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We are delighted to reveal that the latest Impact Factor for Nucleic Acids Research has risen to 16.971. To celebrate this new Impact Factor, we have curated a collection of highly cited articles from recent years.
Nucleic Acids Research  
Volume 49 Issue 22
16 December 2021
NAR Breakthrough Article
Mapping yeast mitotic 5² resection at base resolution reveals the sequence and positional dependence of nucleases in vivo border= 
Dominic Bazzano; Stephanie Lomonaco; Thomas E Wilson
Chemical Biology and Nucleic Acid Chemistry
Constrained peptides mimic a viral suppressor of RNA silencing border= 
Arne Kuepper; Niall M McLoughlin; Saskia Neubacher; Alejandro Yeste-Vázquez ; Estel Collado Camps ...
Regulation of PDGFR-beta gene expression by targeting the G-vacancy bearing G-quadruplex in promoter border= 
Juan-nan Chen; Yi-de He; Hui-ting Liang ; Ting-ting Cai; Qi Chen ...
BrdU immuno-tagged G-quadruplex ligands: a new ligand-guided immunofluorescence approach for tracking G-quadruplexes in cells border= 
Thibaut Masson; Corinne Landras Guetta; Eugénie Laigre ; Anne Cucchiarini; Patricia Duchambon ...
Computational Biology
CoCoNet'boosting RNA contact prediction by convolutional neural networks border= 
Mehari B Zerihun; Fabrizio Pucci; Alexander Schug
Decoding the effects of synonymous variants border= 
Zishuo Zeng; Ariel A Aptekmann; Yana Bromberg
DNA methylation variation along the cancer epigenome and the identification of novel epigenetic driver events border= 
Richard Heery; Martin H Schaefer
Gene Regulation, Chromatin and Epigenetics
Inhibitor of growth protein 3 epigenetically silences endogenous retroviral elements and prevents innate immune activation border= 
Yanhua Song; Gaopeng Hou; Jonathan Diep ; Yaw Shin Ooi; Natalia S Akopyants ...
A set of accessible enhancers enables the initial response of breast cancer cells to physiological progestin concentrations border= 
Roser Zaurin; Roberto Ferrari; Ana Silvina Nacht ; Jose Carbonell; Francois Le Dily ...
An archaeal histone-like protein regulates gene expression in response to salt stress border= 
Saaz Sakrikar; Amy K Schmid
Complexities in the role of acetylation dynamics in modifying inducible gene activation parameters border= 
Samantha Carrera; Amanda O'Donnell; Yaoyong Li ; Karol Nowicki-Osuch; Shen-Hsi Yang ...
Single-molecule mitochondrial DNA sequencing shows no evidence of CpG methylation in human cells and tissues border= 
Iacopo Bicci; Claudia Calabrese; Zoe J Golder ; Aurora Gomez-Duran; Patrick F Chinnery
Genome Integrity, Repair and Replication
Elongating RNA polymerase II and RNA:DNA hybrids hinder fork progression and gene expression at sites of head-on replication-transcription collisions border= 
Luca Zardoni; Eleonora Nardini; Alessandra Brambati ; Chiara Lucca; Ramveer Choudhary ...
VID22 counteracts G-quadruplex-induced genome instability border= 
Elena Galati; Maria C Bosio; Daniele Novarina; Matteo Chiara ; Giulia M Bernini ...
Division of labor between SOS and PafBC in mycobacterial DNA repair and mutagenesis border= 
Oyindamola O Adefisayo; Pierre Dupuy; Astha Nautiyal ; James M Bean; Michael S Glickman
Negative feedback for DARS2'Fis complex by ATP'DnaA supports the cell cycle-coordinated regulation for chromosome replication border= 
Kenya Miyoshi; Yuka Tatsumoto; Shogo Ozaki ; Tsutomu Katayama
Cockayne syndrome group B protein regulates fork restart, fork progression and MRE11-dependent fork degradation in BRCA1/2-deficient cells border= 
Nicole L Batenburg; Sofiane Y Mersaoui; John R Walker ; Yan Coulombe; Ian Hammond-Martel ...
Loss of MED12 activates the TGFbeta pathway to promote chemoresistance and replication fork stability in BRCA-deficient cells border= 
Lindsey M Jackson; Ashna Dhoonmoon; Anastasia Hale ; Kady A Dennis; Emily M Schleicher ...
Molecular Biology
Cytosine base modifications regulate DNA duplex stability and metabolism border= 
Cathia Rausch; Peng Zhang; Corella S Casas-Delucchi; Julia L Daiß ; Christoph Engel ...
MLL1 is regulated by KSHV LANA and is important for virus latency border= 
Min Tan; Shijun Li; Franceline Juillard; Rute Chitas ; Tânia F Custódio ...
Controlled RISC loading efficiency of miR168 defined by miRNA duplex structure adjusts ARGONAUTE1 homeostasis border= 
Ágnes Dalmadi; Fabio Miloro; Jeannette Bálint ; Éva Várallyay; Zoltán Havelda
A distinct complex of PRP19-related and trypanosomatid-specific proteins is required for pre-mRNA splicing in trypanosomes border= 
Ankita Srivastava; Daniela L Ambrósio; Monika Tasak ; Ujwala Gosavi; Arthur Günzl
Coordination of -1 programmed ribosomal frameshifting by transcript and nascent chain features revealed by deep mutational scanning border= 
Patrick J Carmody; Matthew H Zimmer; Charles P Kuntz ; Haley R Harrington; Kate E Duckworth ...
Functional role and ribosomal position of the unique N-terminal region of DHX29, a factor required for initiation on structured mammalian mRNAs border= 
Trevor R Sweeney; Vidya Dhote; Ewelina Guca ; Christopher U T Hellen; Yaser Hashem ...
Perinuclear positioning of endosomes can affect PS-ASO activities border= 
Xue-hai Liang; Joshua G Nichols; Dario Tejera; Stanley T Crooke
Dynamic queuosine changes in tRNA couple nutrient levels to codon choice in Trypanosoma brucei border= 
Sameer Dixit; Alan C Kessler; Jeremy Henderson ; Xiaobei Pan; Ruoxia Zhao ...
Nucleic Acid Enzymes
TIN2 is an architectural protein that facilitates TRF2-mediated trans- and cis-interactions on telomeric DNA border= 
Parminder Kaur; Ryan Barnes; Hai Pan ; Ariana C Detwiler; Ming Liu ...
The SARS-CoV-2 RNA polymerase is a viral RNA capping enzyme border= 
Alexander P Walker; Haitian Fan; Jeremy R Keown; Michael L Knight ; Jonathan M Grimes ...
Zippered G-quadruplex/hemin DNAzyme: exceptional catalyst for universal bioanalytical applications border= 
Jia Li; Haiping Wu; Yurong Yan ; Taixian Yuan; Yue Shu ...
RNA and RNA-protein complexes
Position 34 of tRNA is a discriminative element for m5C38 modification by human DNMT2 border= 
Zhi-Xuan Huang; Jing Li; Qing-Ping Xiong ; Hao Li; En-Duo Wang ...
Phosphorylation of ribosomal protein S6 differentially affects mRNA translation based on ORF length border= 
Jonathan Bohlen; Mykola Roiuk; Aurelio A Teleman
Transcriptome-wide in vivo mapping of cleavage sites for the compact cyanobacterial ribonuclease E reveals insights into its function and substrate recognition border= 
Ute A Hoffmann; Florian Heyl; Said N Rogh ; Thomas Wallner; Rolf Backofen ...
Chromatin-contact atlas reveals disorder-mediated protein interactions and moonlighting chromatin-associated RBPs border= 
Mahmoud-Reza Rafiee; Julian A Zagalak; Sviatoslav Sidorov ; Sebastian Steinhauser; Karen Davey ...
FARS2 deficiency in Drosophila reveals the developmental delay and seizure manifested by aberrant mitochondrial tRNA metabolism border= 
Wenlu Fan; Xiaoye Jin; Man Xu ; Yongmei Xi; Weiguo Lu ...
Specificity and sensitivity of an RNA targeting type III CRISPR complex coupled with a NucC endonuclease effector border= 
Sabine Grüschow; Catherine S Adamson; Malcolm F White
Structural Biology
Mechanisms of distinctive mismatch tolerance between Rad51 and Dmc1 in homologous recombination border= 
Jingfei Xu; Lingyun Zhao; Sijia Peng ; Huiying Chu; Rui Liang ...
Chromosome segregation in Archaea: SegA' and SegB'DNA complex structures provide insights into segrosome assembly border= 
Cheng-Yi Yen; Min-Guan Lin; Bo-Wei Chen ; Irene W Ng; Nicholas Read ...
Caught in motion: human NTHL1 undergoes interdomain rearrangement necessary for catalysis border= 
Brittany L Carroll; Karl E Zahn; John P Hanley ; Susan S Wallace; Julie A Dragon ...
Dynamic bulge nucleotides in the KSHV PAN ENE triple helix provide a unique binding platform for small molecule ligands 
Monalisa Swain; Abeer A Ageeli; Wojciech K Kasprzak; Mi Li ; Jennifer T Miller ...
Structure of CRL2Lrr1, the E3 ubiquitin ligase that promotes DNA replication termination in vertebrates border= 
Haixia Zhou ; Manal S Zaher; Johannes C Walter; Alan Brown
Methods Online
MLG: multilayer graph clustering for multi-condition scRNA-seq data border= 
Shan Lu; Daniel J Conn; Shuyang Chen; Kirby D Johnson ; Emery H Bresnick ...
Prophage Tracer: precisely tracing prophages in prokaryotic genomes using overlapping split-read alignment border= 
Kaihao Tang; Weiquan Wang; Yamin Sun ; Yiqing Zhou; Pengxia Wang ...
BioSeq-BLM: a platform for analyzing DNA, RNA and protein sequences based on biological language models border= 
Hong-Liang Li; Yi-He Pang; Bin Liu
MetaPlatanus: a metagenome assembler that combines long-range sequence links and species-specific features border= 
Rei Kajitani; Hideki Noguchi; Yasuhiro Gotoh ; Yoshitoshi Ogura; Dai Yoshimura ...
A simple and rapid method for enzymatic synthesis of CRISPR-Cas9 sgRNA libraries border= 
Joshua D Yates; Robert C Russell; Nathaniel J Barton ; H Joseph Yost; Jonathon T Hill
RNA-based cooperative protein labeling that permits direct monitoring of the intracellular concentration change of an endogenous protein border= 
Kathleen Beverly Alog Pe; Kenji Yatsuzuka; Hayase Hakariya ; Tomoki Kida; Yousuke Katsuda ...
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