I do not permit SPAM on the EvolDir and have setup filters to eliminate most of it. Never-the-less, some escapes the filters and the filters are then modified.

SPAMMERS might be able to get through to the EvolDir but whenever this is brought to my attention, I will act to try to prevent any future incidents.

If you have complaints about SPAM on the EvolDir please direct them to me (Golding@McMaster.CA) rather than to your system administrator. Otherwise, the officials at McMaster University are told that I am responsible for the spam.

The computer security guru's recommend that you do not reply to `remove me' messages on SPAM mail. Apparently, most companies will take you off their list but they are keen to know that this e-mail address belongs to a real person and is not one of thousands of out-dated addresses. They then sell these lists to other spammers.

As an example of this policy ... this is copied from an old MSN HOTMAIL's FAQ.

     ``Don't reply to unsolicited messages ("spam") mail, or other
       harassing or offensive mail. By responding, you only confirm
       that you are a person with an active e-mail address who can be
       plagued with constant unwanted e-mail solicitations. Instead,
       forward the unsolicited message to the customer service
       department of the source's e-mail (usually of a form similar to
       abuse@[implicateddomain].com). To help control spam, Hotmail
       provides members with "filters" for incoming mail. These can
       easily be set up to send certain messages (such as those that
       include certain words) directly to your online trash can.''

Note however, that many internet service providers are not responsible and will ignore your abuse@domain (or postmaster@domain) message because they gain revenue from the SPAMMERS.