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Molecular Biology and Evolution  
Volume 39 Issue 7
July 2022
Functional Divergence of the bag-of-marbles Gene in the Drosophila melanogaster Species Group border= 
Jaclyn E Bubnell; Cynthia K S Ulbing; Paula Fernandez Begne ; Charles F Aquadro
Neofunctionalization of a Noncoding Portion of a DNA Transposon in the Coding Region of the Chimerical Sex-Determining Gene dm-W in Xenopus Frogs border= 
Shun Hayashi; Kosuke Suda; Fuga Fujimura ; Makoto Fujikawa; Kei Tamura ...
A New Paradigm of Multiheme Cytochrome Evolution by Grafting and Pruning Protein Modules border= 
Ricardo Soares; Nazua L Costa; Catarina M Paquete ; Claudia Andreini; Ricardo O Louro
Simplexviruses Successfully Adapt to Their Host by Fine-Tuning Immune Responses border= 
Alessandra Mozzi; Rachele Cagliani; Chiara Pontremoli; Diego Forni ; Irma Saulle ...
Warthog Genomes Resolve an Evolutionary Conundrum and Reveal Introgression of Disease Resistance Genes border= 
Genís Garcia-Erill; Christian H F Jørgensen; Vincent B Muwanika ; Xi Wang; Malthe S Rasmussen ...
Spatiotemporal Regulation of a Single Adaptively Evolving Trans-Regulatory Element Contributes to Spermatogenetic Expression Divergence in Drosophila border= 
Yumei Huang; Rui Shang; Guang-An Lu ; Weishun Zeng; Chenglong Huang ...
Ancestrally Reconstructed von Willebrand Factor Reveals Evidence for Trench Warfare Coevolution between Opossums and Pit Vipers border= 
Danielle H Drabeck; Alexandra Rucavado; Erika Hingst-Zaher ; Antony Dean; Sharon A Jansa
The Transposition Rate Has Little Influence on the Plateauing Level of the P-element border= 
Robert Kofler; Viola Nolte; Christian Schlötterer
Evolution of miRNA-Binding Sites and Regulatory Networks in Cichlids border= 
Tarang K Mehta; Luca Penso-Dolfin; Will Nash; Sushmita Roy ; Federica Di-Palma ...
The Elephant Evolved p53 Isoforms that Escape MDM2-Mediated Repression and Cancer border= 
Monikaben Padariya; Mia-Lyn Jooste; Ted Hupp ; Robin Fåhraeus; Borek Vojtesek ...
Evolutionary History of Sexual Differentiation Mechanism in Insects border= 
Yasuhiko Chikami; Miki Okuno; Atsushi Toyoda; Takehiko Itoh ; Teruyuki Niimi
De novo Mutations in Domestic Cat are Consistent with an Effect of Reproductive Longevity on Both the Rate and Spectrum of Mutations border= 
Richard J Wang; Muthuswamy Raveendran; R Alan Harris ; William J Murphy; Leslie A Lyons ...
Evolution of Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF)-like and Zona Pellucida Domains Containing Shell Matrix Proteins in Mollusks border= 
Keisuke Shimizu; Takeshi Takeuchi; Lumi Negishi ; Hitoshi Kurumizaka; Isao Kuriyama ...
Interactions Between Natural Selection and Recombination Shape the Genomic Landscape of Introgression border= 
Maud Duranton; John E Pool
Sympatric Recombination in Zoonotic Cryptosporidium Leads to Emergence of Populations with Modified Host Preference border= 
Tianpeng Wang; Yaqiong Guo; Dawn M Roellig ; Na Li; Mónica Santín ...
Accurate Identification of Transcription Regulatory Sequences and Genes in Coronaviruses border= 
Chuanyi Zhang; Palash Sashittal; Michael Xiang ; Yichi Zhang; Ayesha Kazi ...
A Dual Barcoding Approach to Bacterial Strain Nomenclature: Genomic Taxonomy of Klebsiella pneumoniae Strains border= 
Melanie Hennart; Julien Guglielmini; Sébastien Bridel ; Martin C J Maiden; Keith A. Jolley ...
Consequences of Substitution Model Selection on Protein Ancestral Sequence Reconstruction border= 
Roberto Del Amparo; Miguel Arenas
Accurate Identification of Subclones in Tumor Genomes border= 
Navid Ahmadinejad; Shayna Troftgruben; Junwen Wang; Pramod B Chandrashekar ; Valentin Dinu ...
Pseudofinder: Detection of Pseudogenes in Prokaryotic Genomes border= 
Mitchell J Syberg-Olsen; Arkadiy I Garber; Patrick J Keeling; John P McCutcheon ; Filip Husnik
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