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Nucleic Acids Research  
Volume 46 Issue 4
28 February 2018
Editorial: Nucleic Acids Research and Nucleic Acid Therapeutics border= 
Barry L Stoddard; Anastasia Khvorova; David R Corey; William S Dynan ; Keith R Fox
NAR Breakthrough Article
Metabolic and chemical regulation of tRNA modification associated with taurine deficiency and human disease border= 
Kana Asano; Takeo Suzuki; Ayaka Saito; Fan-Yan Wei; Yoshiho Ikeuchi ...
Chemistry, mechanism and clinical status of antisense oligonucleotides and duplex RNAs border= 
Xiulong Shen ; David R Corey
Chemical Biology and Nucleic Acid Chemistry
Structure'activity relationships and cellular mechanism of action of small molecules that enhance the delivery of oligonucleotides border= 
Rudolph L Juliano; Ling Wang; Francis Tavares; Edward G Brown; Lindsey James ...
Structural properties and gene-silencing activity of chemically modified DNA'RNA hybrids with parallel orientation border= 
Maryam Habibian ; Maryam Yahyaee-Anzahaee; Matije Lucic; Elena Moroz; Nerea Martín-Pintado ...
i-Motif of cytosine-rich human telomere DNA fragments containing natural base lesions border= 
Zuzana Dvořáková; Daniel Renčiuk; Iva Kejnovská; Petra Školáková; Klára Bednářová ...
Systematic editing of synthetic RIG-I ligands to produce effective antiviral and anti-tumor RNA immunotherapies border= 
Janghyun Lee; Eun-Byeol Park; Jiyoun Min; Si-Eun Sung; Yejin Jang ...
Computational Biology
Transcription-induced supercoiling as the driving force of chromatin loop extrusion during formation of TADs in interphase chromosomes border= 
Dusan Racko ; Fabrizio Benedetti; Julien Dorier; Andrzej Stasiak
A survey of localized sequence rearrangements in human DNA border= 
Martin C Frith; Sofia Khan
A nucleobase-centered coarse-grained representation for structure prediction of RNA motifs border= 
Simón Poblete; Sandro Bottaro; Giovanni Bussi
Sequence-dependent response of DNA to torsional stress: a potential biological regulation mechanism border= 
Anna Reymer; Krystyna Zakrzewska; Richard Lavery
Gene Regulation, Chromatin and Epigenetics
An RNA polymerase II-associated TFIIF-like complex is indispensable for SL RNA gene transcription in Trypanosoma brucei border= 
Ankita Srivastava; Nitika Badjatia; Ju Huck Lee; Bing Hao ; Arthur Günzl
BmILF and i-motif structure are involved in transcriptional regulation of BmPOUM2 in Bombyx mori border= 
Kangkang Niu; Xiaojuan Zhang; Huimin Deng; Feng Wu; Yandong Ren ...
Endothelial cell differentiation is encompassed by changes in long range interactions between inactive chromatin regions border= 
Henri Niskanen; Irina Tuszynska; Rafal Zaborowski; Merja Heinäniemi; Seppo Ylä-Herttuala ...
Two-step interrogation then recognition of DNA binding site by Integration Host Factor: an architectural DNA-bending protein border= 
Yogambigai Velmurugu ; Paula Vivas; Mitchell Connolly; Serguei V Kuznetsov; Phoebe A Rice ...
Genome-wide dose-dependent inhibition of histone deacetylases studies reveal their roles in enhancer remodeling and suppression of oncogenic super-enhancers border= 
Gilson J Sanchez ; Phillip A Richmond; Eric N Bunker; Samuel S Karman; Joseph Azofeifa ...
Spliceosomal protein U1A is involved in alternative splicing and salt stress tolerance in Arabidopsis thaliana  border= 
Jinbao Gu; Zhiqiang Xia ; Yuehua Luo; Xingyu Jiang; Bilian Qian ...
The interaction of lncRNA EZR-AS1 with SMYD3 maintains overexpression of EZR in ESCC cells border= 
Xiao-Dan Zhang; Guo-Wei Huang; Ying-Hua Xie ; Jian-Zhong He; Jin-Cheng Guo ...
Genome Integrity, Repair and Replication
Bacterial artificial chromosomes establish replication timing and sub-nuclear compartment de novo as extra-chromosomal vectors border= 
Jiao Sima; Daniel A Bartlett; Molly R Gordon; David M Gilbert
Direct observation of end resection by RecBCD during double-stranded DNA break repair in vivo border= 
Jakub Wiktor ; Marit van der Does; Lisa Büller; David J Sherratt; Cees Dekker
Sp1 phosphorylation by ATM downregulates BER and promotes cell elimination in response to persistent DNA damage border= 
Sally C Fletcher; Claudia P Grou; Arnaud J Legrand; Xin Chen; Kalle Soderstrom ...
PIDD mediates the association of DNA-PKcs and ATR at stalled replication forks to facilitate the ATR signaling pathway border=  
Yu-Fen Lin; Hung-Ying Shih; Zeng-Fu Shang ; Ching-Te Kuo; Jiaming Guo ...
Comparative genome and methylome analysis reveals restriction/modification system diversity in the gut commensal Bifidobacterium breve border= 
Francesca Bottacini; Ruth Morrissey; Richard John Roberts; Kieran James ; Justin van Breen ...
Conserved and species-specific transcription factor co-binding patterns drive divergent gene regulation in human and mouse border= 
Adam G Diehl; Alan P Boyle
Molecular Biology
Androgen receptor splice variants bind to constitutively open chromatin and promote abiraterone-resistant growth of prostate cancer border= 
Yundong He; Ji Lu; Zhenqing Ye; Siyuan Hao ; Liewei Wang ...
Interplay between RNASEH2 and MOV10 controls LINE-1 retrotransposition border= 
Jongsu Choi; Sung-Yeon Hwang; Kwangseog Ahn
Eukaryotic translational termination efficiency is influenced by the 3 nucleotides within the ribosomal mRNA channel border= 
Andrew G Cridge; Caillan Crowe-McAuliffe; Suneeth F Mathew ; Warren P Tate
Nucleic Acid Enzymes
Oxidative stress damages rRNA inside the ribosome and differentially affects the catalytic center border= 
Jessica Willi; Pascal Küpfer; Damien Evéquoz; Guillermo Fernandez; Assaf Katz ...
The RNA-splicing endonuclease from the euryarchaeaon Methanopyrus kandleri is a heterotetramer with constrained substrate specificity border= 
Ayano Kaneta; Kosuke Fujishima; Wataru Morikazu; Hiroyuki Hori; Akira Hirata
The ribosomal A-site finger is crucial for binding and activation of the stringent factor RelA border= 
Pavel Kudrin ; Ievgen Dzhygyr; Kensuke Ishiguro; Jelena Beljantseva; Elena Maksimova ...
Distinct and redundant functions of three homologs of RNase III in the cyanobacterium Synechococcus sp. strain PCC 7002 border= 
Gina C Gordon; Jeffrey C Cameron ; Brian F Pfleger
RNA and RNA-protein complexes
A FTH1 gene:pseudogene:microRNA network regulates tumorigenesis in prostate cancer border= 
Jia Jia Chan; Zhi Hao Kwok; Xiao Hong Chew; Bin Zhang ; Chao Liu ...
Nuclear miR-122 directly regulates the biogenesis of cell survival oncomiR miR-21 at the posttranscriptional level border= 
Dong Wang; Xinlei Sun; Yao Wei; Hongwei Liang; Min Yuan ...
PolyC-binding proteins enhance expression of the CDK2 cell cycle regulatory protein via alternative splicing border= 
Xinjun Ji ; Jesse Humenik; Daphne Yang; Stephen A Liebhaber
ADAR2/miR-589-3p axis controls glioblastoma cell migration/invasion border= 
Valeriana Cesarini; Domenico A Silvestris; Valentina Tassinari ; Sara Tomaselli; Shahar Alon ...
Directed hydroxyl radical probing reveals Upf1 binding to the 80S ribosomal E site rRNA at the L1 stalk border= 
Anthony P Schuller; Boris Zinshteyn; Syed Usman Enam; Rachel Green
Structural Biology
How does temperature impact the conformation of single DNA molecules below melting temperature? border= 
Annaël Brunet ; Laurence Salomé; Philippe Rousseau; Nicolas Destainville; Manoel Manghi ...
Structural basis of gene regulation by the Grainyhead/CP2 transcription factor family border= 
Qianqian Ming; Yvette Roske ; Anja Schuetz; Katharina Walentin; Ibraim Ibraimi ...
Structural and functional analysis of ribosome assembly factor Efg1 border= 
Sheng Shu; Keqiong Ye
The C-terminal region of translesion synthesis DNA polymerase eta is partially unstructured and has high conformational flexibility border=  
Kyle T Powers; Adrian H Elcock; M Todd Washington
Synthetic Biology and Bioengineering
Riboswitching with ciprofloxacin'development and characterization of a novel RNA regulator border= 
Florian Groher ; Cristina Bofill-Bosch; Christopher Schneider; Johannes Braun; Sven Jager ...
A sigma factor toolbox for orthogonal gene expression in Escherichia coli  border= 
Indra Bervoets; Maarten Van Brempt ; Katleen Van Nerom; Bob Van Hove; Jo Maertens ...
Methods Online
Identification of large rearrangements in cancer genomes with barcode linked reads border=  
Li C Xia; John M Bell; Christina Wood-Bouwens ; Jiamin J Chen; Nancy R Zhang ...
PaSD-qc: quality control for single cell whole-genome sequencing data using power spectral density estimation border= 
Maxwell A Sherman; Alison R Barton; Michael A Lodato; Carl Vitzthum ; Michael E Coulter ...
SeekDeep: single-base resolution de novo clustering for amplicon deep sequencing border= 
Nicholas J Hathaway; Christian M Parobek; Jonathan J Juliano; Jeffrey A Bailey
Efficient in situ barcode sequencing using padlock probe-based BaristaSeq border= 
Xiaoyin Chen; Yu-Chi Sun ; George M Church; Je Hyuk Lee; Anthony M Zador
Functional sequencing read annotation for high precision microbiome analysis border= 
Chengsheng Zhu; Maximilian Miller; Srinayani Marpaka; Pavel Vaysberg; Malte C Rühlemann ...
DNA terminal structure-mediated enzymatic reaction for ultra-sensitive discrimination of single nucleotide variations in circulating cell-free DNA border= 
Tongbo Wu; Wei Chen; Ziyu Yang; Haocheng Tan; Jiayu Wang ...
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