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Molecular Biology and Evolution  
Volume 34 Issue 9
September 2017
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Intra and Interspecific Variations of Gene Expression Levels in Yeast Are Largely Neutral: (Nei Lecture, SMBE 2016, Gold Coast) border= 
Jian-Rong Yang; Calum J. Maclean; Chungoo Park; Huabin Zhao ; Jianzhi Zhang
Evolution of the Banana Genome (Musa acuminata) Is Impacted by Large Chromosomal Translocations border= 
Guillaume Martin; Françoise Carreel; Olivier Coriton; Catherine Hervouet; Céline Cardi ...
Evolution of Cytochrome c Oxidase in Hypoxia Tolerant Sculpins (Cottidae, Actinopterygii) 
Gigi Y. Lau; Milica Mandic ; Jeffrey G. Richards
Mutational Biases Influence Parallel Adaptation border= 
Arlin Stoltzfus; David M. McCandlish
The Rapid Evolution of an Ohnolog Contributes to the Ecological Specialization of Incipient Yeast Species 
Chris Eberlein; Lou Nielly-Thibault; Halim Maaroufi; Alexandre K. Dubé; Jean-Baptiste Leducq ...
Natural Variation in the Distribution and Abundance of Transposable Elements Across the Caenorhabditis elegans Species border= 
K.M. Laricchia; S. Zdraljevic; D.E. Cook; E.C. Andersen
Genome-Wide DNA Methylation Profiling Reveals Epigenetic Adaptation of Stickleback to Marine and Freshwater Conditions 
Artem V. Artemov; Nikolai S. Mugue; Sergey M. Rastorguev; Svetlana Zhenilo; Alexander M. Mazur ...
Population Genomics Reveals Speciation and Introgression between Brown Norway Rats and Their Sibling Species border= 
Huajing Teng ; Yaohua Zhang; Chengmin Shi; Fengbiao Mao; Wanshi Cai ...
Alternative Evolutionary Paths to Bacterial Antibiotic Resistance Cause Distinct Collateral Effects border= 
Camilo Barbosa; Vincent Trebosc ; Christian Kemmer; Philip Rosenstiel; Robert Beardmore ...
Giant Reverse Transcriptase-Encoding Transposable Elements at Telomeres 
Irina R. Arkhipova; Irina A. Yushenova; Fernando Rodriguez
Between a Pod and a Hard Test: The Deep Evolution of Amoebae border= 
Seungho Kang; Alexander K. Tice; Frederick W. Spiegel; Jeffrey D. Silberman; Tomáš Pánek ...
Sexual Dimorphism and Retinal Mosaic Diversification following the Evolution of a Violet Receptor in Butterflies 
Kyle J. McCulloch ; Furong Yuan; Ying Zhen; Matthew L. Aardema; Gilbert Smith ...
Epigenetic and Genetic Contributions to Adaptation in Chlamydomonas 
Ilkka Kronholm; Andrew Bassett; David Baulcombe; Sinéad Collins
Rapidly Evolving Toll-3/4 Genes Encode Male-Specific Toll-Like Receptors in Drosophila border= 
Tera C. Levin ; Harmit S. Malik
Disentangling Timing of Admixture, Patterns of Introgression, and Phenotypic Indicators in a Hybridizing Wolf Population border= 
Marco Galaverni; Romolo Caniglia; Luca Pagani; Elena Fabbri; Alessio Boattini ...
Mitochondrial Retroprocessing Promoted Functional Transfers of rpl5 to the Nucleus in Grasses 
Zhiqiang Wu; Daniel B. Sloan ; Colin W. Brown; MĂłnica Rosenblueth; Jeffrey D. Palmer ...
A Non-photosynthetic Diatom Reveals Early Steps of Reductive Evolution in Plastids 
Ryoma Kamikawa; Daniel Moog; Stefan Zauner; Goro Tanifuji ; Ken-Ichiro Ishida ...
Metabolism and the Evolution of Social Behavior border= 
Kerry E. Boyle; Hilary T. Monaco; Maxime Deforet; Jinyuan Yan; Zhe Wang ...
Genomic Reconstruction of the History of Native Sheep Reveals the Peopling Patterns of Nomads and the Expansion of Early Pastoralism in East Asia border= 
Yong-Xin Zhao; Ji Yang; Feng-Hua Lv; Xiao-Ju Hu; Xing-Long Xie ...
Inference of Causative Genes for Alzheimer's Disease Due to Dosage Imbalance 
Mizuka Sekine; Takashi Makino
Bad Clade Deletion Supertrees: A Fast and Accurate Supertree Algorithm border=  
Markus Fleischauer; Sebastian Böcker
SMS: Smart Model Selection in PhyML border= 
Vincent Lefort; Jean-Emmanuel Longueville ; Olivier Gascuel
More to the Bunch: Study Finds Large Chromosomal Swaps Key to Banana Domestication 
Joseph Caspermeyer
The Estimation of Alzheimer's Disease Causative Genes by Applying an Evolutionary Approach to Medicine 
Joseph Caspermeyer
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