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Volume 108 Issue 4
December 2021
Event history and topological data analysis 
K Garside; A Gjoka; R Henderson; H Johnson; I Makarenko
Discussion of ˜Event history and topological data analysis' border= 
Moo K Chung; Hernando Ombao
Discussion of ˜Event history and topological data analysis' 
C A N Biscio; J Møller
Discussion of ˜Event history and topological data analysis' 
Peter Bubenik
Rejoinder: ˜Event history and topological data analysis' 
K Garside; A Gjoka; R Henderson; H Johnson ; I Makarenko
Consistency guarantees for greedy permutation-based causal inference algorithms 
L Solus; Y Wang; C Uhler
Regression adjustment in completely randomized experiments with a diverging number of covariates 
Lihua Lei; Peng Ding
Changepoint inference in the presence of missing covariates for principal surrogate evaluation in vaccine trials 
Tao Yang; Ying Huang; Youyi Fong
A method of constructing maximin distance designs 
Wenlong Li; Min-Qian Liu; Boxin Tang
Elicitation complexity of statistical properties 
Rafael M Frongillo; Ian A Kash
Estimation of local treatment effects under the binary instrumental variable model 
Linbo Wang; Yuexia Zhang; Thomas S Richardson; James M Robins
Bio-equivalence tests in functional data by maximum deviation 
Holger Dette; Kevin Kokot
Covariate adaptive familywise error rate control for genome-wide association studies 
Huijuan Zhou; Xianyang Zhang; Jun Chen
Learning block structures in U-statistic-based matrices 
Weiping Zhang; Baisuo Jin; Zhidong Bai
Maximum likelihood estimation for semiparametric regression models with panel count data 
Donglin Zeng; D Y Lin
On semiparametric modelling, estimation and inference for survival data subject to dependent censoring 
N W Deresa; I Van Keilegom
Bagging cross-validated bandwidths with application to big data 
D Barreiro-Ures; R Cao; M Francisco-Fernández; J D Hart
Nontestability of instrument validity under continuous treatments 
F F Gunsilius
Admissible estimators of a multivariate normal mean vector when the scale is unknown 
Y Maruyama; W E Strawderman
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