Volume 76, Issue 7 
            Pages: 1375-1655     
            July 2022            

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   Pages: 1375-1377 | First Published: 23 July 2022


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      Analytical results for directional and quadratic selection gradients for
      log-linear models of fitnessfunctions

   Michael B. Morrissey, I. B. J. Goudie

   Pages: 1378-1390 | First Published: 27 March 2022

      Genotype-by-environmentinteractions modulate the rate of
      microevolution in reproductive timing inhumans

   Walid Mawass, Francine M. Mayer, Emmanuel Milot

   Pages: 1391-1405 | First Published: 12 May 2022

   Open Access

      Consilience of methods for phylogenetic analysis of variance

   Dean C. Adams, MichaelL. Collyer

   Pages: 1406-1419 | First Published: 06 May 2022

      A flexible method for estimating tip diversification rates across a
      range of speciation and extinction scenarios

   Thais Vasconcelos, Brian C. O'Meara, Jeremy M. Beaulieu

   Pages: 1420-1433 | First Published: 04 June 2022

      Parthenogenesis doubles the rate of amino acid substitution in whiptail

   Jose A. Maldonado, Thomas J. Firneno Jr., Alexander S. Hall, Matthew   K. Fujita

   Pages: 1434-1442 | First Published: 17 May 2022

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      The quantitative genetics of fitness in a wild seabird

   Maria Moiron, Anne Charmantier, Sandra Bouwhuis

   Pages: 1443-1452 | First Published: 31 May 2022

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      Genome size drives morphological evolution in organ-specific ways

   Michael W. Itgen, Giovanna R. Natalie, Dustin S. Siegel, StanleyK.
   Sessions, Rachel Lockridge Mueller

   Pages: 1453-1468 | First Published: 03 June 2022

      Woodpecker drum evolution: Ananalysis of covariation in elements of a
      multicomponent acoustic display among and within species

   Nicole M. Moody, Emma K.Vivlamore, MatthewJ. Fuxjager

   Pages: 1469-1480 | First Published: 06 June 2022

   Open Access

      Maintenance of local adaptation despite gene flow in a coastal songbird

   Jonathan D. Clark, Phred M. Benham, Jesus E. Maldonado, David A.
   Luther, Haw Chuan Lim

   Pages: 1481-1494 | First Published: 14 June 2022

      Evolution in response to climate in the native and introduced ranges of
      a globally distributed plant
      Simon G. Innes, James S. Santangelo, Nicholas J. Kooyers, KennethM.
      Olsen, Marc T.J. Johnson

      Pages: 1495-1511 | First Published: 19 May 2022

   Open Access

      Hybrid evolution repeats itself across environmental contexts in Texas
      sunflowers (Helianthus)
      Nora Mitchell, Hoang Luu, Gregory L. Owens, Loren H. Rieseberg,
      Kenneth D. Whitney

      Pages: 1512-1528 | First Published: 06 June 2022

      Experimental disruption of social structure reveals totipotency in the
      orchid bee, Euglossa dilemma

   Nicholas W. Saleh, Jonas Henske, Santiago R. Ram¨ªrez

   Pages: 1529-1545 | First Published: 19 May 2022

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      Gene dynamics of haplodiploidy favor eusociality in the Hymenoptera

   Jack da Silva

   Pages: 1546-1555 | First Published: 24 May 2022

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      Contrasting parasite-mediated reductions in fitness within versus
      between patches of a nematode host
      Louis T. Bubrig, Anne N.Janisch, Emily M. Tillet, Amanda Kyle Gibson

      Pages: 1556-1564 | First Published: 02 June 2022

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      Separating the effects of paternal age and mating history: Evidence for
      sex-specific paternal effect in eastern mosquitofish

   Upama Aich, Shawan Chowdhury, MichaelD. Jennions

   Pages: 1565-1577 | First Published: 11 May 2022

      Does genome size increase with water depth in marine fishes?

   Aline P. M. Medeiros, Br¨'ulio A. Santos, RicardoBetancur-R.

   Pages: 1578-1589 | First Published: 18 May 2022

      Polyphenisms and polymorphisms: Genetic variation in plasticity and
      color variation within and among bluefin killifish populations

   Rebecca C. Fuller, Katie E. McGhee, Benjamin Sandkam, Matthew   Schrader, Joseph Travis

   Pages: 1590-1606 | First Published: 21 May 2022

      Variation in eye abundance among scallops reveals ontogenetic and
      evolutionary convergence associated with life habits

   Jorge A. Audino, Dean C.Adams, Jeanne M. Serb
   Pages: 1607-1618 | First Published: 16 June 2022


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      Biological adaptation in light of the Lewontin¨CWilliams (a)symmetry

   Lutz Fromhage, Alasdair I. Houston

   Pages: 1619-1624 | First Published: 11 May 2022

      The scaling of diversification rates with age is likely explained by
      sampling bias

   Stilianos Louca, L. Francisco Henao-Diaz, Matt Pennell

   Pages: 1625-1637 | First Published: 14 May 2022

      Male mating success evolves in response to increased levels of
      male-male competition

   Tejinder Singh Chechi, AadityaNarasimhan, Broti Biswas, Nagaraj Guru

   Pages: 1638-1651 | First Published: 22 May 2022


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      Digest: Extensive pollinator sharing does not promote character
      displacement in two orchid congeners
      Hayley Schroeder

      Pages: 1652-1653 | First Published: 04 June 2022

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      Digest: Sperm metabolism links sperm length and female mating frequency

   Faith Rovenolt

   Pages: 1654-1655 | First Published: 17 June 2022