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Journal of Heredity  
Volume 112 Issue 4
June 2021
Editor's Choice
Big Data in Conservation Genomics: Boosting Skills, Hedging Bets, and Staying Current in the Field 
Rena M Schweizer; Norah Saarman; Kristina M Ramstad; Brenna R Forester ; Joanna L Kelley ...
On the Form and Origins of the Bizarre Sex Chromosomal System of the Mandarin Vole 
Scott William Roy
MHC Reflects Fine-Scale Habitat Structure in White-Tailed Eagles, Haliaeetus albicilla 
Piotr Minias; Aleksandra Janiszewska; Ewa Pikus; Tomasz Zadworny ; Dariusz Anderwald
Low Bottleneck Detection in Long-Lived Species Despite Lost Genetic Diversity: A Case Study of Tuatara and Eastern Massasauga Rattlesnakes 
Danielle R Bradke; Joseph T Altobelli; Amy L Russell; Collin P Jaeger ; Jennifer A Moore
Sequence Analysis and Ontogenetic Expression Patterns of Cone Opsin Genes in the Bluefin Killifish (Lucania goodei) 
Chia-Hao Chang; Julian Catchen; Rachel L Moran; Angel G Rivera-Colón ; Yu-Chun Wang ...
Impacts of Fire on Butterfly Genetic Diversity and Connectivity 
Daisy Gates; Breeanne Jackson; Sean D Schoville
An Annotated Draft Genome for the Andean Bear, Tremarctos ornatus border= 
Nedda F Saremi; Jonas Oppenheimer; Christopher Vollmers; Brendan O'Connell ; Shard A Milne ...
Female Southern White Rhinoceros Can Select Mates to Avoid Inbreeding 
Ken J Stratford; Abigail S Guerier; Stuart J Crawford; Sabina M C Stratford ; Anne Schmidt-Küntzel ...
Corrigendum to: Genetic Differentiation and Demographic Trajectory of the Insular Formosan and Orii's Flying Foxes border= 
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