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Systematic Biology  
Volume 67 Issue 6
November 2018
Regular Articles
Information Dropout Patterns in Restriction Site Associated DNA Phylogenomics and a Comparison with Multilocus Sanger Data in a Species-Rich Moth Genus 
Kyung Min Lee; Sami M Kivelä; Vladislav Ivanov ; Axel Hausmann; Lauri Kaila ...
Testing the Role of the Red Queen and Court Jester as Drivers of the Macroevolution of Apollo Butterflies 
Fabien L Condamine; Jonathan Rolland; Sebastian Höhna; Felix A H Sperling ; Isabel Sanmartín
Intraspecific Niche Models for Ponderosa Pine (Pinus ponderosa) Suggest Potential Variability in Population-Level Response to Climate Change 
Kaitlin C Maguire; Douglas J Shinneman; Kevin M Potter ; Valerie D Hipkins
Targeted Sampling and Target Capture: Assessing Phylogeographic Concordance with Genome-wide Data 
Lisa N Barrow; Alan R Lemmon; Emily Moriarty Lemmon
Generalized Bootstrap Supports for Phylogenetic Analyses of Protein Sequences Incorporating Alignment Uncertainty 
Maria Chatzou; Evan W Floden; Paolo Di Tommaso; Olivier Gascuel ; Cedric Notredame
Dating the Species Network: Allopolyploidy and Repetitive DNA Evolution in American Daisies (Melampodium sect. Melampodium, Asteraceae) border= 
Jamie Mccann; Tae-Soo Jang ; Jiři Macas; Gerald M Schneeweiss; Nicholas J Matzke ...
Ranked Tree Shapes, Nonrandom Extinctions, and the Loss of Phylogenetic Diversity 
Odile Maliet; Fanny Gascuel; Amaury Lambert
Phylogenomic Analysis of the Explosive Adaptive Radiation of the Espeletia Complex (Asteraceae) in the Tropical Andes 
Charles Pouchon; Angel Fernández; Jafet M Nassar ; Frédéric Boyer; Serge Aubert ...
A Framework for Resolving Cryptic Species: A Case Study from the Lizards of the Australian Wet Tropics 
Sonal Singhal; Conrad J Hoskin; Patrick Couper; Sally Potter ; Craig Moritz
Assessing the Impacts of Positive Selection on Coalescent-Based Species Tree Estimation and Species Delimitation 
Richard H Adams; Drew R Schield; Daren C Card; Todd A Castoe
Points of View
Rethinking phylogenetic comparative methods 
Josef C Uyeda; Rosana Zenil-Ferguson; Matthew W Pennell
The Increasing Disconnection of Primary Biodiversity Data from Specimens: How Does It Happen and How to Handle It? 
Julien Troudet; Régine Vignes-Lebbe; Philippe Grandcolas; Frédéric Legendre
Book Review
A növények evolúciója és osztályozása (Evolution and Systematics of Plants). ' By J. Podani 
Timothy A Dickinson
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