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Journal of Heredity  
Volume 113 Issue 3
May 2022
Editor's Choice
Host, Microbiome, and Complex Space: Applying Population and Landscape Genetic Approaches to Gut Microbiome Research in Wild Populations 
Claire E Couch; Clinton W Epps
Optimality Versus Opportunity: The Recurrent Evolution of Similar Sex Determination Mechanisms 
Scott William Roy
Analysis of Genetic Diversity in the American Standardbred Horse Utilizing Short Tandem Repeats and Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms border= 
Elizabeth Esdaile; Felipe Avila; Rebecca R Bellone
Inheritance and QTL Mapping for Flower Color in Salvia miltiorrhiza Bunge 
Yan Yu; Zaijun Yang; Yuanyuan Jiang; Long Wang ; Yichao Wu ...
Dominance Can Increase Genetic Variance After a Population Bottleneck: A Synthesis of the Theoretical and Empirical Evidence 
Andrew J Mularo; Ximena E Bernal; J Andrew DeWoody
Chromosome-Level Genome Assembly Reveals Dynamic Sex Chromosomes in Neotropical Leaf-Litter Geckos (Sphaerodactylidae: Sphaerodactylus) 
Brendan J Pinto; Shannon E Keating; Stuart V Nielsen; Daniel P Scantlebury ; Juan D Daza ...
Rapid Evolution of Seed Dormancy During Sunflower De-Domestication 
Fernando Hernández; Roman B Vercellino; Claudio Pandolfo; Jennifer R Mandel ; Alejandro Presotto
Little Sharks in a Big World: Mitochondrial DNA Reveals Small-scale Population Structure in the California Horn Shark (Heterodontus francisci) 
Sean J Canfield; Felipe Galván-Magaña; Brian W Bowen
Transcriptomic Analysis Reveals Potential Candidate Pathways and Genes Involved in Toxin Biosynthesis in True Toads 
Thomas J Firneno, Jr; Balan Ramesh; Jose A Maldonado; Alejandro I Hernandez-Briones ; Alyson H Emery ...
Weighted Single-Step GWAS for Body Mass Index and Scans for Recent Signatures of Selection in Yorkshire Pigs 
Seyed Milad Vahedi; Siavash Salek Ardestani; Karim Karimi; Mohammad Hossein Banabazi
Interspecific Hybridization and Island Colonization History, not Rarity, Most Strongly Affect the Genetic Diversity in Diospyros a Clade of Mascarene-Endemic Trees 
Alexander G Linan; Porter P Lowry, II; Allison J Miller; George E Schatz ; Jean Claude Sevathian ...
Assembly of a Hybrid Formica aquilonia × F. polyctena Ant Genome From a Haploid Male border= 
Pierre Nouhaud; Jack Beresford; Jonna Kulmuni
Book Review: An Intrepid Ecological Geneticist's Pursuit of Industrial Melanism 
Stephen J O'Brien
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