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Systematic Biology  
Volume 66 Issue 4
July 2017
Regular Articles
Is BAMM Flawed? Theoretical and Practical Concerns in the Analysis of Multi-Rate Diversification Models border= 
Daniel L. Rabosky; Jonathan S. Mitchell; Jonathan Chang
Bayes Factors Unmask Highly Variable Information Content, Bias, and Extreme Influence in Phylogenomic Analyses 
Jeremy M. Brown ; Robert C. Thomson
Disentangling Incomplete Lineage Sorting and Introgression to Refine Species-Tree Estimates for Lake Tanganyika Cichlid Fishes 
Britta S. Meyer ; Michael Matschiner; Walter Salzburger
A Unifying Comparative Phylogenetic Framework Including Traits Coevolving Across Interacting Lineages 
Marc Manceau; Amaury Lambert; Héléne Morlon
How the Aridification of Australia Structured the Biogeography and Influenced the Diversification of a Large Lineage of Australian Cicadas 
Christopher L. Owen; David C. Marshall; Kathy B. R. Hill; Chris Simon
Homology-Aware Phylogenomics at Gigabase Scales border= 
M. J. Sanderson; Marius Nicolae ; M. M. McMahon
New Evidence from Linguistic Phylogenetics Identifies Limits to Punctuational Change 
Eric W. Holman ; SØREN Wichmann
Can We "Future-Proof" Consensus Trees? 
David Bryant ; Andrew Francis; Mike Steel
Split Scores: A Tool to Quantify Phylogenetic Signal in Genome-Scale Data 
Elizabeth S. Allman; Laura S. Kubatko; John A. Rhodes
Points of View
What is Intuitive Taxonomic Practise? 
David M. Williams ; Malte C. Ebach
Erratum border= 
Erratum border= 
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