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Molecular Biology and Evolution  
Volume 39 Issue 6
June 2022
Functional Diversity and Evolution of Bitter Taste Receptors in Egg-Laying Mammals border= 
Akihiro Itoigawa; Takashi Hayakawa; Yang Zhou ; Adrian D. Manning; Guojie Zhang ...
Transposon Insertion Drove the Loss of Natural Seed Shattering during Foxtail Millet Domestication border= 
Hangqin Liu; Xiaojian Fang; Leina Zhou ; Yan Li; Can Zhu ...
Population Genetics and Signatures of Selection in Early Neolithic European Farmers border= 
Ainash Childebayeva; Adam Benjamin Rohrlach; Rodrigo Barquera ; Maïté Rivollat; Franziska Aron ...
The Visayan Warty Pig (Sus cebifrons) Genome Provides Insight Into Chromosome Evolution and Sensory Adaptation in Pigs border= 
Langqing Liu; Hendrik-Jan Megens; Richard P.M.A. Crooijmans ; Mirte Bosse; Qitong Huang ...
Evolutionary Conservation Genomics Reveals Recent Speciation and Local Adaptation in Threatened Takins border= 
Lin Yang; Fuwen Wei; Xiangjiang Zhan ; Huizhong Fan; Pengpeng Zhao ...
The Mitogenome Relationships and Phylogeography of Barn Swallows (Hirundo rustica) border= 
Gianluca Lombardo; Nicola Rambaldi Migliore; Giulia Colombo ; Marco Rosario Capodiferro; Giulio Formenti ...
Using all Gene Families Vastly Expands Data Available for Phylogenomic Inference border= 
Megan L. Smith; Dan Vanderpool; Matthew W. Hahn
Evolution of Plasmid Mobility: Origin and Fate of Conjugative and Nonconjugative Plasmids border= 
Charles Coluzzi; Maria Pilar Garcillán-Barcia; Fernando de la Cruz ; Eduardo P.C. Rocha
Ancestral Sequence Reconstruction of a Cytochrome P450 Family Involved in Chemical Defense Reveals the Functional Evolution of a Promiscuous, Xenobiotic-Metabolizing Enzyme in Vertebrates border= 
Kurt L. Harris; Raine E.S. Thomson; Yosephine Gumulya ; Gabriel Foley; Saskya E. Carrera-Pacheco ...
GroEL/S Overexpression Helps to Purge Deleterious Mutations and Reduce Genetic Diversity during Adaptive Protein Evolution border= 
Bharat Ravi Iyengar; Andreas Wagner
Genomic Signatures of Divergent Ecological Strategies in a Recent Radiation of Neotropical Wild Cats border= 
Jorge L. Ramirez; Jonas Lescroart; Henrique V. Figueiró ; Juan Pablo Torres-Florez; Priscilla M. S. Villela ...
Genetic Variation in Reproductive Investment Across an Ephemerality Gradient in Daphnia pulex border= 
Karen B Barnard-Kubow; Dörthe Becker; Connor S Murray ; Robert Porter; Grace Gutierrez ...
A Population-Genetic Lens into the Process of Gene Loss Following Whole-Genome Duplication border= 
Parul Johri; Jean-Francois Gout; Thomas G Doak ; Michael Lynch
How Placenta Promotes the Successful Reproduction in High-Altitude Populations: A Transcriptome Comparison between Adaptation and Acclimatization border= 
Deng Wu; Yunao Liu; Wei Chen; Jianming Shao; Pubu Zhuoma ...
Trade-Offs Predicted by Metabolic Network Structure Give Rise to Evolutionary Specialization and Phenotypic Diversification border= 
David M Ekkers; Sergio Tusso; Stefany Moreno-Gamez ; Marina C Rillo; Oscar P Kuipers ...
Recurrent Plant-Specific Duplications of KNL2 and its Conserved Function as a Kinetochore Assembly Factor border= 
Sheng Zuo; Ramakrishna Yadala; Fen Yang ; Paul Talbert; Joerg Fuchs ...
Human Follicular Mites: Ectoparasites Becoming Symbionts border= 
Gilbert Smith; Alejandro Manzano-Marín; Mariana Reyes-Prieto; Cátia Sofia Ribeiro Antunes ; Victoria Ashworth ...
A Transcriptomic Atlas Underlying Developmental Plasticity of Seasonal Forms of Bicyclus anynana Butterflies border= 
Shen Tian; Antónia Monteiro
Recombination Landscape Divergence Between Populations is Marked by Larger Low-Recombining Regions in Domesticated Rye border= 
Mona Schreiber; Yixuan Gao; Natalie Koch ; Joerg Fuchs; Stefan Heckmann ...
Duplication of NRAMP3 Gene in Poplars Generated Two Homologous Transporters with Distinct Functions border= 
Mathieu Pottier; Van Anh Le Thi; Catherine Primard-Brisset ; Jessica Marion; Michele Wolf Bianchi ...
A Near-Deterministic Mutational Hotspot in Pseudomonas fluorescens Is Constructed by Multiple Interacting Genomic Features border= 
M J Shepherd; J S Horton; T B Taylor
Duplication of Horizontally Acquired GH5_2 Enzymes Played a Central Role in the Evolution of Longhorned Beetles border= 
Na Ra Shin; Daniel Doucet; Yannick Pauchet
PHACT: Phylogeny-Aware Computing of Tolerance for Missense Mutations border= 
Nurdan Kuru; Onur Dereli; Emrah Akkoyun; Aylin Bircan ; Oznur Tastan ...
distAngsd: Fast and Accurate Inference of Genetic Distances for Next-Generation Sequencing Data border= 
Lei Zhao; Rasmus Nielsen; Thorfinn Sand Korneliussen
Tree House Explorer: A Novel Genome Browser for Phylogenomics border= 
Andrew J Harris; Nicole M Foley; Tiffani L Williams; William J Murphy
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