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We are delighted to reveal that the latest Impact Factor for Nucleic Acids Research has risen to 16.971. To celebrate this new Impact Factor, we have curated a collection of highly cited articles from recent years.
Nucleic Acids Research  
Volume 49 Issue 21
2 December 2021
NAR Breakthrough Article
Engineering large-scale chromosomal deletions by CRISPR-Cas9 border= 
Thomas F Eleveld; Chaimaa Bakali; Paul P Eijk; Phylicia Stathi ; Lianne E Vriend ...
Critical Reviews and Perspectives
The nuclear and cytoplasmic activities of RNA polymerase III, and an evolving transcriptome for surveillance 
Alan C Kessler; Richard J Maraia
Chemical Biology and Nucleic Acid Chemistry
Cisplatin fastens chromatin irreversibly even at a high chloride concentration border= 
Hyeon-Min Moon; Jin-Sung Park; Il-Buem Lee; Young-Im Kang ; Hae Jun Jung ...
Enzymatic deamination of the epigenetic nucleoside N6-methyladenosine regulates gene expression border= 
Zhuoran Jiang; Chao Wang; Zixin Wu ; Kun Chen; Wei Yang ...
Structurally constrained phosphonate internucleotide linkage impacts oligonucleotide-enzyme interaction, and modulates siRNA activity and allele specificity border= 
Ken Yamada; Samuel Hildebrand; Sarah M Davis ; Rachael Miller; Faith Conroy ...
7▓,5▓-alpha-bicyclo-DNA: new chemistry for oligonucleotide exon splicing modulation therapy border= 
Damien Evéquoz; Ingrid E C Verhaart; Davy van de Vijver ; Wolfgang Renner; Annemieke Aartsma-Rus ...
Data Resources and Analyses
ImmReg: the regulon atlas of immune-related pathways across cancer types border= 
Tiantongfei Jiang; Weiwei Zhou; Zhenghong Chang; Haozhe Zou ; Jing Bai ...
Gene Regulation, Chromatin and Epigenetics
The human telomeric proteome during telomere replication border= 
Chih-Yi Gabriela Lin; Anna Christina Näger; Thomas Lunardi; Aleksandra Van─Źevska ; Gérald Lossaint ...
Epigenetic regulation of nuclear lamina-associated heterochromatin by HAT1 and the acetylation of newly synthesized histones border= 
Liudmila V Popova; Prabakaran Nagarajan; Callie M Lovejoy ; Benjamin D Sunkel; Miranda L Gardner ...
Chromatin loading of MCM hexamers is associated with di-/tri-methylation of histone H4K20 toward S phase entry border= 
Yoko Hayashi-Takanaka; Yuichiro Hayashi; Yasuhiro Hirano ; Atsuko Miyawaki-Kuwakado; Yasuyuki Ohkawa ...
Relaxed 3D genome conformation facilitates the pluripotent to totipotent-like state transition in embryonic stem cells border= 
Yezhang Zhu; Jiali Yu; Jiahui Gu ; Chaoran Xue; Long Zhang ...
Assessing genome-wide dynamic changes in enhancer activity during early mESC differentiation by FAIRE-STARR-seq border= 
Laura V Glaser; Mara Steiger; Alisa Fuchs ; Alena van Bömmel; Edda Einfeldt ...
Master lineage transcription factors anchor trans mega transcriptional complexes at highly accessible enhancer sites to promote long-range chromatin clustering and transcription of distal target genes border= 
Shannon M White; Michael P Snyder; Chunling Yi
BAF155 methylation drives metastasis by hijacking super-enhancers and subverting anti-tumor immunity border= 
Eui-Jun Kim; Peng Liu; Shengjie Zhang ; Kristine Donahue; Yidan Wang ...
Genome Integrity, Repair and Replication
TRF2-mediated ORC recruitment underlies telomere stability upon DNA replication stress border= 
Mitsunori Higa; Yukihiro Matsuda; Jumpei Fujii ; Nozomi Sugimoto; Kazumasa Yoshida ...
Genome-wide analysis of 8-oxo-7,8-dihydro-2'-deoxyguanosine at single-nucleotide resolution unveils reduced occurrence of oxidative damage at G-quadruplex sites border= 
Jiao An; Mengdie Yin; Jiayong Yin ; Sizhong Wu; Christopher P Selby ...
The chromatin remodeler RSF1 coordinates epigenetic marks for transcriptional repression and DSB repair border= 
Sunwoo Min; Ho-Soo Lee; Jae-Hoon Ji ; Yungyeong Heo; Yonghyeon Kim ...
Loss of full-length hnRNP R isoform impairs DNA damage response in motoneurons by inhibiting Yb1 recruitment to chromatin border= 
Hanaa Ghanawi; Luisa Hennlein; Abdolhossein Zare ; Jakob Bader; Saeede Salehi ...
Nucleosomes enter cells by clathrin- and caveolin-dependent endocytosis border= 
Huawei Wang; Xiajing Shan; Mengtian Ren; Mengdi Shang ; Chuanzheng Zhou
Cellular heterogeneity in DNA alkylation repair increases population genetic plasticity border= 
Maxence S Vincent; Stephan Uphoff
Molecular Biology
The hyperthermophilic archaeon Thermococcus kodakarensis is resistant to pervasive negative supercoiling activity of DNA gyrase border= 
Paul Villain; Violette da Cunha; Etienne Villain ; Patrick Forterre; Jacques Oberto ...
Fast interaction dynamics of G-quadruplex and RGG-rich peptides unveiled in zero-mode waveguides border= 
Satyajit Patra; Jean-Benoît Claude; Jean-Valère Naubron ; Jérome Wenger
Cyclophilin acts as a ribosome biogenesis factor by chaperoning the ribosomal protein (PlRPS15) in filamentous fungi border= 
Chenmi Mo; Chong Xie; Gaofeng Wang ; Tian Tian; Juan Liu ...
TRF2 promotes dynamic and stepwise looping of POT1 bound telomeric overhang border= 
Tapas Paul; Wilson Liou; Xinyi Cai; Patricia L Opresko ; Sua Myong
Nucleic Acid Enzymes
A new RNA'DNA interaction required for integration of group II intron retrotransposons into DNA targets border= 
Dario Monachello; Marc Lauraine; Sandra Gillot ; François Michel; Maria Costa
Probing the stability of the SpCas9'DNA complex after cleavage border= 
Pierre Aldag; Fabian Welzel; Leonhard Jakob; Andreas Schmidbauer ; Marius Rutkauskas ...
Discovery of highly reactive self-splicing group II introns within the mitochondrial genomes of human pathogenic fungi border= 
Tianshuo Liu; Anna M Pyle
Efficient DNA interrogation of SpCas9 governed by its electrostatic interaction with DNA beyond the PAM and protospacer border= 
Qian Zhang; Ziting Chen; Fangzhu Wang ; Siqi Zhang; Hongyu Chen ...
RNA and RNA-protein complexes
In vivo architecture of the telomerase RNA catalytic core in Trypanosoma brucei border= 
Abhishek Dey; Anais Monroy-Eklund; Kaitlin Klotz ; Arpita Saha; Justin Davis ...
Evolutionary repair reveals an unexpected role of the tRNA modification m1G37 in aminoacylation border= 
Ben E Clifton; Muhammad A Fariz; Gen-Ichiro Uechi ; Paola Laurino
G-quadruplex RNA motifs influence gene expression in the malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum border= 
Franck Dumetz; Eugene Yui-Ching Chow; Lynne M Harris ; Shiau Wei Liew; Anders Jensen ...
Inhibition of SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus proliferation by designer antisense-circRNAs border= 
Christina Pfafenrot; Tim Schneider; Christin Müller ; Lee-Hsueh Hung; Silke Schreiner ...
The pioneer round of translation ensures proper targeting of ER and mitochondrial proteins border= 
Joori Park; Jeeyoon Chang; Hyun Jung Hwang ; Kwon Jeong; Hyuk-Joon Lee ...
Structural Biology
Broken symmetry between RNA enantiomers in a crystal lattice border= 
Agnieszka Kiliszek; Leszek Błaszczyk; Magdalena Bejger; Wojciech Rypniewski
Revealing A-T and G-C Hoogsteen base pairs in stressed protein-bound duplex DNA border= 
Honglue Shi; Isaac J Kimsey; Stephanie Gu; Hsuan-Fu Liu ; Uyen Pham ...
Functional asymmetry and chemical reactivity of CsoR family persulfide sensors border= 
Joseph N Fakhoury; Yifan Zhang; Katherine A Edmonds; Mauro Bringas ; Justin L Luebke ...
Structural basis of cyclic oligoadenylate degradation by ancillary Type III CRISPR-Cas ring nucleases border= 
Rafael Molina; Anne Louise Grøn Jensen; Javier Marchena-Hurtado ; Blanca López-Méndez; Stefano Stella ...
Synthetic Biology and Bioengineering
Modulating the chemo-mechanical response of structured DNA assemblies through binding molecules border= 
Chanseok Lee; Young-Joo Kim; Kyung Soo Kim ; Jae Young Lee; Do-Nyun Kim
Correction to śBinding of DNA origami to lipids: maximizing yield and switching via strand displacement' border= 
Jasleen Kaur Daljit Singh; Esther Darley; Pietro Ridone ; James P Gaston; Ali Abbas ...
Correction to śMolecular structure, DNA binding mode, photophysical properties and recommendations for use of SYBR Gold' border= 
Pauline J Kolbeck; Willem Vanderlinden; Gerd Gemmecker ; Christian Gebhardt; Martin Lehmann ...
Correction to śDNA repair factor XPC is modified by SUMO-1 and ubiquitin following UV irradiation' border= 
Qi-En Wang; Qianzheng Zhu; Gulzar Wani ; Mohamed A El-Mahdy; Jinyou Li ...
Correction to śStructural insights into chromosome attachment to the nuclear envelope by an inner nuclear membrane protein Bqt4 in fission yeast' border= 
Chunyi Hu; Haruna Inoue; Wenqi Sun ; Yumiko Takeshita; Yaoguang Huang ...
Retraction of śInterplay between REST and nucleolin transcription factors: a key mechanism in the overexpression of genes upon increased phosphorylation' border= 
Methods Online
A rapid method to visualize human mitochondrial DNA replication through rotary shadowing and transmission electron microscopy border= 
Martin Kosar; Daniele Piccini; Marco Foiani ; Michele Giannattasio
scDeepSort: a pre-trained cell-type annotation method for single-cell transcriptomics using deep learning with a weighted graph neural network border= 
Xin Shao; Haihong Yang; Xiang Zhuang ; Jie Liao; Penghui Yang ...
Combinatorial assembly platform enabling engineering of genetically stable metabolic pathways in cyanobacteria border= 
George M Taylor; Andrew Hitchcock; John T Heap
High resolution copy number inference in cancer using short-molecule nanopore sequencing border= 
Timour Baslan; Sam Kovaka; Fritz J Sedlazeck ; Yanming Zhang; Robert Wappel ...
FACT-seq: profiling histone modifications in formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded samples with low cell numbers border= 
Linxuan Zhao; Pengwei Xing; Vamsi Krishna Polavarapu ; Miao Zhao; Blanca Valero-Martínez ...
metaGEM: reconstruction of genome scale metabolic models directly from metagenomes border= 
Francisco Zorrilla; Filip Buric; Kiran R Patil ; Aleksej Zelezniak
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