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Molecular Biology and Evolution  
Volume 35 Issue 3
March 2018
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The Genotype'Phenotype Relationships in the Light of Natural Selection border= 
Han Chen; Chung-I Wu; Xionglei He
BUSCO Applications from Quality Assessments to Gene Prediction and Phylogenomics border= 
Robert M Waterhouse; Mathieu Seppey ; Felipe A Simão; Mosè Manni; Panagiotis Ioannidis ...
Different Genomic Changes Underlie Adaptive Evolution in Populations of Contrasting History 
Sofia G Seabra; Inês Fragata; Marta A Antunes; Gonçalo S Faria ; Marta A Santos ...
Madeiran Arabidopsis thaliana Reveals Ancient Long-Range Colonization and Clarifies Demography in Eurasia border= 
Andrea Fulgione; Maarten Koornneef; Fabrice Roux; Joachim Hermisson; Angela M Hancock
Transformation Asymmetry and the Evolution of the Bacterial Accessory Genome border= 
Katinka J Apagyi ; Christophe Fraser; Nicholas J Croucher
Diversity of Translation Initiation Mechanisms across Bacterial Species Is Driven by Environmental Conditions and Growth Demands border= 
Adam J Hockenberry; Aaron J Stern; Luís A N Amaral; Michael C Jewett
De Novo Gene Evolution of Antifreeze Glycoproteins in Codfishes Revealed by Whole Genome Sequence Data border= 
Helle Tessand Baalsrud; Ole Kristian Tørresen; Monica Hongrø Solbakken; Walter Salzburger; Reinhold Hanel ...
Evolution of Acidic Mammalian Chitinase Genes (CHIA) Is Related to Body Mass and Insectivory in Primates 
Mareike C Janiak; Morgan E Chaney; Anthony J Tosi
Disentangling Immediate Adaptive Introgression from Selection on Standing Introgressed Variation in Humans border= 
Evelyn Jagoda; Daniel J Lawson; Jeffrey D Wall; David Lambert; Craig Muller ...
A Molecular Portrait of De Novo Genes in Yeasts 
Nikolaos Vakirlis; Alex S Hebert; Dana A Opulente; Guillaume Achaz ; Chris Todd Hittinger ...
Bimodal Evolutionary Developmental miRNA Program in Animal Embryogenesis 
Gal Avital; Gustavo S França ; Itai Yanai
The Effects of Sex-Biased Gene Expression and X-Linkage on Rates of Sequence Evolution in Drosophila 
José Luis Campos ; Keira J A Johnston; Brian Charlesworth
Most m6A RNA Modifications in Protein-Coding Regions Are Evolutionarily Unconserved and Likely Nonfunctional 
Zhen Liu; Jianzhi Zhang
Immune Signaling Networks: Sources of Robustness and Constrained Evolvability during Coevolution 
Edward C Schrom; Joaquín M Prada; Andrea L Graham
Genetic Architecture and Selection of Chinese Cattle Revealed by Whole Genome Resequencing 
Chugang Mei; Hongcheng Wang; Qijun Liao; Lizhong Wang ; Gong Cheng ...
Protein Stability and Avoidance of Toxic Misfolding Do Not Explain the Sequence Constraints of Highly Expressed Proteins 
Germán Plata ; Dennis Vitkup
Experimental Determination and Prediction of the Fitness Effects of Random Point Mutations in the Biosynthetic Enzyme HisA border= 
Erik Lundin; Po-Cheng Tang; Lionel Guy; Joakim Näsvall; Dan I Andersson
PHYLOSCANNER: Inferring Transmission from Within- and Between-Host Pathogen Genetic Diversity border= 
Chris Wymant ; Matthew Hall; Oliver Ratmann; David Bonsall; Tanya Golubchik ...
Unbiased Estimate of Synonymous and Nonsynonymous Substitution Rates with Nonstationary Base Composition border= 
Laurent Guéguen; Laurent Duret
Substitution Rates Predicted by Stability-Constrained Models of Protein Evolution Are Not Consistent with Empirical Data 
María José Jimenez ; Miguel Arenas; Ugo Bastolla
A Practical Guide to Estimating the Heritability of Pathogen Traits border= 
Venelin Mitov; Tanja Stadler
Datamonkey 2.0: A Modern Web Application for Characterizing Selective and Other Evolutionary Processes 
Steven Weaver; Stephen D Shank; Stephanie J Spielman; Michael Li ; Spencer V Muse ...
Could Increasing Cancer Incidence Be Tied to Human Adaptation of Living in Extreme Environments? 
Joseph Caspermeyer
From Southeast Asia to the Sewers: Study Determines New Geographic Origins of Brown Rats 
Joseph Caspermeyer
Different Genomic Changes Underlie Adaptive Evolution in Populations of Contrasting History 
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