transcriptomic profiles underpin monogamy across vertebrates - Rebecca L. Young et al. (PNAS)
Jan 4 12:00Genome sequence of Jaltomata addresses rapid reproductive trait evolution and enhances comparative genomics in the hyper-diverse Solanaceae - Meng Wu, Jamie L Kostyun, Leonie C Moyle (GBE)
Jan 4 12:00Chromids aid genome expansion and functional diversification in the family Burkholderiaceae - George C diCenzo, Alessio Mengoni, Elena Perrin (MBE)
Jan 4 08:00Gene Encoding a Novel Enzyme of LDH2/MDH2 Family is Lost in Plant and Animal Genomes During Transition to Land - L. V. Puzakova, M. V. Puzakov, A. A. Soldatov (JME)
Jan 2 12:00Alarmones as Vestiges of a Bygone RNA World - Ricardo Hernández-Morales et al. (JME)
Jan 2 12:00Genetic Code Error Minimization as a Non-Adaptive But Beneficial Trait - Steven E. Massey (JME)
Jan 2 12:00Amino Acids in Life: A Prebiotic Division of Labor - Jason Allen Davidson (JME)
Jan 1 08:00The genomic basis of Red Queen dynamics during rapid reciprocal host-pathogen coevolution - Andrei Papkou et al. (PNAS)
Dec 28 08:00Evolutionary potential of cis-regulatory mutations to cause rapid changes in transcription factor binding - Jasmin D Kurafeiski, Paulo Pinto, Erich Bornberg-Bauer (GBE)
Dec 27 08:00Pleiotropy modulates the efficacy of selection in Drosophila melanogaster - Christelle Fraïsse, Gemma Puixeu Sala, Beatriz Vicoso (MBE)
Dec 27 08:00The expansion of Inosine at the wobble position of tRNAs, and its role in the evolution of proteomes - Àlbert Rafels-Ybern et al. (MBE)
Dec 27 08:00Beyond stability constraints: a biophysical model of enzyme evolution with selection on stability and activity - Julian Echave (MBE)
Dec 27 08:00Influence of recombination and GC-biased gene conversion on the adaptive and non-adaptive substitution rate in mammals vs. birds - M Rousselle et al. (MBE)
Dec 27 08:00The cone opsin repertoire of osteoglossomorph fishes: gene loss in mormyrid electric fish and a long wave-length sensitive cone opsin that survived 3R - Da-Wei Liu et al. (MBE)
Dec 24 08:00Day and night: Metabolic profiles and evolutionary relationships of six axenic non-marine cyanobacteria - Sabine Eva Will et al. (GBE)
Dec 24 08:00Evolutionary modeling in SLiM 3 for beginners - Benjamin C Haller, Philipp W Messer (MBE)
Dec 21 08:00Toxin and genome evolution in a Drosophila defensive symbiosis - Matthew J Ballinger, Ryan M R Gawryluk, Steve J Perlman (GBE)
Dec 21 08:00Degenerative expansion of a young supergene - Eckart Stolle et al. (MBE)
Dec 19 08:00Immune gene diversity in archaic and present-day humans - David Reher, Felix M Key, Aida M Andrés, Janet Kelso (GBE)
Dec 19 08:00Dosage Compensation of the X Chromosomes in Bovine Germline, Early Embryos and Somatic Tissues - Jingyue (Ellie) Duan et al. (GBE)
Dec 19 08:00Each of 3,323 metabolic innovations in the evolution of E. coli arose through the horizontal transfer of a single DNA segment - Tin Yau Pang, Martin J. Lercher (PNAS)
Dec 18 20:00Scorpion toxins: positive selection at a distal site modulates functional evolution at a bioactive site - Limei Zhu, Bin Gao, Shouli Yuan, Shunyi Zhu (MBE)
Dec 18 08:00Biophysical Spandrels form a Hot-Spot for Kosmotropic Mutations in Bacteriophage Thermal Adaptation - A. Carl Whittington, Darin R. Rokyta (JME)