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Journal of Heredity  
Volume 109 Issue 3
May 2018
Negative-Assortative Mating in the White-Throated Sparrow 
Philip W Hedrick; Elaina M Tuttle; Rusty A Gonser; Robin Waples
Genomic Displacement and Shift of the Hybrid Zone in the Japanese Fire-Bellied Newt 
Atsushi Tominaga; Masafumi Matsui; Natsuhiko Yoshikawa ; Koshiro Eto; Kanto Nishikawa ...
Fire Does Not Strongly Affect Genetic Diversity or Structure of a Common Treefrog in the Endangered Florida Scrub 
Jeanne M Robertson; Sarah W Fitzpatrick; Betsie B Rothermel; Lauren M Chan; H Bradley Shaffer
Phylogeography and Population Genetic Analyses in the Iberian Toothcarp (Aphanius iberus Valenciennes, 1846) at Different Time Scales 
Elena G Gonzalez ; Carina Cunha; Hamid R Ghanavi; Francisco J Oliva-Paterna; Mar Torralva ...
Mating System and Effective Population Size of the Overexploited Neotropical Tree (Myroxylon peruiferum L.f.) and Their Impact on Seedling Production 
Ellida de Aguiar Silvestre; Kaiser Dias Schwarcz; Carolina Grando ; Jaqueline Bueno de Campos; Patricia Sanae Sujii ...
Phylogenetic Relationships, Breeding Implications, and Cultivation History of Hawaiian Taro (Colocasia Esculenta) Through Genome-Wide SNP Genotyping border= 
Martin Helmkampf; Thomas K Wolfgruber; M Renee Bellinger; Roshan Paudel ; Michael B Kantar ...
Editor's Choice
The Analysis of Polyploid Genetic Data 
Patrick G Meirmans; Shenglin Liu; Peter H van Tienderen; Fred Allendorf
Pinniped Diphyly and Bat Triphyly: More Homology Errors Drive Conflicts in the Mammalian Tree 
Mark S Springer; John Gatesy; Alfred Roca
Identification of a Candidate Mutation in the COL1A2 Gene of a Chow Chow With Osteogenesis Imperfecta 
Erin M Quist ; Ryan Doan; Roy R Pool; Brian F Porter; Danika L Bannasch ...
Genomic Analysis Suggests KITLG is Responsible for a Roan Pattern in two Pakistani Goat Breeds  
Andrea Talenti; Francesca Bertolini; Jamie Williams ; Muhammad Moaeen-ud-Din; Stefano Frattini ...
Genome-Wide SNPs Identify Limits to Connectivity in the Extreme Freshwater Disperser, Spangled Perch Leiopotherapon unicolor (Terapontidae) 
Daniel J Schmidt; Joel A Huey; Jane M Hughes; Kim Andrews
Identification of Genomic Regions Associated With Sex in Pacific Halibut 
Daniel P Drinan; Timothy Loher; Lorenz Hauser; Stewart Grant
Defining the Role of the MADS-Box Gene, Zea Agamous-like1, a Target of Selection During Maize Domestication 
David M Wills; Zhou Fang; Alessandra M York ; James B Holland; John F Doebley ...
WGSSAT: A High-Throughput Computational Pipeline for Mining and Annotation of SSR Markers From Whole Genomes 
Manmohan Pandey; Ravindra Kumar; Prachi Srivastava; Suyash Agarwal; Shreya Srivastava ...
Erratum to: "Genomic Displacement and Shift of the Hybrid Zone in the Japanese Fire-Bellied Newt" 
Erratum to: "Genomic Displacement and Shift of the Hybrid Zone in the Japanese Fire-Bellied Newt" 
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