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Molecular Biology and Evolution  
Volume 36 Issue 8
August 2019
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Limited Evolutionary Conservation of the Phenotypic Effects of Antibiotic Resistance Mutations border= 
Gábor Apjok; Gábor Boross; Ákos Nyerges; Gergely Fekete; Viktória Lázár ...
Fitness Landscape of the Fission Yeast Genome border= 
Leanne Grech; Daniel C Jeffares; Christoph Y Sadée ; María Rodríguez-López; Danny A Bitton ...
Sequencing Disparity in the Genomic Era 
Kyle T David; Alan E Wilson; Kenneth M Halanych
Ancestry-Specific Analyses Reveal Differential Demographic Histories and Opposite Selective Pressures in Modern South Asian Populations border= 
Burak Yelmen ; Mayukh Mondal; Davide Marnetto; Ajai K Pathak; Francesco Montinaro ...
River Valleys Shaped the Maternal Genetic Landscape of Han Chinese 
Yu-Chun Li; Wei-Jian Ye; Chuan-Gui Jiang; Zhen Zeng ; Jiao-Yang Tian ...
Inner Ear Genes Underwent Positive Selection and Adaptation in the Mammalian Lineage 
Francisco Pisciottano; Alejandro R Cinalli; Juan Matías Stopiello; Valeria C Castagna ; Ana Belén Elgoyhen ...
Additive Traits Lead to Feeding Advantage and Reproductive Isolation, Promoting Homoploid Hybrid Speciation border=  
Juan F Masello; Petra Quillfeldt; Edson Sandoval-Castellanos ; Rachael Alderman; Luciano Calderón ...
PRDM9 Diversity at Fine Geographical Scale Reveals Contrasting Evolutionary Patterns and Functional Constraints in Natural Populations of House Mice border= 
Covadonga Vara ; Laia Capilla; Luca Ferretti; Alice Ledda; Rosa A Sánchez-Guillén ...
Applicability of the Mutation'Selection Balance Model to Population Genetics of Heterozygous Protein-Truncating Variants in Humans 
Donate Weghorn; Daniel J Balick; Christopher Cassa ; Jack A Kosmicki; Mark J Daly ...
Ligand-Binding-Site Structure Shapes Allosteric Signal Transduction and the Evolution of Allostery in Protein Complexes border= 
György Abrusán ; Joseph A Marsh
Active Site-Induced Evolutionary Constraints Follow Fold Polarity Principles in Soluble Globular Enzymes 
Alexander Mayorov; Matteo Dal Peraro; Luciano A Abriata
Transposable Elements Are Important Contributors to Standing Variation in Gene Expression in Capsella Grandiflora 
Jasmina Uzunović; Emily B Josephs; John R Stinchcombe ; Stephen I Wright
Return to the Sea, Get Huge, Beat Cancer: An Analysis of Cetacean Genomes Including an Assembly for the Humpback Whale (Megaptera novaeangliae ) border= 
Marc Tollis; Jooke Robbins ; Andrew E Webb; Lukas F K Kuderna; Aleah F Caulin ...
Social Parasitism in the Honeybee (Apis mellifera) Is Not Controlled by a Single SNP 
Matthew J Christmas; Nicholas M A Smith; Benjamin P Oldroyd; Matthew T Webster
Aneuploidy Enables Cross-Adaptation to Unrelated Drugs border= 
Feng Yang; Flora Teoh; Alrina Shin Min Tan ; Yongbing Cao; Norman Pavelka ...
Altered Localization of Hybrid Incompatibility Proteins in Drosophila border=  
Jacob Carter Cooper; Andrea Lukacs; Shelley Reich ; Tamas Schauer; Axel Imhof ...
Bayesian Inference of Evolutionary Histories under Time-Dependent Substitution Rates border= 
Jade Vincent Membrebe; Marc A Suchard ; Andrew Rambaut; Guy Baele; Philippe Lemey
Estimating Epidemic Incidence and Prevalence from Genomic Data border= 
Timothy G Vaughan; Gabriel E Leventhal; David A Rasmussen ; Alexei J Drummond; David Welch ...
Robust Method for Detecting Convergent Shifts in Evolutionary Rates 
Raghavendran Partha; Amanda Kowalczyk; Nathan L Clark; Maria Chikina
PhyloToL: A Taxon/Gene-Rich Phylogenomic Pipeline to Explore Genome Evolution of Diverse Eukaryotes border= 
Mario A Cerón-Romero ; Xyrus X Maurer-Alcalá; Jean-David Grattepanche; Ying Yan; Miguel M Fonseca ...
Comment on "microRNAs in the Same Clusters Evolve to Coordinately Regulate Functionally Related Genes" border= 
Antonio Marco
Response to Comment on "microRNAs in the Same Clusters Evolve to Coordinately Regulate Functionally Related Genes" 
Yirong Wang; Hong Zhang; Jian Lu
Digging Ancient Signals Out of Modern Human Genomes 
Joseph Caspermeyer
Genetic gene expression changes during environmental adaptations tend to reverse plastic changes even after the correction for statistical nonindependence 
Wei-Chin Ho; Jianzhi Zhang
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