Subject: Mathematical Medicine and Biology: A Journal of the IMA Table of Contents for March 2017 Oxford Academic
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Mathematical Medicine and Biology: A Journal of the IMA  
Volume 34 Issue 1
March 2017
The usage of a three-compartment model to investigate the metabolic differences between hepatic reductase null and wild-type mice 
Lydia Hill; Mark A. J. Chaplain; Roland Wolf; Yury Kapelyukh
A syringe-sharing model for the spread of HIV: application to Omsk, Western Siberia 
Marc Artzrouni; Vasiliy N. Leonenko; Thierry A. Mara
Insights from mathematical modelling for T cell migration into the central nervous system 
T. Ruck; S. Bittner ; S. G. Meuth; M. Herty
A non-local model for cancer stem cells and the tumour growth paradox 
I. Borsi; A. Fasano; M. Primicerio; T. Hillen
A biochemical and mechanical model of injury-induced intimal thickening 
Pak-Wing Fok; Rebecca Sanft
Sensitivity analysis for dose deposition in radiotherapy via a Fokker'Planck model 
Richard C. Barnard; Martin Frank; Kai Krycki
What mechanisms of tau protein transport could be responsible for the inverted tau concentration gradient in degenerating axons? 
I. A. Kuznetsov; A. V. Kuznetsov
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