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Systematic Biology  
Volume 67 Issue 3
May 2018
Regular Articles
Targeted Enrichment of Large Gene Families for Phylogenetic Inference: Phylogeny and Molecular Evolution of Photosynthesis Genes in the Portullugo Clade (Caryophyllales) 
Abigail J Moore; Jurriaan M De Vos; Lillian P Hancock; Eric Goolsby ; Erika J Edwards ...
Phylogenetic Factor Analysis 
Max R Tolkoff ; Michael E Alfaro; Guy Baele; Philippe Lemey; Marc A Suchard ...
Analysis of Phylogenomic Tree Space Resolves Relationships Among Marsupial Families 
David A Duchêne; Jason G Bragg; Sebastián Duchêne ; Linda E Neaves; Sally Potter ...
An Assessment of Phylogenetic Tools for Analyzing the Interplay Between Interspecific Interactions and Phenotypic Evolution 
J P Drury; G F Grether; T Garland, Jr.; H Morlon; Luke Harmon
Reconstructing Ecological Niche Evolution When Niches Are Incompletely Characterized 
Erin E Saupe; Narayani Barve ; Hannah L Owens; Jacob C Cooper; Peter A Hosner ...
Coestimating Reticulate Phylogenies and Gene Trees from Multilocus Sequence Data 
Dingqiao Wen; Luay Nakhleh; Laura Kubatko
Estimating Age-Dependent Extinction: Contrasting Evidence from Fossils and Phylogenies border= 
Oskar Hagen; Tobias Andermann; Tiago B Quental; Alexandre Antonelli; Daniele Silvestro ...
A Two-State Model of Tree Evolution and Its Applications to Alu Retrotransposition 
Niema Moshiri ; Siavash Mirarab; Mark Holder
Effective Online Bayesian Phylogenetics via Sequential Monte Carlo with Guided Proposals border= 
Mathieu Fourment; Brian C Claywell; Vu Dinh; Connor McCoy ; Frederick A Matsen IV ...
Online Bayesian Phylogenetic Inference: Theoretical Foundations via Sequential Monte Carlo border= 
Vu Dinh; Aaron E Darling; Frederick A Matsen IV; Edward Susko
Improved Maximum Parsimony Models for Phylogenetic Networks 
Leo Van Iersel; Mark Jones; Celine Scornavacca; David Bryant
Points of View
When Homoplasy Is Not Homoplasy: Dissecting Trait Evolution by Contrasting Composite and Reductive Coding 
Alejandro Torres-Montúfar ; Thomas Borsch; Helga Ochoterena; Norm MacLeod
Complex Models of Sequence Evolution Require Accurate Estimators as Exemplified with the Invariable Site Plus Gamma Model border= 
Lam-Tung Nguyen; Arndt von Haeseler; Bui Quang Minh ; Edward Susko
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