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Mathematical Medicine and Biology: A Journal of the IMA  
Volume 35 Issue 3
September 2018
Modelling and mathematical analysis of the M$_{2}$ receptor-dependent joint signalling and secondary messenger network in CHO cells border= 
Benjamin Engelhardt; Janine Holze ; Christina Elliott; George S Baillie; Maik Kschischo ...
Finite-time parametric identification for the model representing the metabolic and genetic regulatory effects of sequential aerobic respiration and anaerobic fermentation processes in Escherichia coli 
Alfonso Sepúlveda-Gálvez; Jesús Agustín Badillo-Corona; Isaac Chairez
Pattern formation in multiphase models of chemotactic cell aggregation 
J E F Green; J P Whiteley; J M Oliver; H M Byrne ; S L Waters
Modelling recurrence and second cancer risks induced by proton therapy 
V S K Manem; A Dhawan
Flow in the anterior chamber of the eye with an implanted iris-fixated artificial lens 
Jennifer H Tweedy; Jan O Pralits; Rodolfo Repetto; Paolo Soleri
Analysing the dynamics of a model for alopecia areata as an autoimmune disorder of hair follicle cycling 
Atanaska Dobreva; Ralf Paus; N G Cogan
Pathogen transfer through environment'host contact: an agent-based queueing theoretic framework 
Shi Chen; Suzanne Lenhart; Judy D Day; Chihoon Lee ; Michael Dulin ...
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