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Volume 454, Pages 1-424, 7 October 2018 Journal of Theoretical Biology
Volume 454, Pages 1-424, 7 October 2018

Editorial Board   
Page ii
Modelling the skip-and-resurgence of Japanese encephalitis epidemics in Hong Kong    Original Research Article
Pages 1-10
Shi Zhao, Yijun Lou, Alice P.Y. Chiu, Daihai He
Dependence of absence seizure dynamics on physiological parameter evolution    Original Research Article
Pages 11-21
F. Deeba, Paula Sanz-Leon, P.  A. Robinson
Identify Gram-negative bacterial secreted protein types by incorporating different modes of PSSM into Chou’s general PseAAC via Kullback–Leibler divergence    Original Research Article
Pages 22-29
Yunyun Liang, Shengli Zhang
Spatial dynamics of floral organ formation    Original Research Article
Pages 30-40
Yuriria Cortes-Poza, Pablo Padilla-Longoria, Elena Alvarez-Buylla
Modelling heterogeneity in viral-tumour dynamics: The effects of gene-attenuation on viral characteristics    Original Research Article
Pages 41-52
Adrianne Jenner, Chae-Ok Yun, Arum Yoon, Peter S. Kim, Adelle C.F. Coster
Horizontal gene transfer can help maintain the equilibrium of microbial communities    Original Research Article
Pages 53-59
Yuhang Fan, Yandong Xiao, Babak Momeni, Yang-Yu Liu
Nuclear apoptotic volume decrease in individual cells: Confocal microscopy imaging and kinetic modeling    Original Research Article
Pages 60-69
Irina V. Khalo, Anastasiya I. Konokhova, Darya Y. Orlova, Konstantin V. Trusov, Maxim A. Yurkin, Eva Bartova, Stanislav Kozubek, Valeri P. Maltsev, Andrei V. Chernyshev
A Bayesian statistical analysis of stochastic phenotypic plasticity model of cancer cells    Original Research Article
Pages 70-79
Da Zhou, Shanjun Mao, Jing Cheng, Kaiyi Chen, Xiaofang Cao, Jie Hu
With-in host dynamics of L. monocytogenes and thresholds for distinct infection scenarios    Original Research Article
Pages 80-90
Ashrafur Rahman, Daniel Munther, Aamir Fazil, Ben Smith, Jianhong Wu
Transcription factor target site search and gene regulation in a background of unspecific binding sites    Original Research Article
Pages 91-101
J. Hettich, J.C.M. Gebhardt
Viscoelastic modeling of the fusion of multicellular tumor spheroids in growth phase    Original Research Article
Pages 102-109
Guillaume Dechristé, Jérôme Fehrenbach, Elena Griseti, Valérie Lobjois, Clair Poignard
Niche emergence as an autocatalytic process in the evolution of ecosystems    Original Research Article
Pages 110-117
Roberto Cazzolla Gatti, Brian Fath, Wim Hordijk, Stuart Kauffman, Robert Ulanowicz
Asymmetric evolutionary game dynamics based on individuals’ own volition    Original Research Article
Pages 118-125
Qiao-Qiao He, Tian-Jiao Feng, Yi Tao, Boyu Zhang, Ting Ji
Complex behaviour in complex terrain - Modelling bird migration in a high resolution wind field across mountainous terrain to simulate observed patterns    Original Research Article
Pages 126-138
Annika Aurbach, Baptiste Schmid, Felix Liechti, Ndaona Chokani, Reza Abhari
Predicting structural classes of proteins by incorporating their global and local physicochemical and conformational properties into general Chou's PseAAC    Original Research Article
Pages 139-145
Ernesto Contreras-Torres
Alternative assembly processes from trait-mediated co-evolution in mutualistic communities    Original Research Article
Pages 146-153
Henintsoa O. Minoarivelo, Cang Hui
Stationary moments, diffusion limits, and extinction times for logistic growth with random catastrophes    Original Research Article
Pages 154-163
Brandon H. Schlomann
Edge-based epidemic spreading in degree-correlated complex networks    Original Research Article
Pages 164-181
Yi Wang, Junling Ma, Jinde Cao, Li Li
Mechanics of epithelial tissue formation    Original Research Article
Pages 182-189
Ruben van Drongelen, Tania Vazquez-Faci, Teun A.P.M. Huijben, Maurijn van der Zee, Timon Idema

Graphical abstract

Spatial heterogeneity and evolution of fecundity-affecting traits    Original Research Article
Pages 190-204
Kalle Parvinen, Hisashi Ohtsuki, Joe Yuichiro Wakano
Revenue-sharing clubs provide economic insurance and incentives for sustainability in common-pool resource systems    Original Research Article
Pages 205-214
Andrew R. Tilman, Simon Levin, James R. Watson
Physiological factors leading to a successful vaccination: A computational approach    Original Research Article
Pages 215-230
Dominic L. Maderazo, Jennifer A. Flegg, Melanie R. Neeland, Michael J. de Veer, Mark B. Flegg
Cheater-altruist synergy in public goods games    Original Research Article
Pages 231-239
Bryce Morsky, Dervis Can Vural
Inter-filament spacing mediates calcium binding to troponin: A simple geometric-mechanistic model explains the shift of force-length maxima with muscle activation    Original Research Article
Pages 240-252
Robert Rockenfeller, Michael Günther
What does not kill a tumour may make it stronger: In silico insights into chemotherapeutic drug resistance    Original Research Article
Pages 253-267
Sara Hamis, Perumal Nithiarasu, Gibin G. Powathil

Graphical abstract

A computational study of the role of spatial receptive field structure in processing natural and non-natural scenes    Original Research Article
Pages 268-277
Victor J. Barranca, Xiuqi George Zhu
How leaking and overproducing resources affect the evolutionary robustness of cooperative cross-feeding    Original Research Article
Pages 278-291
Simon Maccracken Stump, Evan Curtis Johnson, Christopher A. Klausmeier
A new conceptual framework for the therapy by optimized multidimensional pulses of therapeutic activity. The case of multiple myeloma model    Original Research Article
Pages 292-309
D. Horvath, B. Brutovsky
Transitions between bursting modes in the integrated oscillator model for pancreatic β-cells    Original Research Article
Pages 310-319
Isabella Marinelli, Theodore Vo, Luca Gerardo-Giorda, Richard Bertram
Metapopulation model using commuting flow for national spread of the 2009 H1N1 influenza virus in the Republic of Korea    Original Research Article
Pages 320-329
Jonggul Lee, Bo Youl Choi, Eunok Jung
Mathematical modeling of dynamic behavior of fluid bilayer membranes under the effect of density asymmetry    Original Research Article
Pages 330-344
A.H. Karimi, H.R. Mirdamadi, S. Ziaei-Rad
A computational model for the joint onset and development    Original Research Article
Pages 345-356
Kalenia M. Márquez-Flórez, James R. Monaghan, Sandra J. Shefelbine, Angélica Ramirez-Martínez, Diego A. Garzón-Alvarado
Optimal gut size of small birds and its dependence on environmental and physiological parameters    Original Research Article
Pages 357-366
Adnane Ez-zizi, John M. McNamara, Gaurav Malhotra, Alasdair I. Houston
Propagation of regulatory fluctuations induces coordinated switching of flagellar motors in chemotaxis signaling pathway of single bacteria    Original Research Article
Pages 367-375
Toshinori Namba, Tatsuo Shibata
Information sharing for a coordination game in fluctuating environments    Original Research Article
Pages 376-385
Keith Paarporn, Ceyhun Eksin, Joshua S. Weitz
Impact of the cross-talk between circular and messenger RNAs on cell regulation    Original Research Article
Pages 386-395
Maria Rita Fumagalli, Stefano Zapperi, Caterina A.M. La Porta
Modeling the impact of biolarvicides on malaria transmission    Original Research Article
Pages 396-409
Surabhi Pandey, Seema Nanda, Amit Vutha, Ram Naresh
A novel kinematics analysis method using quaternion interpolation–a case study in frog jumping    Original Research Article
Pages 410-424
Christopher T. Richards, Laura B. Porro

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