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Systematic Biology  
Volume 68 Issue 1
January 2019
Regular Articles
Inferring Diversification Rate Variation From Phylogenies With Fossils 
Jonathan S Mitchell; Rampal S Etienne; Daniel L Rabosky
Divergence Estimation in the Presence of Incomplete Lineage Sorting and Migration 
Graham R Jones
Allele Phasing Greatly Improves the Phylogenetic Utility of Ultraconserved Elements border=  
Tobias Andermann; Alexandre M Fernandes; Urban Olsson ; Mats Töpel; Bernard Pfeil ...
How Well Can We Estimate Diversity Dynamics for Clades in Diversity Decline? 
Gustavo Burin; Laura R V Alencar; Jonathan Chang; Michael E Alfaro ; Tiago B Quental
The Grass was Greener: Repeated Evolution of Specialized Morphologies and Habitat Shifts in Ghost Spiders Following Grassland Expansion in South America 
F Sara Ceccarelli; Nicolás Mongiardino Koch; Eduardo M Soto ; Mariana L Barone; Miquel A Arnedo ...
Early Arrival and Climatically-Linked Geographic Expansion of New World Monkeys from Tiny African Ancestors border= 
Daniele Silvestro; Marcelo F Tejedor; Martha L Serrano-Serrano; Oriane Loiseau; Victor Rossier ...
A Penalized Likelihood Framework for High-Dimensional Phylogenetic Comparative Methods and an Application to New-World Monkeys Brain Evolution 
Julien Clavel; Leandro Aristide; Hélène Morlon
Multiple Sequence Alignment Averaging Improves Phylogeny Reconstruction 
Haim Ashkenazy; Itamar Sela; Eli Levy Karin; Giddy Landan ; Tal Pupko
Signatures of Microevolutionary Processes in Phylogenetic Patterns 
Carolina L N Costa; Paula Lemos-Costa; Flavia M D Marquitti; Lucas D Fernandes ; Marlon F Ramos ...
Points of View
Optimal Rates for Phylogenetic Inference and Experimental Design in the Era of Genome-Scale Data Sets 
Alex Dornburg; Zhuo Su; Jeffrey P Townsend
How Well Does Your Phylogenetic Model Fit Your Data? 
Daisy A Shepherd; Steffen Klaere
The Spectre of Too Many Species border= 
Adam D Leaché; Tianqi Zhu; Bruce Rannala ; Ziheng Yang
Book Reviews
Australian Bryozoa Volume 1: Biology, Ecology and Natural History.' By Patricia Cook, Philip Bock, Dennis Gordon and Haylee Weaver
Australian Bryozoa Volume 2: Taxonomy of Australian Families.' By Patricia Cook, Philip Bock, Dennis Gordon and Haylee Weaver
Leandro M Vieira
The Rise and Fall of the Dinosaurs: A New History of a Lost World.' By Stephen L. Brusatte 
Chase D Brownstein
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