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Volume 106 Issue 3
September 2019
Nonparametric generalized fiducial inference for survival functions under censoring 
Y Cui; J Hannig
Discussion of ˜Nonparametric generalized fiducial inference for survival functions under censoring' 
Ryan Martin
Discussion of ˜Nonparametric generalized fiducial inference for survival functions under censoring' 
G Taraldsen; B H Lindqvist
Rejoinder: ˜Nonparametric generalized fiducial inference for survival functions under censoring' 
Y Cui; J Hannig
Estimating the error variance in a high-dimensional linear model 
Guo Yu; Jacob Bien
Nonparametric independence testing via mutual information 
T B Berrett; R J Samworth
Generalized meta-analysis for multiple regression models across studies with disparate covariate information 
Prosenjit Kundu; Runlong Tang; Nilanjan Chatterjee
Decompositions of dependence for high-dimensional extremes 
D Cooley; E Thibaud
On sparsity scales and covariance matrix transformations border= 
H S Battey
Homogeneity tests of covariance matrices with high-dimensional longitudinal data 
Ping-Shou Zhong; Runze Li; Shawn Santo
Permutation-based simultaneous confidence bounds for the false discovery proportion 
J Hemerik; A Solari; J J Goeman
Statistical inference of genetic pathway analysis in high dimensions 
Yang Liu; Wei Sun; Alexander P Reiner; Charles Kooperberg ; Qianchuan He
Optimal designs for frequentist model averaging 
K Alhorn; K Schorning; H Dette
Design of order-of-addition experiments 
Jiayu Peng; Rahul Mukerjee; Dennis K J Lin
Nearly random designs with greatly improved balance 
A M Krieger; D Azriel; A Kapelner
The conditionality principle in high-dimensional regression 
D Azriel
Unbiased approximations of products of expectations 
A Lee; S Tiberi; G Zanella
Pearson's chi-squared statistics: approximation theory and beyond 
Mengyu Xu; Danna Zhang; Wei Biao Wu
Nonidentifiability in the presence of factorization for truncated data 
B Vakulenko-Lagun; J Qian; S H Chiou; R A Betensky
On marginal and conditional parameters in logistic regression models 
Elena Stanghellini; Marco Doretti
Testing for individual sphericity in heterogeneous panels 
Simon A Broda
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