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We are delighted to announce that Systematic Biology's latest impact factor has increased to 15.683. To celebrate this new Impact Factor, we have curated a collection of high-impact articles from recent years.
Systematic Biology  
Volume 71 Issue 1
January 2022
Phylogenomic Analysis of Concatenated Ultraconserved Elements Reveals the Recent Evolutionary Radiation of the Fairy Wrasses (Teleostei: Labridae: Cirrhilabrus) 
Yi-Kai Tea; Xin Xu; Joseph D DiBattista; Nathan Lo ; Peter F Cowman ...
Delayed Adaptive Radiation among New Zealand Stream Fishes: Joint Estimation of Divergence Time and Trait Evolution in a Newly Delineated Island Species Flock border= 
Christine E Thacker; James J Shelley; W Tyler McCraney ; Peter J Unmack; Matthew D McGee
Color Polymorphism is a Driver of Diversification in the Lizard Family Lacertidae border= 
Kinsey M Brock; Emily Jane McTavish; Danielle L Edwards
Regular Articles
Gene Flow Increases Phylogenetic Structure and Inflates Cryptic Species Estimations: A Case Study on Widespread Philippine Puddle Frogs (Occidozyga laevis) 
Kin Onn Chan; Carl R Hutter; Perry L Wood, Jr.; Yong-Chao Su ; Rafe M Brown
Phylogenomic Species Delimitation Dramatically Reduces Species Diversity in an Antarctic Adaptive Radiation 
Elyse Parker; Alex Dornburg; Carl D Struthers; Christopher D Jones ; Thomas J Near
Accelerated Diversification Explains the Exceptional Species Richness of Tropical Characoid Fishes 
Bruno F Melo; Brian L Sidlauskas; Thomas J Near; Fabio F Roxo ; Ava Ghezelayagh ...
Ecological Opportunity from Innovation, not Islands, Drove the Anole Lizard Adaptive Radiation 
Edward D Burress; Martha M Muñoz
Phylogenomic Insights into the Origin of Primary Plastids 
Iker Irisarri; Jürgen F H Strassert; Fabien Burki
Are Skyline Plot-Based Demographic Estimates Overly Dependent on Smoothing Prior Assumptions? border= 
Kris V Parag; Oliver G Pybus; Chieh-Hsi Wu
Novel Tests of the Key Innovation Hypothesis: Adhesive Toepads in Arboreal Lizards 
Aryeh H Miller; James T Stroud
Empirical and Methodological Challenges to the Model-Based Inference of Diversification Rates in Extinct Clades 
David Ä'erný; Daniel Madzia; Graham J Slater
Points of View
Unifying Phylogenetic Birth'Death Models in Epidemiology and Macroevolution border= 
Ailene MacPherson; Stilianos Louca; Angela McLaughlin; Jeffrey B Joy ; Matthew W Pennell
Analysis of Paralogs in Target Enrichment Data Pinpoints Multiple Ancient Polyploidy Events in Alchemilla s.l. (Rosaceae) border= 
Diego F Morales-Briones; Berit Gehrke; Chien-Hsun Huang ; Aaron Liston; Hong Ma ...
Novel Integrative Modeling of Molecules and Morphology across Evolutionary Timescales border= 
Huw A Ogilvie; Fábio K Mendes; Timothy G Vaughan ; Nicholas J Matzke; Tanja Stadler ...
Phylogenomic Analysis Reveals Dispersal-Driven Speciation and Divergence with Gene Flow in Lesser Sunda Flying Lizards (Genus Draco) 
Sean B Reilly; Alexander L Stubbs; Evy Arida; Benjamin R Karin ; Umilaela Arifin ...
Fossil-Informed Models Reveal a Boreotropical Origin and Divergent Evolutionary Trajectories in the Walnut Family (Juglandaceae) border= 
Qiuyue Zhang; Richard H Ree; Nicolas Salamin ; Yaowu Xing; Daniele Silvestro
Corrigendum to: Fossil-Informed Models Reveal a Boreotropical Origin and Divergent Evolutionary Trajectories in the Walnut Family (Juglandaceae) 
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