Wilson W.L. Sung



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Research Interests

I am currently interested gene fusion and gene fission events that occur in bacterial genomes.

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Graduate Courses

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Teaching Assistantships

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In undergraduate courses I took at the University of Waterloo, WebPHYLIP was used in labs and assignments for phylogenetic inference. However, it was cumbersome and web servers hosting WebPHYLIP were becoming increasingly scarce. Thus, as a forth year bioinformatics course project, I worked on a two person team, with Eric Chiang, with the goal of developing a proof of concept website for phylogenetic inference that is easy to use and targetted at teaching at the undergraduate level.

Web server features:

As it was a proof of concept only, particularly due to time constraints, please keep the following in mind:

The website is hosted on the University of Waterloo Bioinformatics Club (BIC) server. Sample input files can be found here.

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