Subject: Biometrika Table of Contents for September 2017 Oxford Academic
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Volume 104 Issue 3
September 2017
Maximum likelihood estimation for semiparametric regression models with multivariate interval-censored data 
Donglin Zeng; Fei Gao; D. Y. Lin
Maximum empirical likelihood estimation for abundance in a closed population from capture-recapture data 
Yukun Liu; Pengfei Li; Jing Qin
Optimal Bayes classifiers for functional data and density ratios 
Xiongtao Dai; Hans-Georg Müller; Fang Yao
Multiple robustness in factorized likelihood models  
J. Molina; A. Rotnitzky; M. Sued ; J. M. Robins
Joint sufficient dimension reduction and estimation of conditional and average treatment effects 
Ming-Yueh Huang ; Kwun Chuen Gary Chan
Identification and estimation of causal effects with outcomes truncated by death 
Linbo Wang; Xiao-Hua Zhou ; Thomas S. Richardson
Uncertainty quantification under group sparsity 
Qing Zhou ; Seunghyun Min
Robust reduced-rank regression 
Y. She ; K. Chen
Expandable factor analysis 
Sanvesh Srivastava ; Barbara E. Engelhardt; David B. Dunson
Simple, scalable and accurate posterior interval estimation 
Cheng Li; Sanvesh Srivastava; David B. Dunson
On the Pitman'Yor process with spike and slab base measure 
A. Canale; A. Lijoi; B. Nipoti; I. Prünster
Non-strange weird resampling for complex survival data 
D. Dobler; J. Beyersmann; M. Pauly
Interleaved lattice-based minimax distance designs 
Xu He
Pseudo-marginal Metropolis'Hastings sampling using averages of unbiased estimators 
Chris Sherlock; Alexandre H. Thiery; Anthony Lee
Conditional moment models with data missing at random 
M. Hristache; V. Patilea
Weighted envelope estimation to handle variability in model selection 
D. J. Eck; R. D. Cook
Amendments and Corrections
˜Improving the accuracy of likelihood-based inference in meta-analysis and meta-regression' 
I. Kosmidis; A. Guolo; C. Varin
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