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Volume 685, Pages 1-248, 15 Feb= ruary 2019


Editorial = Board =20
Pages i-ii
Available Online 20= 18-12-14
Review papers
Exploring = the association between SRPX2 variants and neurodevelopment: How cau= sal is it? =20
Pages 50-54 Available Online 20= 18-10-25
Schaida Schir= wani, Vivienne McConnell, Josh Willoughby, Meena Balasubramanian
CRISPR/Cas= system: A game changing genome editing technology, to treat human genetic = diseases =20
Pages 70-75 Available Online 20= 18-10-26
Wajid Hussain= , Tariq Mahmood, Jawad Hussain, Niyaz Ali, Tariq Shah, Sadia Qayyum, Ibrar = Khan
miRNA-223 = targets the GPAM gene and regulates the differentiation of intramusc= ular adipocytes =20
Pages 106-113 <= br> Available Online 20= 18-10-30
Fang Li, Dong= hua Li, Meng Zhang, Junwei Sun, Wenting Li, Ruirui Jiang, Ruili Han, Yanbin= Wang, Yadong Tian, Xiangtao Kang, Guirong Sun
Associatio= n between rs738409 polymorphism in patatin-like phospholipase domain-contai= ning protein 3 (PNPLA3) gene and hepatocellular carcinoma susceptibility: E= vidence from case-control studies =20
Pages 143-148 <= br> Available Online 20= 18-11-04
Jian-feng Li,= En-qi Zheng, Ming Xie
Computatio= nal analysis of alternative splicing in plant genomes =20
Pages 186-195 <= br> Available Online 20= 18-10-12
Qi A. Song, N= athan S. Catlin, W. Brad Barbazuk, Song Li
Research Papers
Molecular = characterization and expression analysis of big-belly seahorse (Hippocam= pus abdominalis) interleukin-10 and analysis of its potent anti-inflamm= atory properties in LPS-induced murine macrophage RAW 264.7 cells =20
Pages 1-11
Available Online 20= 18-10-25
M.D. Neranjan= Tharuka, S.D.N.K. Bathige, Minyoung Oh, Seongdo Lee, Myoung-Jin Kim, Thant= hrige Thiunuwan Priyathilaka, Jehee Lee
Comparativ= e transcriptome analysis explores maternal to zygotic transition during = Eriocheir sinensis early embryogenesis =20
Pages 12-20 Available Online 20= 18-10-12
Junhao Ning, = Chengwen Song, Danli Luo, Yuan Liu, Hourong Liu, Zhaoxia Cui
Sequence a= nalysis of =CE=B1-(1, 2)-fucosyltransferase gene in nine Chinese individual= s with Para-Bombay phenotype =20
Pages 21-23 Available Online 20= 18-09-12
Jiajin Lin, R= ongcang Chen, Suiyong Zhu, Xiaole Qiu, Ying Huang, Xiudi Wang
Expression= and clinicopathological significance of DNA methyltransferase 1, 3A and 3B= in tamoxifen-treated breast cancer patients =20
Pages 24-31 Available Online 20= 18-10-23
Rosa Jahangir= i, Khadijeh Jamialahmadi, Masoumeh Gharib, Amirnader Emami Razavi, Fatemeh = Mosaffa

Graphical abstract=


Smad4-depe= ndent regulation of type I collagen expression in the muscle of grass carp = fed with faba bean =20
Pages 32-41 Available Online 20= 18-10-26
Er-meng Yu, L= ing-ling Ma, Hong Ji, Zhi-fei Li, Guang-jun Wang, Jun Xie, De-guang Yu, Gen= Kaneko, Jing-jing Tian, Kai Zhang, Wang-bao Gong
Functional= identification of a rice trehalase gene involved in salt stress tolerance<= /span> =20
Pages 42-49 Available Online 20= 18-10-26
M. Obaidul Is= lam, Hideki Kato, Shuhei Shima, Daisuke Tezuka, Hirokazu Matsui, Ryozo Imai=
Identifica= tion of changed expression of mRNAs and lncRNAs in osteoarthritic synovium = by RNA-sequencing =20
Pages 55-61 Available Online 20= 18-10-27
Shuai Xiang, = Zeng Li, Yanyan Bian, Xisheng Weng
Analysis o= f cancer gene attributes using electrical sensor =20
Pages 62-69 Available Online 20= 18-10-26
Tanusree Roy<= /span>
LncRNA LIN= C00460 promotes tumor growth of human lung adenocarcinoma by targeting miR-= 302c-5p/FOXA1 axis =20
Pages 76-84 Available Online 20= 18-10-22
Jun-Jie Ye, Y= an-Lei Cheng, Jun-Jian Deng, Wei-Ping Tao, Long Wu
Comprehens= ive analysis of Reverse Phase Protein Array data reveals characteristic uni= que proteomic signatures for glioblastoma subtypes =20
Pages 85-95 Available Online 20= 18-10-25
Vikas Patil, = Kulandaivelu Mahalingam
Transcript= omics profiling in response to cold stress in cultivated rice and weedy ric= e =20
Pages 96-105 Available Online 20= 18-10-30
Shixin Guan, = Quan Xu, Dianrong Ma, Wenzhong Zhang, Zhengjin Xu, Minghui Zhao, Zhifu Guo<= /span>
Isolation = and functional characterization of SUCROSE SYNTHASE 1 and SUCROSE= TRANSPORTER 2 promoters from ramie (Boehmeria nivea L. Gaudich)= =20
Pages 114-124 <= br> Available Online 20= 18-10-30
Pingan Guo, Y= ancheng Zheng, Yanyan He, Lijun Liu, Bo Wang, Dingxiang Peng
Roles of <= i>Cyclooxygenase-2 gene =E2=88=92765G=E2=80=AF>=E2=80=AFC (rs204= 17) and =E2=88=921195G=E2=80=AF>=E2=80=AFA (rs689466) polymorphisms in gast= ric cancer: A systematic review and meta-analysis =20
Pages 125-135 <= br> Available Online 20= 18-11-01
Ming-Xu Luo, = Bin-Bin Long, Fei Li, Chao Zhang, Meng-Ting Pan, Yu-Qiang Huang, Bo Chen
MiR-375 in= duces ROS and apoptosis in ST cells by targeting the HIGD1A gene =20
Pages 136-142 <= br> Available Online 20= 18-11-01
Jia Guo, Chun= Yang, Shaoxuan Zhang, Mengdi Liang, Jiajia Qi, Zhenbo Wang, Yinghua Peng, = Boxing Sun
Sequence a= nalysis and expression profiling of the equine ACTN3 gene during exe= rcise in Arabian horses =20
Pages 149-155 <= br> Available Online 20= 18-10-30
K. Ropka-Moli= k, M. Stefaniuk-Szmukier, A.D. Musia=C5=82, K. Pi=C3=B3rkowska, T. Szmato= =C5=82a
Characteri= zation and expression profiles of muscle transcriptome in Schizothoracine f= ish, Schizothorax prenanti =20
Pages 156-163 <= br> Available Online 20= 18-10-26
Ruiwen Li, Ru= nfeng Zhang, Jiangying Yi, Wei Guo, Qiangjun Cheng, Lifeng Zhi, Yaqiu Lin
The combin= ed effect of IL-17F and CCL20 gene polymorphism in susceptibility to multip= le sclerosis in Egypt =20
Pages 164-169 <= br> Available Online 20= 18-11-03
Fathia Z. El = Sharkawi, Sahar A. Ali, Mohamed I. Hegazy, Hanaa B. Atya
Bayesian s= tatistical methods in genetic association studies: Empirical examination of= statistically non-significant Genome Wide Association Study (GWAS) meta-an= alyses in cancers: A systematic review =20
Pages 170-178 <= br> Available Online 20= 18-10-26
Jae Hyon Park= , Dong Il Geum, Michael Eisenhut, Hans J. van der Vliet, Jae Il Shin=
Gene mappi= ng strategy for Alu elements rearrangements: Detection of new large = deletions in the SERPING1 gene causing hereditary angioedema in Braz= ilian families =20
Pages 179-185 <= br> Available Online 20= 18-10-30
Priscila Nico= licht, Douglas O.S. Faria, Leonardo Martins-Silva, Luana S.M. Maia, Adriana= S. Moreno, L. Karla Arruda, Antonio A. Motta, Anete S. Grumach, Jo=C3=A3o = B. Pesquero
Genome-wid= e association and gene-environment interaction study identifies variants in= ALDH2 associated with serum ferritin in a Chinese population =20
Pages 196-201 <= br> Available Online 20= 18-11-03
Yuting Tao, X= iaoliang Huang, Yuanliang Xie, Xianguo Zhou, Xiaoli He, Shaomei Tang, Ming = Liao, Yang Chen, Aihua Tan, Yingchun Chen, Qiuyan Wang, Zengnan Mo <= br>
Expression= and prognosis analyses of forkhead box A (FOXA) family in human lung cance= r =20
Pages 202-210 <= br> Available Online 20= 18-11-09
Chaoqun Huang= , Jiuyang Liu, Bin Xiong, Yutaka Yonemura, Xiaojun Yang
Associatio= n between Toll-like receptors (TLR) and NOD-like receptor (NLR) polymorphisms and lipid and glucose metabolism =20
Pages 211-221 <= br> Available Online 20= 18-11-24
Ana Cl=C3=A1u= dia M.B. Gomes Torres, Neiva Leite, Luciane Viater Tureck, Ricardo Lehtonen= Rodrigues de Souza, Ana Cl=C3=A1udia Kapp Titski, Gerusa Eisfeld Milano-Ga= i, Leilane Lazarotto, Larissa Rosa da Silva, Lupe Furtado-Alle
Long non-c= oding RNA TP73=E2=80=91AS1 promotes colorectal cancer proliferation by acti= ng as a ceRNA for miR=E2=80=91103 to regulate PTEN expression =20
Pages 222-229 <= br> Available Online 20= 18-11-22
Zeming Jia, J= ian Peng, Zhi Yang, Jie Chen, Ling Liu, Dongren Luo, Panxiang He
Molecular = characterization of two novel proteins All1122 and Alr0750 of Anabaena PCC 7120 conferring tolerance to multiple abiotic stresses in Escheri= chia coli =20
Pages 230-241 <= br> Available Online 20= 18-11-15
Sonia Sen, Ru= chi Rai, Antra Chatterjee, Shweta Rai, Shivam Yadav, Chhavi Agrawal, L.C. R= ai
Polymorphi= sm rs4787951 in IL-4R contributes to the increased risk of renal cel= l carcinoma in a Chinese population =20
Pages 242-247 <= br> Available Online 20= 18-11-23
Yadi Lin, Qi = Yuan, Fangze Qian, Chao Qin, Qiang Cao, Meilin Wang, Haiyan Chu, Zhengdong = Zhang

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