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Briefings in Bioinformatics  
Volume 19 Issue 4
July 2018
Probabilistic natural mapping of gene-level tests for genome-wide association studies 
Feng Bao; Yue Deng; Mulong Du; Zhiquan Ren; Qingzhao Zhang ...
High-throughput sequencing of the T-cell receptor repertoire: pitfalls and opportunities border= 
James M Heather ; Mazlina Ismail; Theres Oakes; Benny Chain
VRprofile: gene-cluster-detection-based profiling of virulence and antibiotic resistance traits encoded within genome sequences of pathogenic bacteria 
Jun Li; Cui Tai; Zixin Deng; Weihong Zhong ; Yongqun He ...
Gene co-expression analysis for functional classification and gene'disease predictions border= 
Sipko van Dam; Urmo Võsa; Adriaan van der Graaf; Lude Franke; João Pedro de Magalhães
How trees allocate carbon for optimal growth: insight from a game-theoretic model 
Liyong Fu; Lidan Sun ; Han Hao; Libo Jiang; Sheng Zhu ...
HpQTL: a geometric morphometric platform to compute the genetic architecture of heterophylly 
Lidan Sun; Jing Wang; Xuli Zhu; Libo Jiang ; Kirk Gosik ...
A simple way to detect disease-associated cellular molecular alterations from mixed-cell blood samples 
Guini Hong ; Hongdong Li; Mengyao Li; Weicheng Zheng; Jing Li ...
hppRNA'a Snakemake-based handy parameter-free pipeline for RNA-Seq analysis of numerous samples 
Dapeng Wang
Genome-wide characterization of lncRNAs in acute myeloid leukemia 
Lijun Lei; Siyu Xia; Dan Liu; Xiaoqing Li; Jing Feng ...
SmProt: a database of small proteins encoded by annotated coding and non-coding RNA loci 
Yajing Hao; Lili Zhang ; Yiwei Niu; Tanxi Cai; Jianjun Luo ...
A landscape of synthetic viable interactions in cancer 
Yunyan Gu; Ruiping Wang; Yue Han; Wenbin Zhou ; Zhangxiang Zhao ...
Systematic analyses of drugs and disease indications in RepurposeDB reveal pharmacological, biological and epidemiological factors influencing drug repositioning border= 
Khader Shameer; Benjamin S Glicksberg; Rachel Hodos; Kipp W Johnson ; Marcus A Badgeley ...
Measuring the diversity of the human microbiota with targeted next-generation sequencing 
Francesca Finotello ; Eleonora Mastrorilli; Barbara Di Camillo
Top considerations for creating bioinformatics software documentation border= 
Mehran Karimzadeh; Michael M Hoffman
Software Reviews
Methodological implementation of mixed linear models in multi-locus genome-wide association studies border= 
Yang-Jun Wen; Hanwen Zhang; Yuan-Li Ni; Bo Huang ; Jin Zhang ...
Feasibility of sample size calculation for RNA-seq studies 
Alicia Poplawski ; Harald Binder
Opinion Note
Benchmarking CRISPR on-target sgRNA design 
Jifang Yan; Guohui Chuai ; Chi Zhou; Chenyu Zhu; Jing Yang ...
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