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Mathematical Medicine and Biology: A Journal of the IMA  
Volume 35 Issue suppl_1
April 2018
Relating cell shape and mechanical stress in a spatially disordered epithelium using a vertex-based model border= 
Alexander Nestor-Bergmann; Georgina Goddard; Sarah Woolner; Oliver E Jensen
Extended models for nosocomial infection: parameter estimation and model selection 
Alun Thomas; Karim Khader ; Andrew Redd; Molly Leecaster; Yue Zhang ...
Computed flow and fluorescence over the ocular surface 
Longfei Li; R J Braun; W D Henshaw; P E King-Smith
Mathematical model of calcium exchange during haemodialysis using a citrate containing dialysate 
Julien Aniort; Laurent Chupin ; Nicolae Cîndea
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