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Mathematical Medicine and Biology: A Journal of the IMA  
Volume 38 Issue 4
December 2021
A mathematical model of cardiovascular dynamics for the diagnosis and prognosis of hemorrhagic shock 
Laura D'Orsi; Luciano Curcio; Fabio Cibella; Alessandro Borri ; Lilach Gavish ...
Lumped parameter models for two-ventricle and healthy and failing extracardiac Fontan circulations 
Matthew G Doyle; Marina Chugunova; S Lucy Roche; James P Keener
Synchronization in epidemic growth and the impossibility of selective containment border= 
Jan C Budich; Emil J Bergholtz
Diffusion of dermatological irritant in drying laundered cloth 
P Broadbridge; B S Tilley
A deterministic model for non-monotone relationship between translation of upstream and downstream open reading frames 
D E Andreev; P V Baranov; A Milogorodskii; D Rachinskii
Accurate numerical simulation of electrodiffusion and water movement in brain tissue border= 
Ada J Ellingsrud; Nicolas Boullé; Patrick E Farrell ; Marie E Rognes
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