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Molecular Biology and Evolution  
Volume 38 Issue 12
December 2021
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Recovery of Deleted Deep Sequencing Data Sheds More Light on the Early Wuhan SARS-CoV-2 Epidemic border= 
Jesse D Bloom
Simultaneous Expression of UV and Violet SWS1 Opsins Expands the Visual Palette in a Group of Freshwater Snakes border= 
Einat Hauzman; Michele E R Pierotti; Nihar Bhattacharyya ; Juliana H Tashiro; Carola A M Yovanovich ...
Fates of Sec, Tat, and YidC Translocases in Mitochondria and Other Eukaryotic Compartments border= 
Markéta Petr┼»; Vít Dohnálek; Zoltán Füssy ; Pavel Dole┼żal
Genome Fractionation and Loss of Heterozygosity in Hybrids and Polyploids: Mechanisms, Consequences for Selection, and Link to Gene Function border= 
Karel Janko; Old┼Öich Barto┼í; Jan Ko─Źí ; Jan Roslein; Edita Janková Drdová ...
Avian Neo-Sex Chromosomes Reveal Dynamics of Recombination Suppression and W Degeneration border= 
Hanna Sigeman; Maria Strandh; Estelle Proux-Wéra ; Verena E Kutschera; Suvi Ponnikas ...
Somatic Mutation Analysis in Salix suchowensis Reveals Early-Segregated Cell Lineages border= 
Yifan Ren; Zhen He; Pingyu Liu ; Brian Traw; Shucun Sun ...
Evolution of Methyltransferase-Like (METTL) Proteins in Metazoa: A Complex Gene Family Involved in Epitranscriptomic Regulation and Other Epigenetic Processes border= 
Juliet M Wong; Jose M Eirin-Lopez
Multiple Sources of Introduction of North American Arabidopsis thaliana from across Eurasia border= 
Gautam Shirsekar; Jane Devos; Sergio M Latorre ; Andreas Blaha; Maique Queiroz Dias ...
Schistosome W-Linked Genes Inform Temporal Dynamics of Sex Chromosome Evolution and Suggest Candidate for Sex Determination border= 
Marwan Elkrewi; Mikhail A Moldovan; Marion A L Picard ; Beatriz Vicoso
Polygenic Adaptation and Clonal Interference Enable Sustained Diversity in Experimental Pseudomonas aeruginosa Populations border= 
Katrina B Harris; Kenneth M Flynn; Vaughn S Cooper
Two Genomic Loci Control Three Eye Colors in the Domestic Pigeon (Columba livia) border= 
Emily T Maclary; Bridget Phillips; Ryan Wauer ; Elena F Boer; Rebecca Bruders ...
Phylogenomic Analysis of Velvet Worms (Onychophora) Uncovers an Evolutionary Radiation in the Neotropics border= 
Caitlin M Baker; Rebecca S Buckman-Young; Cristiano S Costa ; Gonzalo Giribet
Evolutionary Profile for (Host and Viral) MLKL Indicates Its Activities as a Battlefront for Extensive Counteradaptation border= 
Suzette N Palmer; Sruthi Chappidi; Chelsea Pinkham ; Dustin C Hancks
Recombination Marks the Evolutionary Dynamics of a Recently Endogenized Retrovirus border= 
Lei Yang; Raunaq Malhotra; Rayan Chikhi ; Daniel Elleder; Theodora Kaiser ...
Transcriptional Profile of the Industrial Hybrid Saccharomyces pastorianus Reveals Temperature-Dependent Allele Expression Bias and Preferential Orthologous Protein Assemblies border= 
Soukaina Timouma; Laura Natalia Balarezo-Cisneros; Javier Pinto ; Roberto De La Cerda; Ursula Bond ...
The Oldest Co-opted gag Gene of a Human Endogenous Retrovirus Shows Placenta-Specific Expression and Is Upregulated in Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphomas 
Guney Boso; Katherine Fleck; Samuel Carley; Qingping Liu ; Alicia Buckler-White ...
A New World Monkey Resembles Human in Bitter Taste Receptor Evolution and Function via a Single Parallel Amino Acid Substitution border= 
Hui Yang; Songlin Yang; Fei Fan ; Yun Li; Shaoxing Dai ...
Recombination Facilitates Adaptive Evolution in Rhizobial Soil Bacteria border= 
Maria Izabel A Cavassim; Stig U Andersen; Thomas Bataillon; Mikkel Heide Schierup
Evolution of a Cytoplasmic Determinant: Evidence for the Biochemical Basis of Functional Evolution of the Novel Germ Line Regulator Oskar border= 
Leo Blondel; Savandara Besse; Emily L Rivard ; Guillem Ylla; Cassandra G Extavour
Phylogenetic Signal, Congruence, and Uncertainty across Bacteria and Archaea border= 
Carolina A Martinez-Gutierrez; Frank O Aylward
Ancient Gene Duplications, Rather Than Polyploidization, Facilitate Diversification of Petal Pigmentation Patterns in Clarkia gracilis (Onagraceae) border= 
Rong-Chien Lin; Mark D Rausher
Comparative Genomics Sheds Light on the Convergent Evolution of Miniaturized Wasps border= 
Hongxing Xu; Xinhai Ye; Yajun Yang ; Yi Yang; Yu H Sun ...
Altering the Binding Properties of PRDM9 Partially Restores Fertility across the Species Boundary border= 
Benjamin Davies; Anjali Gupta Hinch; Alberto Cebrian-Serrano ; Samy Alghadban; Philipp W Becker ...
Selection on Accessible Chromatin Regions in Capsella grandiflora border= 
Robert Horvath; Emily B Josephs; Edouard Pesquet; John R Stinchcombe ; Stephen I Wright ...
Alpha Satellite Insertion Close to an Ancestral Centromeric Region border= 
Giuliana Giannuzzi; Glennis A Logsdon; Nicolas Chatron; Danny E Miller ; Julie Reversat ...
Rapid Macrosatellite Evolution Promotes X-Linked Hybrid Male Sterility in a Feline Interspecies Cross border= 
Kevin R Bredemeyer; Christopher M Seabury; Mark J Stickney ; John R McCarrey; Bridgett M vonHoldt ...
Segregational Drift Constrains the Evolutionary Rate of Prokaryotic Plasmids border= 
Ana Garoña; Nils F Hülter; Devani Romero Picazo; Tal Dagan
Evolution of Functional Diversity in the Holozoan Tyrosine Kinome border= 
Wayland Yeung; Annie Kwon; Rahil Taujale; Claire Bunn ; Aarya Venkat ...
Hidden Historical Habitat-Linked Population Divergence and Contemporary Gene Flow of a Deep-Sea Patellogastropod Limpet border= 
Ting Xu; Yan Wang; Jin Sun ; Chong Chen; Hiromi Kayama Watanabe ...
A Positively Selected MAGEE2 LoF Allele Is Associated with Sexual Dimorphism in Human Brain Size and Shows Similar Phenotypes in Magee2 Null Mice border= 
Michał Szpak; Stephan C Collins; Yan Li ; Xiao Liu; Qasim Ayub ...
Visual Gene Expression Reveals a cone-to-rod Developmental Progression in Deep-Sea Fishes border= 
Nik Lupše; Fabio Cortesi; Marko Freese ; Lasse Marohn; Jan-Dag Pohlmann ...
Stepwise Evolution and Exceptional Conservation of ORF1a/b Overlap in Coronaviruses border= 
Han Mei; Sergei Kosakovsky Pond; Anton Nekrutenko
Faster Rates of Molecular Sequence Evolution in Reproduction-Related Genes and in Species with Hypodermic Sperm Morphologies border= 
R Axel W Wiberg; Jeremias N Brand; Lukas Schärer
Two Functional Epithelial Sodium Channel Isoforms Are Present in Rodents despite Pronounced Evolutionary Pseudogenization and Exon Fusion border= 
Sean M Gettings; Stephan Maxeiner; Maria Tzika ; Matthew R D Cobain; Irina Ruf ...
Convergent Phenotypic Evolution of Rhodopsin for Dim-Light Sensing across Deep-Diving Vertebrates border= 
Yu Xia; Yimeng Cui; Aishan Wang ; Fangnan Liu; Hai Chi ...
Rapid Shifts in Mitochondrial tRNA Import in a Plant Lineage with Extensive Mitochondrial tRNA Gene Loss border= 
Jessica M Warren; Thalia Salinas-Giegé; Deborah A Triant ; Douglas R Taylor; Laurence Drouard ...
New Genes Interacted With Recent Whole-Genome Duplicates in the Fast Stem Growth of Bamboos border= 
Guihua Jin; Peng-Fei Ma; Xiaopei Wu ; Lianfeng Gu; Manyuan Long ...
A Probabilistic Model for Indel Evolution: Differentiating Insertions from Deletions border= 
Gil Loewenthal; Dana Rapoport; Oren Avram ; Asher Moshe; Elya Wygoda ...
Drosophila Evolution over Space and Time (DEST): A New Population Genomics Resource border= 
Martin Kapun; Joaquin C B Nunez; María Bogaerts-Márquez ; Jesús Murga-Moreno; Margot Paris ...
TIAMMAt: Leveraging Biodiversity to Revise Protein Domain Models, Evidence from Innate Immunity border= 
Michael G Tassia; Kyle T David; James P Townsend ; Kenneth M Halanych
A Daily-Updated Database and Tools for Comprehensive SARS-CoV-2 Mutation-Annotated Trees border= 
Jakob McBroome; Bryan Thornlow; Angie S Hinrichs ; Alexander Kramer; Nicola De Maio ...
eggNOG-mapper v2: Functional Annotation, Orthology Assignments, and Domain Prediction at the Metagenomic Scale border= 
Carlos P Cantalapiedra; Ana Hernández-Plaza; Ivica Letunic ; Peer Bork; Jaime Huerta-Cepas
Society Reports
A Report by the Editor-in-Chief for Molecular Biology and Evolution (MBE), Volume 37 border= 
Sudhir Kumar
SMBE Secretary's Report border= 
Nadia Singh
Treasurer's Report for Financial Year (FY) 2020 border= 
Corrigendum to: ABO Genetic Variation in Neanderthals and Denisovans border= 
Fernando A Villanea; Emilia Huerta-Sanchez; Keolu Fox
Erratum to: Conservation of Aging and Cancer Epigenetic Signatures across Human and Mouse border= 
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