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Discover our latest special issue on Animal Pigmentation Genetics
This new Special Issue brings together a suite of studies addressing a variety of themes related to animal coloration genetics. The articles that comprise it include a review on diverse aspects of avian coloration and 8 primary research articles targeting a variety of topics in fish, gray wolves, goats, horses, and 2 different groups of birds.
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Journal of Heredity  
Volume 112 Issue 7
October 2021
Facultative Parthenogenesis in California Condors border= 
Oliver A Ryder; Steven Thomas; Jessica Martin Judson; Michael N Romanov ; Sugandha Dandekar ...
Are Genomic Updates of Well-Studied Species Worth the Investment for Conservation? A Case Study of the Critically Endangered Magdalena River Turtle 
Natalia Gallego-García; Susana Caballero; H Bradley Shaffer
Correlated Population Genetic Structure in a Three-Tiered Host-Parasite System: The Potential for Coevolution and Adaptive Divergence 
Giuliano Colosimo; Anna C Jackson; Amanda Benton; Andrea Varela-Stokes ; John Iverson ...
Genome-Wide Investigation of the Multiple Origins Hypothesis for Deep-Spawning Kokanee Salmon (Oncorhynchus nerka) across its Pan-Pacific Distribution 
Farida Samad-zada; Kouji Nakayama; Michael A Russello
Polygenic Basis and the Role of Genome Duplication in Adaptation to Similar Selective Environments 
Matthew A Campbell; Eric C Anderson; John Carlos Garza; Devon E Pearse
Temporal Analysis of Effective Population Size and Mating System in a Social Wasp 
Carl J Dyson; Olivia L Piscano; Rebecca M Durham; Veronica J Thompson ; Catherine H Johnson ...
Assessing Genomic Diversity, Connectivity, and Riverscape Genetics Hypotheses in the Endangered Rough Hornsnail, Pleurocera Foremani, Following Habitat Disruption border= 
Caitlin A Redak; Ashantye' S Williams ; Jeffrey T Garner; Kenneth M Halanych; Nathan V Whelan
Seascape Genetics of the Atlantic Spotted Dolphin (Stenella frontalis) Based on Mitochondrial DNA 
Karina Bohrer do Amaral; Dalia C Barragán-Barrera; Roosevelt A Mesa-Gutiérrez; Nohelia Farías-Curtidor ; Susana Josefina Caballero Gaitán ...
Ancient Introgression Between Distantly Related White Oaks (Quercus sect. Quercus) Shows Evidence of Climate-Associated Asymmetric Gene Exchange 
Scott T O'Donnell; Sorel T Fitz-Gibbon; Victoria L Sork
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