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Molecular Biology and Evolution  
Volume 35 Issue 1
January 2018
MBE Citation Classics (2018 Edition) 
Sudhir Kumar; Heather Rowe
Gene Regulation and Species-Specific Evolution of Free Flight Odor Tracking in Drosophila 
Benjamin Houot; Laurie Cazalé-Debat; Stéphane Fraichard; Claude Everaerts; Nitesh Saxena ...
An Overlooked Paleotetraploidization in Cucurbitaceae border= 
Jinpeng Wang ; Pengchuan Sun; Yuxian Li; Yinzhe Liu; Nanshan Yang ...
Dissecting HIV Virulence: Heritability of Setpoint Viral Load, CD4+ T-Cell Decline, and Per-Parasite Pathogenicity border= 
Frederic Bertels; Alex Marzel; Gabriel Leventhal; Venelin Mitov; Jacques Fellay ...
First Experimental Assessment of Protein Intrinsic Disorder Involvement in an RNA Virus Natural Adaptive Process border= 
Justine Charon; Amandine Barra; Jocelyne Walter ; Pauline Millot; Eugénie Hébrard ...
Genome-Wide Analysis of Starvation-Selected Drosophila melanogaster'A Genetic Model of Obesity 
Christopher M Hardy ; Molly K Burke; Logan J Everett; Mira V Han; Kathryn M Lantz ...
Mapping Selection within Drosophila melanogaster Embryo's Anatomy 
Irepan Salvador-Martínez; Marta Coronado-Zamora; David Castellano ; Antonio Barbadilla; Isaac Salazar-Ciudad
Signal, Uncertainty, and Conflict in Phylogenomic Data for a Diverse Lineage of Microbial Eukaryotes (Diatoms, Bacillariophyta) border= 
Matthew B Parks; Norman J Wickett; Andrew J Alverson
Highly Expressed Genes Are Preferentially Co-Opted for C4 Photosynthesis border= 
Jose J Moreno-Villena; Luke T Dunning ; Colin P Osborne; Pascal-Antoine Christin
Faster Evolving Primate Genes Are More Likely to Duplicate border= 
Áine N O'Toole; Laurence D Hurst; Aoife McLysaght
Spatial and Temporal Scales of Range Expansion in Wild Phaseolus vulgaris border=  
Andrea Ariani; Jorge Carlos Berny Mier y Teran; Paul Gepts
Linkage of A-to-I RNA Editing in Metazoans and the Impact on Genome Evolution border= 
Yuange Duan; Shengqian Dou ; Hong Zhang; Changcheng Wu; Mingming Wu ...
Out of Southern East Asia of the Brown Rat Revealed by Large-Scale Genome Sequencing 
Lin Zeng; Chen Ming; Yan Li; Ling-Yan Su ; Yan-Hua Su ...
Coalescent-Based Analyses of Genomic Sequence Data Provide a Robust Resolution of Phylogenetic Relationships among Major Groups of Gibbons border= 
Cheng-Min Shi; Ziheng Yang
Recombination Alters the Dynamics of Adaptation on Standing Variation in Laboratory Yeast Populations 
Katya Kosheleva; Michael M Desai
Effects of Beneficial Mutations in pykF Gene Vary over Time and across Replicate Populations in a Long-Term Experiment with Bacteria border= 
Fen Peng; Scott Widmann; Andrea Wünsche; Kristina Duan ; Katherine A Donovan ...
Thermophilic Adaptation in Prokaryotes Is Constrained by Metabolic Costs of Proteostasis border= 
Sergey V Venev; Konstantin B Zeldovich
Female Mimicry by Sneaker Males Has a Transcriptomic Signature in Both the Brain and the Gonad in a Sex-Changing Fish 
Erica V Todd; Hui Liu; Melissa S Lamm; Jodi T Thomas; Kim Rutherford ...
A Surrogate Function for One-Dimensional Phylogenetic Likelihoods 
Brian C Claywell; Vu Dinh ; Mathieu Fourment; Connor O McCoy; Frederick A Matsen IV
Improved Algorithmic Complexity for the 3SEQ Recombination Detection Algorithm border= 
Ha Minh Lam; Oliver Ratmann; Maciej F Boni
CompositeSearch: A Generalized Network Approach for Composite Gene Families Detection border= 
Jananan Sylvestre Pathmanathan; Philippe Lopez ; François-Joseph Lapointe; Eric Bapteste
Exploring an Ancient Event in Pumpkin, Gourd, and Melon Evolution 
Joseph Caspermeyer
Scientists Bring New Insights into the Heritability of HIV Infection Severity 
Joseph Caspermeyer
Society Reports
Treasurer's Report for Financial Year (FY) 2016 
Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution, Council and Business Meetings, 2017, Austin, TX border= 
David D Pollock
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