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Volume 453, Pages 1-156, 14 September 2018 Journal of Theoretical Biology
Volume 453, Pages 1-156, 14 September 2018

Editorial Board   
Page ii
Epidemics on plants: Modeling long-range dispersal on spatially embedded networks    Original Research Article
Pages 1-13
Juddy H. Arias, Jesus Gómez-Gardeñes, Sandro Meloni, Ernesto Estrada
Assessing the effects of daily commuting in two-patch dengue dynamics: A case study of Cali, Colombia    Original Research Article
Pages 14-39
Edwin Barrios, Sunmi Lee, Olga Vasilieva
Modeling the odor-landscape resulting from the pumping behavior of bivalve clams in the presence of predators    Original Research Article
Pages 40-47
A. Alvarez
Resin flow in conifers    Original Research Article
Pages 48-57
Paulo Cabrita
All-atom four-body knowledge-based statistical potential to distinguish native tertiary RNA structures from nonnative folds    Original Research Article
Pages 58-67
Majid Masso
The influence of the DNA torque on the dynamics of transcription bubbles in plasmid PTTQ18    Original Research Article
Pages 68-77
Andrey A. Grinevich, Ludmila V. Yakushevich

Graphical abstract

A mathematical approach to effects of CTLs on cancer virotherapy in the second injection of virus    Original Research Article
Pages 78-87
A. Ashyani, O. RabieiMotlagh, H.M. Mohammadinejad
Spatially explicit approach to estimation of total population abundance in field surveys    Original Research Article
Pages 88-95
Nao Takashina, Buntarou Kusumoto, Maria Beger, Suren Rathnayake, Hugh P. Possingham
The impact of seasonality on the dynamics and control of Ascaris lumbricoides infections    Original Research Article
Pages 96-107
A.J. Cooper, T. Déirdre Hollingsworth
Coated platelets introduce significant delay in onset of peak thrombin production: Theoretical predictions    Original Research Article
Pages 108-116
M. Susree, Mikhail A. Panteleev, M. Anand
A mathematical model to mimic the shape of event related desynchronization/synchronization    Original Research Article
Pages 117-124
Golnaz Baghdadi, Farzad Towhidkhah, Reza Rostami
Fermentation of Saccharomyces cerevisiae – Combining kinetic modeling and optimization techniques points out avenues to effective process design    Original Research Article
Pages 125-135
Johannes Scheiblauer, Stefan Scheiner, Martin Joksch, Barbara Kavsek
Why is bidirectional sex change rare?    Original Research Article
Pages 136-145
Sachi Yamaguchi, Yoh Iwasa
Temperature-dependent sex determination, realized by hormonal dynamics with enzymatic reactions sensitive to ambient temperature    Original Research Article
Pages 146-155
Sachi Yamaguchi, Yoh Iwasa

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