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Molecular Biology and Evolution  
Volume 36 Issue 10
October 2019
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Horizontal Transfer of Bacterial Cytolethal Distending Toxin B Genes to Insects 
Kirsten I Verster; Jennifer H Wisecaver; Marianthi Karageorgi ; Rebecca P Duncan; Andrew D Gloss ...
Recombination-Aware Phylogenomics Reveals the Structured Genomic Landscape of Hybridizing Cat Species border= 
Gang Li ; Henrique V Figueiró; Eduardo Eizirik; William J Murphy
Ancient Hybridization and Adaptive Introgression of an Invadolysin Gene in Schistosome Parasites border= 
Roy N Platt, II ; Marina McDew-White; Winka Le Clec'h; Frédéric D Chevalier; Fiona Allan ...
Gene Family Evolution in the Pea Aphid Based on Chromosome-Level Genome Assembly border= 
Yiyuan Li ; Hyunjin Park; Thomas E Smith; Nancy A Moran
Advances and Applications in the Quest for Orthologs border= 
Natasha Glover; Christophe Dessimoz; Ingo Ebersberger; Sofia K Forslund; Toni Gabaldón ...
The Epigenetic Signature of Colonizing New Environments in Anolis Lizards 
Juntao Hu; Arash M Askary; Timothy J Thurman ; Dave A Spiller; Todd M Palmer ...
Trehalase Gene as a Molecular Signature of Dietary Diversification in Mammals border= 
Hengwu Jiao ; Libiao Zhang; Huan-Wang Xie; Nancy B Simmons; Hui Liu ...
Fierce Selection and Interference in B-Cell Repertoire Response to Chronic HIV-1 border= 
Armita Nourmohammad ; Jakub Otwinowski; Marta uksza; Thierry Mora; Aleksandra M Walczak
Recurrent Losses and Rapid Evolution of the Condensin II Complex in Insects border= 
Thomas D King ; Christopher J Leonard; Jacob C Cooper; Son Nguyen; Eric F Joyce ...
DNA Methylation Changes in the Sperm of Captive-Reared Fish: A Route to Epigenetic Introgression in Wild Populations border= 
Deiene Rodriguez Barreto ; Carlos Garcia de Leaniz; Eric Verspoor; Halina Sobolewska; Mark Coulson ...
Rapid Evolution of Gained Essential Developmental Functions of a Young Gene via Interactions with Other Essential Genes 
Yuh Chwen G Lee; Iuri M Ventura; Gavin R Rice ; Dong-Yuan Chen; Serafin U Colmenares ...
Adaptive Changes in Hemoglobin Function in High-Altitude Tibetan Canids Were Derived via Gene Conversion and Introgression border= 
Anthony V Signore ; Ying-Zhong Yang; Quan-Yu Yang; Ga Qin; Hideaki Moriyama ...
Antibiotic Resistance Evolution Is Contingent on the Quorum-Sensing Response in Pseudomonas aeruginosa 
Sara Hernando-Amado; Fernando Sanz-García; José Luis Martínez
Epimutations in Developmental Genes Underlie the Onset of Domestication in Farmed European Sea Bass border= 
Dafni Anastasiadi ; Francesc Piferrer
Skeletal Mineralization in Association with Type X Collagen Expression Is an Ancestral Feature for Jawed Vertebrates border= 
Mélanie Debiais-Thibaud ; Paul Simion; Stéphanie Ventéo; David Muñoz; Sylvain Marcellini ...
Extreme Differences in Recombination Rate between the Genomes of a Solitary and a Social Bee 
Julia C Jones; Andreas Wallberg; Matthew J Christmas ; Karen M Kapheim; Matthew T Webster
The Oxymonad Genome Displays Canonical Eukaryotic Complexity in the Absence of a Mitochondrion border= 
Anna Karnkowska ; Sebastian C Treitli; Ondřej Brzoň; Lukáš Novák; Vojtěch Vacek ...
Mutational and Selective Processes Involved in Evolution during Bacterial Range Expansions 
Lars Bosshard; Stephan Peischl; Martin Ackermann ; Laurent Excoffier
Elucidation of Codon Usage Signatures across the Domains of Life border= 
Eva Maria Novoa ; Irwin Jungreis; Olivier Jaillon; Manolis Kellis
Identifying Clusters of High Confidence Homologies in Multiple Sequence Alignments 
Raja Hashim Ali; Marcin Bogusz; Simon Whelan
Joint Maximum Likelihood of Phylogeny and Ancestral States Is Not Consistent 
David A Shaw; Vu C Dinh; Frederick A Matsen, IV
Coalescent Theory of Migration Network Motifs border=  
Nicolas Alcala; Amy Goldberg; Uma Ramakrishnan ; Noah A Rosenberg
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