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Nucleic Acids Research  
Volume 47 Issue 17
26 September 2019
Gene Regulation, Chromatin and Epigenetics
RNA polymerase II plays an active role in the formation of gene loops through the Rpb4 subunit border= 
Paula Allepuz-Fuster ; Michael J O'Brien; Noelia González-Polo; Bianca Pereira; Zuzer Dhoondia ...
Functional interplay between Mediator and RNA polymerase II in Rad2/XPG loading to the chromatin border= 
Adrien Georges ; Diyavarshini Gopaul; Cyril Denby Wilkes; Nathalie Giordanengo Aiach; Elizaveta Novikova ...
KDM2 proteins constrain transcription from CpG island gene promoters independently of their histone demethylase activity border= 
Anne H Turberfield ; Takashi Kondo; Manabu Nakayama; Yoko Koseki; Hamish W King ...
The Pol IV largest subunit CTD quantitatively affects siRNA levels guiding RNA-directed DNA methylation border= 
Jered M Wendte ; Jeremy R Haag; Olga M Pontes; Jasleen Singh; Sara Metcalf ...
The NRPD1 N-terminus contains a Pol IV-specific motif that is critical for genome surveillance in Arabidopsis border= 
Laura Ferrafiat ; David Pflieger; Jasleen Singh; Michael Thieme; Marcel Böhrer ...
SET8 prevents excessive DNA methylation by methylation-mediated degradation of UHRF1 and DNMT1 border= 
Huifang Zhang ; Qinqin Gao; Shuo Tan; Jia You; Cong Lyu ...
Pre-marked chromatin and transcription factor co-binding shape the pioneering activity of Foxa2 border= 
Filippo M Cernilogar ; Stefan Hasenöder; Zeyang Wang; Katharina Scheibner; Ingo Burtscher ...
DREAM and RB cooperate to induce gene repression and cell-cycle arrest in response to p53 activation border= 
Sigrid Uxa ; Stephan H Bernhart; Christina F S Mages; Martin Fischer; Robin Kohler ...
Post-transcriptional gene silencing triggers dispensable DNA methylation in gene body in Arabidopsis  border= 
Christelle Taochy; Agnès Yu ; Nicolas Bouché; Nathalie Bouteiller; Taline Elmayan ...
Genome Integrity, Repair and Replication
Synthetic lethality between BRCA1 deficiency and poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase inhibition is modulated by processing of endogenous oxidative DNA damage border= 
Sara Giovannini ; Marie-Christine Weller; Simone Repmann; Holger Moch; Josef Jiricny
Rad5 dysregulation drives hyperactive recombination at replication forks resulting in cisplatin sensitivity and genome instability border= 
Eric E Bryant ; Ivana Šunjevarić; Luke Berchowitz; Rodney Rothstein; Robert J D Reid
CTCF cooperates with CtIP to drive homologous recombination repair of double-strand breaks border= 
Soon Young Hwang ; Mi Ae Kang; Chul Joon Baik; Yejin Lee; Ngo Thanh Hang ...
Trypanosoma brucei ribonuclease H2A is an essential R-loop processing enzyme whose loss causes DNA damage during transcription initiation and antigenic variation border= 
Emma Briggs ; Kathryn Crouch; Leandro Lemgruber; Graham Hamilton; Craig Lapsley ...
RNA and RNA-protein complexes
A low-complexity region in human XRN1 directly recruits deadenylation and decapping factors in 5²'3² messenger RNA decay border= 
Chung-Te Chang ; Sowndarya Muthukumar; Ramona Weber; Yevgen Levdansky; Ying Chen ...
Structural and phenotypic analysis of Chikungunya virus RNA replication elements border= 
Catherine Kendall; Henna Khalid ; Marietta Müller; Dominic H Banda; Alain Kohl ...
Staufen1 and UPF1 exert opposite actions on the replacement of the nuclear cap-binding complex by eIF4E at the 5² end of mRNAs border= 
Kwon Jeong ; Incheol Ryu; Joori Park; Hyun Jung Hwang; Hongseok Ha ...
Methods Online
Achieving tight control of a photoactivatable Cre recombinase gene switch: new design strategies and functional characterization in mammalian cells and rodent border= 
Kyle Meador ; Christina L Wysoczynski; Aaron J Norris; Jason Aoto; Michael R Bruchas ...
coMethDMR: accurate identification of co-methylated and differentially methylated regions in epigenome-wide association studies with continuous phenotypes border= 
Lissette Gomez ; Gabriel J Odom; Juan I Young; Eden R Martin; Lizhong Liu ...
Delivering Cas9/sgRNA ribonucleoprotein (RNP) by lentiviral capsid-based bionanoparticles for efficient ˜hit-and-run' genome editing border= 
Pin Lyu ; Parisa Javidi-Parsijani; Anthony Atala; Baisong Lu
Ultra-soft X-ray system for imaging the early cellular responses to X-ray induced DNA damage border= 
Jakub A Kochan ; Matthias van den Belt; Julia von der Lippe; Emilie C B Desclos; Barbara Steurer ...
Single-molecule detection of deoxyribonucleoside triphosphates in microdroplets border= 
Boris Breiner ; Kerr Johnson; Magdalena Stolarek; Ana-Luisa Silva; Aurel Negrea ...
Novel enzymatic single-nucleotide modification of DNA oligomer: prevention of incessant incorporation of nucleotidyl transferase by ribonucleotide-borate complex border= 
Eui Kyoung Jang ; Ryeo Gang Son; Seung Pil Pack
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