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Journal of Heredity  
Volume 109 Issue 7
October 2018
Editor's Choice
Accounting for Age Structure and Spatial Structure in Eco-Evolutionary Analyses of a Large, Mobile Vertebrate 
Robin S Waples; Kim T Scribner ; Jennifer A Moore; Hope M Draheim; Dwayne Etter ...
Cultural Transmission of Fine-Scale Fidelity to Feeding Sites May Shape Humpback Whale Genetic Diversity in Russian Pacific Waters 
Gaëtan Richard; Olga V Titova; Ivan D Fedutin; Debbie Steel; Ilya G Meschersky ...
Colonizing the Wild West: Low Diversity of Complete Mitochondrial Genomes in Western North Pacific Killer Whales Suggests a Founder Effect 
Olga A Filatova; Ekaterina A Borisova; Ilya G Meschersky ; Maria D Logacheva; Nataliia V Kuzkina ...
The Influence of Selection on MHC DQA and DQB Haplotypes in the Endemic New Zealand Hector's and M ui Dolphins 
Dorothea Heimeier; Alana Alexander; Rebecca M Hamner; Franz Pichler ; C Scott Baker
Population Structure of Riverine and Coastal Dolphins Sotalia fluviatilis and Sotalia guianensis: Patterns of Nuclear and Mitochondrial Diversity and Implications for Conservation 
Susana Caballero; Claudia Hollatz; Sebastián Rodríguez ; Fernando Trujillo; C Scott Baker
Transcriptome-Derived Microsatellites Demonstrate Strong Genetic Differentiation in Pacific White Sharks 
Andrea M Bernard; Vincent P Richards; Michael J Stanhope ; Mahmood S Shivji
Assessment of Male Reproductive Skew via Highly Polymorphic STR Markers in Wild Vervet Monkeys, Chlorocebus pygerythrus 
Mirjam M I Minkner; Christopher Young; Federica Amici ; Richard McFarland; Louise Barrett ...
Male Body Size Predicts Reproductive Success But Not Within-Clutch Paternity Patterns in Gopher Tortoises (Gopherus polyphemus) 
K Nicole White; Betsie B Rothermel; Kelly R Zamudio; Tracey D Tuberville
Effect of Hidden Relatedness on Single-Step Genetic Evaluation in an Advanced Open-Pollinated Breeding Program border=  
Jaroslav Klápště; Mari Suontama; Heidi S Dungey ; Emily J Telfer; Natalie J Graham ...
Phylogeography of African Locust Bean (Parkia biglobosa ) Reveals Genetic Divergence and Spatially Structured Populations in West and Central Africa border= 
Djingdia Lompo; Barbara Vinceti ; Heino Konrad; Hannes Gaisberger; Thomas Geburek
The G-matrix Simulator Family: Software for Research and Teaching 
Adam G Jones; Reinhard Bürger; Stevan J Arnold
Ex Situ Sumatran Rhinoceros Conservation and the Agony of Choice. An Integration with the Management Strategy Proposed by Brandt et al. (2018) 
Spartaco Gippoliti; Jan Robovský
Corrigendum to: "Genome-Wide Analysis of SNPs Is Consistent with No Domestic Dog Ancestry in the Endangered Mexican Wolf (Canis lupus baileyi)" 
Erratum to: "A Conservation Hatchery Population of Delta Smelt Shows Evidence of Genetic Adaptation to Captivity After 9 Generations." 
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