The EvolDir is for the aid of population geneticists and other evolutionary biologists. If there is a message that seems too distant to these fields, it will be deleted or worse, edited at my discretion to read "the evolution of ...".

The nature of these messages should be "bulletin board" in nature, if there is a "discussion" style topic that you would like to post please send it to the USENET discussion groups.

To be added to the EvolDir mailing list please send an email message to Golding@McMaster.CA. Include your full name and your email address. At this time provide a binary six digit code that determines which messages will be mailed to you. These are listed in the same order as presented here --- Conferences; Graduate Student Positions; Jobs; Other; Post-doctoral positions; WorkshopsCourses. For example to receive the listings that concern conferences and post-doctoral positions this would be 100010. Messages are categorized on the basis of their subject headings. The code 000000 has all channels turned off and hence gets only a once monthly notification of the availability of a monthly review pdf file.

To change your listing or to be removed from the EvolDir mailing list please send an email message to Golding@McMaster.CA. There is currently no way to do this automatically. Note that `on vacation', etc, style messages are automatically filtered and should not be transmitted to the list (I hope), but should you wish to avoid the e-mail's your code can be temporarily changed to 000000.

To send messages to the EvolDir direct them to the email evoldir@evol.biology.McMaster.CA. Do not include encoded attachments and do not send it as Word files, as HTML files, as LaTeX files, Excel files, etc. ... plain old ASCII will work great and can be read by everyone. The ASCII is also most appropriate for the Twitter feed. Add a subject header that contains one of the keywords ``Conference:, Graduate position:, Job:, Other:, Postdoc:, (Workshop: or Course:)'' these are required for the message to be correctly parsed (note that the colons are required for all categories). The format for the subject header for Conferences/Workshops/Courses should contain WHERE.WHAT.WHEN, such that WHERE indicates the location of the conference, followed by what conference and when it is held. The WHERE can include country but the word University can be replaced by just `U'. The format for Graduate position/Job/Postdoc should similarly include WHERE.WHAT. Examples can be found on the website.

The message will be stored until the middle of the night (local time). At a predetermined time, the collected messages will be captured and then processed by programs and filters. So please do not expect an instant response. If the message collides with the filters it will be sent to me and I will deal with it (perhaps a few days later as time permits). Please permit up to five working days.

Note that it has been past practice to post collected answers to queries (e.g. see examples on the web site). If you respond to a posted question, unless otherwise stated, your response might be shared with the rest of the community in order to help everyone out.