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Systematic Biology  
Volume 67 Issue 2
March 2018
Regular Articles
Issues and Perspectives in Species Delimitation using Phenotypic Data: Atlantean Evolution in Darwin's Finches 
Carlos Daniel Cadena; Felipe Zapata; Iván Jiménez
Cladogenetic and Anagenetic Models of Chromosome Number Evolution: A Bayesian Model Averaging Approach 
William A Freyman; Sebastian Höhna
Modeling Site Heterogeneity with Posterior Mean Site Frequency Profiles Accelerates Accurate Phylogenomic Estimation 
Huai-Chun Wang; Bui Quang Minh; Edward Susko; Andrew J Roger
Conflicting Evolutionary Histories of the Mitochondrial and Nuclear Genomes in New World Myotis Bats border= 
Roy N Platt, II; Brant C Faircloth; Kevin AM Sullivan; Troy J Kieran; Travis C Glenn ...
Resolving Recent Plant Radiations: Power and Robustness of Genotyping-by-Sequencing 
Mario Fernández-Mazuecos; Greg Mellers; Beatriz Vigalondo; Llorenç Sáez ; Pablo Vargas ...
Impact of Model Violations on the Inference of Species Boundaries Under the Multispecies Coalescent 
Anthony J Barley; Jeremy M Brown ; Robert C Thomson
To Include or Not to Include: The Impact of Gene Filtering on Species Tree Estimation Methods 
Erin K Molloy ; Tandy Warnow
A General Model for Estimating Macroevolutionary Landscapes 
Florian C Boucher ; Vincent Démery; Elena Conti; Luke J Harmon; Josef Uyeda
Probabilistic Distances Between Trees border= 
Maryam K Garba; Tom M W Nye ; Richard J Boys
Points of View
Use of Continuous Traits Can Improve Morphological Phylogenetics 
Caroline Parins-Fukuchi
The Past Sure is Tense: On Interpreting Phylogenetic Divergence Time Estimates 
Joseph W Brown; Stephen A Smith
The Efficacy of Consensus Tree Methods for Summarizing Phylogenetic Relationships from a Posterior Sample of Trees Estimated from Morphological Data border= 
Joseph E O'Reilly ; Philip C J Donoghue
Book Review
Improbable Destinies, Fate, Chance, and the Future of Evolution 
James Albert
Corrigendum to: "Probabilistic Distances Between Trees" border= 
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