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Nucleic Acids Research  
Volume 50 Issue 1
11 January 2022
NAR Breakthrough Article
Three human RNA polymerases interact with TFIIH via a common RPB6 subunit border= 
Masahiko Okuda; Tetsufumi Suwa; Hidefumi Suzuki; Yuki Yamaguchi ; Yoshifumi Nishimura
Chemical Biology and Nucleic Acid Chemistry
Palmitic acid conjugation enhances potency of tricyclo-DNA splice switching oligonucleotides border= 
Karima Relizani; Lucía Echevarría; Faouzi Zarrouki ; Cécile Gastaldi; Chloe Dambrune ...
Kinetic explanations for the sequence biases observed in the nonenzymatic copying of RNA templates border= 
Dian Ding; Lijun Zhou; Constantin Giurgiu ; Jack W Szostak
Computational Biology
MarkovHC: Markov hierarchical clustering for the topological structure of high-dimensional single-cell omics data with transition pathway and critical point detection border= 
Zhenyi Wang; Yanjie Zhong; Zhaofeng Ye ; Lang Zeng; Yang Chen ...
cLoops2: a full-stack comprehensive analytical tool for chromatin interactions 
Yaqiang Cao; Shuai Liu; Gang Ren; Qingsong Tang ; Keji Zhao
Gene Regulation, Chromatin and Epigenetics
Unusual nucleosome formation and transcriptome influence by the histone H3mm18 variant border= 
Seiya Hirai; Kosuke Tomimatsu; Atsuko Miyawaki-Kuwakado ; Yoshimasa Takizawa; Tetsuro Komatsu ...
Dynamic modulation of enhancer responsiveness by core promoter elements in living Drosophila embryos border= 
Moe Yokoshi; Koji Kawasaki; Manuel Cambón ; Takashi Fukaya
Coordinated glucocorticoid receptor and MAFB action induces tolerogenesis and epigenome remodeling in dendritic cells border= 
Octavio Morante-Palacios; Laura Ciudad; Raphael Micheroli ; Carlos de la Calle-Fabregat; Tianlu Li ...
PsrA is a novel regulator contributes to antibiotic synthesis, bacterial virulence, cell motility and extracellular polysaccharides production in Serratia marcescens border= 
Xuewei Pan; Mi Tang; Jiajia You ; Tolbert Osire; Changhao Sun ...
Genome-wide mapping of Vibrio cholerae VpsT binding identifies a mechanism for c-di-GMP homeostasis border= 
Thomas Guest; James R J Haycocks; Gemma Z L Warren ; David C Grainger
Type I CRISPR-Cas provides robust immunity but incomplete attenuation of phage-induced cellular stress border= 
Lucia M Malone; Hannah G Hampton; Xochitl C Morgan ; Peter C Fineran
Super resolution microscopy reveals how elongating RNA polymerase II and nascent RNA interact with nucleosome clutches border= 
Alvaro Castells-Garcia; Ilyas Ed-daoui; Esther González-Almela ; Chiara Vicario; Jason Ottestrom ...
HIRA complex presets transcriptional potential through coordinating depositions of the histone variants H3.3 and H2A.Z on the poised genes in mESCs border= 
Yang Yang; Liwei Zhang; Chaoyang Xiong ; Jun Chen; Li Wang ...
CTCF-mediated chromatin looping provides a topological framework for the formation of phase-separated transcriptional condensates border= 
Ryanggeun Lee; Moo-Koo Kang; Yong-Jin Kim ; Bobae Yang; Hwanyong Shim ...
RpoN/Sfa2-dependent activation of the Pseudomonas aeruginosa H2-T6SS and its cognate arsenal of antibacterial toxins border= 
Luke P Allsopp; Alice C Z Collins; Eleanor Hawkins ; Thomas E Wood; Alain Filloux
Genome Integrity, Repair and Replication
Zebularine induces enzymatic DNA'protein crosslinks in 45S rDNA heterochromatin of Arabidopsis nuclei border= 
Klara Prochazkova; Andreas Finke; Eva DvoÅ™ák TomaÅ¡tíková ; Jaroslav Filo; Heinrich Bente ...
Canonical and novel non-canonical activities of the Holliday junction resolvase Yen1 border= 
Raquel Carreira; F Javier Aguado; Vanesa Hurtado-Nieves ; Miguel G Blanco
The telomeric 5² end nucleotide is regulated in the budding yeast Naumovozyma castellii border= 
Humberto Itriago; Rishi K Jaiswal; Susanne Philipp ; Marita Cohn
High throughput single-cell genome sequencing gives insights into the generation and evolution of mosaic aneuploidy in Leishmania donovani border= 
Gabriel H Negreira; Pieter Monsieurs; Hideo Imamura ; Ilse Maes; Nada Kuk ...
Molecular Biology
The flip-flop configuration of the PABP-dimer leads to switching of the translation function border= 
Sohyun Gu; Hyung-Min Jeon; Seung Woo Nam ; Ka Young Hong; Md Shafiqur Rahman ...
A minimal motif for sequence recognition by mitochondrial transcription factor A (TFAM) border= 
Woo Suk Choi; Miguel Garcia-Diaz
Targeting genomic SARS-CoV-2 RNA with siRNAs allows efficient inhibition of viral replication and spread border= 
Shubhankar Ambike; Cho-Chin Cheng; Martin Feuerherd ; Stoyan Velkov; Domizia Baldassi ...
Genome-wide chromosomal association of Upf1 is linked to Pol II transcription in Schizosaccharomyces pombe border= 
Sandip De; David M Edwards; Vibha Dwivedi ; Jianming Wang; Wazeer Varsally ...
Nucleic Acid Enzymes
RNA self-splicing by engineered hairpin ribozyme variants border= 
Robert Hieronymus; Jikang Zhu; Sabine Müller
RNA and RNA-protein complexes
Alternative splicing modulation mediated by G-quadruplex structures in MALAT1 lncRNA border= 
Arpita Ghosh; Satya Prakash Pandey; Asgar Hussain Ansari ; Jennifer Seematti Sundar; Praveen Singh ...
Identification and targeting of G-quadruplex structures in MALAT1 long non-coding RNA border= 
Xi Mou; Shiau Wei Liew; Chun Kit Kwok
The double-stranded RNA-binding protein, Staufen1, is an IRES-transacting factor regulating HIV-1 cap-independent translation initiation border= 
Hade Ramos; Anne Monette; Meijuan Niu ; Aldo Barrera; Brenda López-Ulloa ...
A novel role for gag as a cis-acting element regulating RNA structure, dimerization and packaging in HIV-1 lentiviral vectors border= 
Eirini Vamva; Alex Griffiths; Conrad A Vink ; Andrew M L Lever; Julia C Kenyon
Recognition of G-quadruplex RNA by a crucial RNA methyltransferase component, METTL14 border= 
Atsuhiro Yoshida; Takanori Oyoshi; Akiyo Suda ; Shiroh Futaki; Miki Imanishi
Nuclear poly(A) binding protein 1 (PABPN1) mediates zygotic genome activation-dependent maternal mRNA clearance during mouse early embryonic development border= 
Long-Wen Zhao; Ye-Zhang Zhu; Yun-Wen Wu ; Shuai-Bo Pi; Li Shen ...
Dynamic 23S rRNA modification ho5C2501 benefits Escherichia coli under oxidative stress border= 
Michel Fasnacht; Stefano Gallo; Puneet Sharma ; Maximilian Himmelstoß; Patrick A Limbach ...
Structural Biology
Structural basis of DNA methylation-dependent site selectivity of the Epstein'Barr virus lytic switch protein ZEBRA/Zta/BZLF1 border= 
Florent Bernaudat; Montse Gustems; Johannes Günther ; Mizar F Oliva; Alexander Buschle ...
Inhibition mechanisms of CRISPR-Cas9 by AcrIIA17 and AcrIIA18 border= 
Xiaoshen Wang; Xuzichao Li; Yongjian Ma; Jiaqi He ; Xiang Liu ...
Structural basis of dimerization and nucleic acid binding of human DBHS proteins NONO and PSPC1 border= 
Gavin J Knott; Yee Seng Chong; Daniel M Passon ; Xue-hai Liang; Evelyne Deplazes ...
Bipartite interaction sites differentially modulate RNA-binding affinity of a protein complex essential for germline stem cell self-renewal 
Chen Qiu; Robert N Wine; Zachary T Campbell; Traci M Tanaka Hall
Synthetic Biology and Bioengineering
Multiplexed activation in mammalian cells using a split-intein CRISPR/Cas12a based synthetic transcription factor border= 
James W Bryson; Jamie Y Auxillos; Susan J Rosser
Rational design and construction of multi-copy biomanufacturing islands in mammalian cells border= 
Raffaele Altamura; Jiten Doshi; Yaakov Benenson
Mutation and selection explain why many eukaryotic centromeric DNA sequences are often A + T rich border= 
Anne C Barbosa; Zhengyao Xu; Kazhal Karari ; Wendi Williams; Silke Hauf ...
Correction to ˜BAP18 coactivates androgen receptor action and promotes prostate cancer progression' border= 
Shiying Sun; Xinping Zhong; Chunyu Wang ; Hongmiao Sun; Shengli Wang ...
Correction to ˜The double-stranded RNA-binding protein, Staufen1, is an IRES-transacting factor regulating HIV-1 cap-independent translation initiation' border= 
Hade Ramos; Anne Monette; Meijuan Niu ; Aldo Barrera; Brenda López-Ulloa ...
Methods Online
Duplex-Repair enables highly accurate sequencing, despite DNA damage border= 
Kan Xiong; Douglas Shea; Justin Rhoades; Timothy Blewett ; Ruolin Liu ...
Chemical capping improves template switching and enhances sequencing of small RNAs border= 
Madalee G Wulf; Sean Maguire; Nan Dai ; Alice Blondel; Dora Posfai ...
Ethylenediamine derivatives efficiently react with oxidized RNA 3² ends providing access to mono and dually labelled RNA probes for enzymatic assays and in vivo translation border= 
Adam Mamot; Pawel J Sikorski; Aleksandra Siekierska ; Peter de Witte; Joanna Kowalska ...
SBSA: an online service for somatic binding sequence annotation border= 
Limin Jiang; Fei Guo; Jijun Tang; Hui Yu ; Scott Ness ...
Coupling high-throughput mapping with proteomics analysis delineates cis-regulatory elements at high resolution border= 
Ting Wu; Danli Jiang; Meijuan Zou ; Wei Sun; Di Wu ...
Prioritization of regulatory variants with tissue-specific function in the non-coding regions of human genome border= 
Shengcheng Dong; Alan P Boyle
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