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We are delighted to reveal that the latest Impact Factor for Nucleic Acids Research has risen to 16.971. To celebrate this new Impact Factor, we have curated a collection of highly cited articles from recent years.
Nucleic Acids Research  
Volume 49 Issue 18
11 October 2021
NAR Breakthrough Article
The Fkh1 Forkhead associated domain promotes ORC binding to a subset of DNA replication origins in budding yeast border= 
Timothy Hoggard; Allison J Hollatz; Rachel E Cherney ; Melissa R Seman; Catherine A Fox
Critical Reviews and Perspectives
beta -CASP proteins removing RNA polymerase from DNA: when a torpedo is needed to shoot a sitting duck border= 
Jana Wiedermannová; Libor Krásný
Toward a mechanistic understanding of DNA binding by forkhead transcription factors and its perturbation by pathogenic mutations border= 
Shuyan Dai; Linzhi Qu; Jun Li ; Yongheng Chen
Chemical Biology and Nucleic Acid Chemistry
Small circular interfering RNAs (sciRNAs) as a potent therapeutic platform for gene-silencing border= 
Hartmut Jahns; Rohan Degaonkar; Peter Podbevsek ; Swati Gupta; Anna Bisbe ...
Rapid prototyping of arbitrary 2D and 3D wireframe DNA origami border= 
Hyungmin Jun; Xiao Wang; Molly F Parsons; William P Bricker ; Torsten John ...
Dual targeting of higher-order DNA structures by azacryptands induces DNA junction-mediated DNA damage in cancer cells border= 
Joanna Zell; Katerina Duskova; Leïla Chouh ; Madeleine Bossaert; Nicolas Chéron ...
Click and Cut: a click chemistry approach to developing oxidative DNA damaging agents border= 
Natasha McStay; Creina Slator; Vandana Singh ; Alex Gibney; Fredrik Westerlund ...
Computational Biology
Deciphering enhancer sequence using thermodynamics-based models and convolutional neural networks border= 
Payam Dibaeinia; Saurabh Sinha
A vast pool of lineage-specific microproteins encoded by long non-coding RNAs in plants 
Igor Fesenko; Svetlana A Shabalina; Anna Mamaeva; Andrey Knyazev ; Anna Glushkevich ...
Predict long-range enhancer regulation based on protein'protein interactions between transcription factors border= 
Hao Wang; Binbin Huang; Jianrong Wang
Data Resources and Analyses
Comprehensive characterization of somatic variants associated with intronic polyadenylation in human cancers border= 
Zhaozhao Zhao; Qiushi Xu; Ran Wei ; Leihuan Huang; Weixu Wang ...
Gene Regulation, Chromatin and Epigenetics
Designed architectural proteins that tune DNA looping in bacteria border= 
David H Tse; Nicole A Becker; Robert T Young; Wilma K Olson ; Justin P Peters ...
Integrative analysis of epigenetics data identifies gene-specific regulatory elements border= 
Florian Schmidt; Alexander Marx; Nina Baumgarten ; Marie Hebel; Martin Wegner ...
The fate of notch-1 transcript is linked to cell cycle dynamics by activity of a natural antisense transcript border= 
Filip Vujovic; Saba Rezaei-Lotfi; Neil Hunter ; Ramin M Farahani
Genomic impact of stress-induced transposable element mobility in Arabidopsis border= 
David Roquis; Marta Robertson; Liang Yu; Michael Thieme ; Magdalena Julkowska ...
Fusarium BP1 is a reader of H3K27 methylation border= 
Guangfei Tang; Jianlong Yuan; Jing Wang; Yi-Zhe Zhang ; Si-Si Xie ...
Genome Integrity, Repair and Replication
Fission yeast Stn1 maintains stability of repetitive DNA at subtelomere and ribosomal DNA regions border= 
Io Yamamoto; Hidenori Nakaoka; Masahiro Takikawa ; Sanki Tashiro; Junko Kanoh ...
TARG1 protects against toxic DNA ADP-ribosylation border= 
Callum Tromans-Coia; Andrea Sanchi; Giuliana K Moeller; Gyula Timinszky ; Massimo Lopes ...
Replication-dependent cytotoxicity and Spartan-mediated repair of trapped PARP1'DNA complexes 
Liton Kumar Saha; Yasuhisa Murai; Sourav Saha; Ukhyun Jo ; Masataka Tsuda ...
The CRL4DTL E3 ligase induces degradation of the DNA replication initiation factor TICRR/TRESLIN specifically during S phase border= 
Kimberlie A Wittig; Courtney G Sansam; Tyler D Noble ; Duane Goins; Christopher L Sansam
Suppression of liquid'liquid phase separation by 1,6-hexanediol partially compromises the 3D genome organization in living cells border= 
Sergey V Ulianov; Artem K Velichko; Mikhail D Magnitov ; Artem V Luzhin; Arkadiy K Golov ...
Frequency and patterns of ribonucleotide incorporation around autonomously replicating sequences in yeast reveal the division of labor of replicative DNA polymerases border= 
Penghao Xu; Francesca Storici
Molecular Biology
Functional correction of CFTR mutations in human airway epithelial cells using adenine base editors border= 
Sateesh Krishnamurthy; Soumba Traore; Ashley L Cooney ; Christian M Brommel; Katarina Kulhankova ...
Nucleic Acid Enzymes
The function of twister ribozyme variants in non-LTR retrotransposition in Schistosoma mansoni border= 
Getong Liu; Hengyi Jiang; Wenxia Sun ; Jun Zhang; Dongrong Chen ...
RNA and RNA-protein complexes
A new role for SR1 from Bacillus subtilis: regulation of sporulation by inhibition of kinA translation border= 
Inam Ul Haq; Sabine Brantl; Peter Müller
Theoretical basis for stabilizing messenger RNA through secondary structure design border= 
Hannah K Wayment-Steele; Do Soon Kim; Christian A Choe ; John J Nicol; Roger Wellington-Oguri ...
Identification of host tRNAs preferentially recognized by the Plasmodium surface protein tRip border= 
Marta Cela; Anne Théobald-Dietrich; Joëlle Rudinger-Thirion ; Philippe Wolff; Renaud Geslain ...
ZFC3H1 prevents RNA trafficking into nuclear speckles through condensation border= 
Yimin Wang; Jing Fan; Jianshu Wang; Yi Zhu ; Lin Xu ...
A small regulatory RNA alters Staphylococcus aureus virulence by titrating RNAIII activity border= 
Kim Boi Le Huyen; Cintia Daniela Gonzalez; Gaëtan Pascreau ; Valérie Bordeau; Vincent Cattoir ...
Modulation of alternative splicing during early infection of human primary B lymphocytes with Epstein-Barr virus (EBV): a novel function for the viral EBNA-LP protein border= 
Evelyne Manet; Hélène Polvèche; Fabrice Mure ; Paulina Mrozek-Gorska; Florian Roisné-Hamelin ...
Divergent degeneration of creA antitoxin genes from minimal CRISPRs and the convergent strategy of tRNA-sequestering CreT toxins border= 
Feiyue Cheng; Rui Wang; Haiying Yu ; Chao Liu; Jun Yang ...
Structural Biology
The effect of hairpin loop on the structure and gene expression activity of the long-loop G-quadruplex border= 
Subramaniyam Ravichandran; Maria Razzaq; Nazia Parveen ; Ambarnil Ghosh; Kyeong Kyu Kim
Structural basis for activation of Swi2/Snf2 ATPase RapA by RNA polymerase border= 
Wei Shi; Wei Zhou; Ming Chen; Yang Yang ; Yangbo Hu ...
Two coexisting pseudo-mirror heteromolecular telomeric G-quadruplexes in opposite loop progressions differentially recognized by a low equivalent of Thioflavin T border= 
Wenqiang Fu; Haitao Jing; Xiaojuan Xu ; Suping Xu; Tao Wang ...
Multiple hPOT1'TPP1 cooperatively unfold contiguous telomeric G-quadruplexes proceeding from 3² toward 5², a feature due to a 3²-end binding preference and to structuring of telomeric DNA border= 
Jean Chatain; Georges Hatem; Emmanuelle Delagoutte ; Jean-François Riou; Patrizia Alberti ...
Structure of an inactive RNA polymerase II dimer border= 
Shintaro Aibara; Christian Dienemann; Patrick Cramer
Structural basis of transcription activation by the global regulator Spx border= 
Jing Shi; Fangfang Li; Aijia Wen; Libing Yu ; Lu Wang ...
Novel anti-repression mechanism of H-NS proteins by a phage protein border= 
Fredj Ben Bdira; Amanda M Erkelens; Liang Qin; Alexander N Volkov ; Andrew M Lippa ...
Synthetic Biology and Bioengineering
Optimized nickase- and nuclease-based prime editing in human and mouse cells border= 
Fatwa Adikusuma; Caleb Lushington; Jayshen Arudkumar; Gelshan I Godahewa ; Yu C J Chey ...
Correction to ˜Improved nearest-neighbor parameters for the stability of RNA/DNA hybrids under a physiological condition' border= 
Dipanwita Banerjee; Hisae Tateishi-Karimata; Tatsuya Ohyama ; Saptarshi Ghosh; Tamaki Endoh ...
Correction to ˜The STRING database in 2021: customizable protein'protein networks, and functional characterization of user-uploaded gene/measurement sets' border= 
Damian Szklarczyk; Annika L Gable; Katerina C Nastou ; David Lyon; Rebecca Kirsch ...
Correction to ˜DrugCombDB: a comprehensive database of drug combinations toward the discovery of combinatorial therapy' border= 
Hui Liu; Wenhao Zhang; Bo Zou ; Jinxian Wang; Yuanyuan Deng ...
Correction to ˜DNA polymerase gamma mutations that impair holoenzyme stability cause catalytic subunit depletion' border= 
Pedro Silva-Pinheiro; Carlos Pardo-Hernández; Aurelio Reyes ; Lisa Tilokani; Anup Mishra ...
Correction to ˜Cis regulation within a cluster of viral microRNAs' border= 
Monika Vilimova; Maud Contrant; Ramy Randrianjafy; Philippe Dumas ; Endrit Elbasani ...
Correction to ˜Structure of the bacteriophage PhiKZ non-virion RNA polymerase' border= 
Natàlia de Martín Garrido; Mariia Orekhova; Yuen Ting Emilie Lai Wan Loong; Anna Litvinova ; Kailash Ramlaul ...
Methods Online
Single-cell nucleic acid profiling in droplets (SNAPD) enables high-throughput analysis of heterogeneous cell populations border= 
Leland B Hyman; Clare R Christopher; Philip A Romero
Codependency and mutual exclusivity for gene community detection from sparse single-cell transcriptome data border= 
Natsu Nakajima; Tomoatsu Hayashi; Katsunori Fujiki ; Katsuhiko Shirahige; Tetsu Akiyama ...
capCLIP: a new tool to probe translational control in human cells through capture and identification of the eIF4E'mRNA interactome border= 
Kirk B Jensen; B Kate Dredge; John Toubia ; Xin Jin; Valentina Iadevaia ...
Aberration-corrected ultrafine analysis of miRNA reads at single-base resolution: a k-mer lattice approach border= 
Xuan Zhang; Pengyao Ping; Gyorgy Hutvagner ; Michael Blumenstein; Jinyan Li
Visualization and characterization of RNA'protein interactions in living cells border= 
Ningjun Duan; Maria Arroyo; Wen Deng; M Cristina Cardoso ; Heinrich Leonhardt
TSMiner: a novel framework for generating time-specific gene regulatory networks from time-series expression profiles border= 
Mingfei Han; Xian Liu; Wen Zhang ; Mengnan Wang; Wenjing Bu ...
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