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Molecular Biology and Evolution  
Volume 35 Issue 8
August 2018
Fast Track
Experimental Evolution of Yeast for High-Temperature Tolerance 
Chih-Jen Huang; Mei-Yeh Lu; Ya-Wen Chang; Wen-Hsiung Li
Broad Genomic Sampling Reveals a Smut Pathogenic Ancestry of the Fungal Clade Ustilaginomycotina 
Teeratas Kijpornyongpan; Stephen J Mondo; Kerrie Barry; Laura Sandor ; Juna Lee ...
Evolution of Genome Architecture in Archaea: Spontaneous Generation of a New Chromosome in Haloferax volcanii border= 
Darya Ausiannikava; Laura Mitchell; Hannah Marriott; Victoria Smith; Michelle Hawkins ...
Analysis of the Draft Genome of the Red Seaweed Gracilariopsis chorda Provides Insights into Genome Size Evolution in Rhodophyta 
JunMo Lee ; Eun Chan Yang; Louis Graf; Ji Hyun Yang; Huan Qiu ...
Ancestral Function and Diversification of a Horizontally Acquired Oomycete Carboxylic Acid Transporter border= 
Fiona R Savory; David S Milner; Daniel C Miles; Thomas A Richards
Evolution of Darwin's Peloric Gloxinia (Sinningia speciosa) Is Caused by a Null Mutation in a Pleiotropic TCP Gene border= 
Yang Dong; Jing Liu; Peng-Wei Li; Chao-Qun Li ; Tian-Feng Lü ...
Demographic History and Genetic Adaptation in the Himalayan Region Inferred from Genome-Wide SNP Genotypes of 49 Populations border= 
Elena Arciero; Thirsa Kraaijenbrink; Asan; Marc Haber; Massimo Mezzavilla ...
Extensive Differential Splicing Underlies Phenotypically Plastic Aphid Morphs 
Mary E Grantham; Jennifer A Brisson
Lipidome Evolution in Mammalian Tissues border= 
Ekaterina Khrameeva ; Ilia Kurochkin; Katarzyna Bozek; Patrick Giavalisco; Philipp Khaitovich
Analysis of Genetic Variation Indicates DNA Shape Involvement in Purifying Selection border= 
Xiaofei Wang; Tianyin Zhou ; Zeba Wunderlich; Matthew T Maurano; Angela H DePace ...
Repeated Cis-Regulatory Tuning of a Metabolic Bottleneck Gene during Evolution border= 
Meihua Christina Kuang; Jacek Kominek; William G Alexander ; Jan-Fang Cheng; Russell L Wrobel ...
How the Central American Seaway and an Ancient Northern Passage Affected Flatfish Diversification 
Lisa Byrne; François Chapleau; Stéphane Aris-Brosou
Biological Processes Modulating Longevity across Primates: A Phylogenetic Genome-Phenome Analysis border=  
Gerard Muntané; Xavier Farré; Juan Antonio Rodríguez ; Cinta Pegueroles; David A Hughes ...
The Evolution of Gene Expression Underlying Vision Loss in Cave Animals border= 
David B Stern; Keith A Crandall
Adaptive Landscape of Protein Variation in Human Exomes border= 
Ravi Patel; Laura B Scheinfeldt; Maxwell D Sanderford; Tamera R Lanham; Koichiro Tamura ...
Population Genomic Analysis Reveals Contrasting Demographic Changes of Two Closely Related Dolphin Species in the Last Glacial border= 
Nagarjun Vijay; Chungoo Park; Jooseong Oh; Soyeong Jin; Elizabeth Kern ...
Developmental Loci Harbor Clusters of Accelerated Regions That Evolved Independently in Ape Lineages border= 
Dennis Kostka ; Alisha K Holloway; Katherine S Pollard
Wobbling Forth and Drifting Back: The Evolutionary History and Impact of Bacterial tRNA Modifications border= 
Gaurav D Diwan; Deepa Agashe
Comparative Genomics Reveals a Burst of Homoplasy-Free Numt Insertions 
Bin Liang; Ning Wang; Nan Li; Rebecca T Kimball ; Edward L Braun
Translation: The Universal Structural Core of Life border= 
Chad R Bernier ; Anton S Petrov; Nicholas A Kovacs; Petar I Penev; Loren Dean Williams
Undersampling Genomes has Biased Time and Rate Estimates Throughout the Tree of Life 
Julie Marin; S Blair Hedges
Genome-Wide Mapping of Gene'Phenotype Relationships in Experimentally Evolved Populations 
Laurence D Mueller; Mark A Phillips; Thomas T Barter ; Zachary S Greenspan; Michael R Rose
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