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Theoretical Population Biology

Volume 142, Pages 1-122 , December 2021

Editorial Board

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Regular Articles

Coalescent models derived from birth-death processes

Pages 1-11

Fausto F. Crespo, David Posada, Carsten Wiuf

Metacommunities, fitness and gradual evolution

Pages 12-35

Tadeas Priklopil, Laurent Lehmann

The role of spatial competitive interactions between trees in shaping forest patterns

Pages 36-45

Nicolas Picard

Selection, recombination, and the ancestral initiation graph

Pages 46-56

Frederic Alberti, Carolin Herrmann, Ellen Baake

Quantifying the impact of changes in effective population size and expression level on the rate of coding sequence evolution

Pages 57-66

T. Latrille, N. Lartillot

Exact site frequency spectra of neutrally evolving tumors: A transition between power laws reveals a signature of cell viability

Pages 67-90

Einar Bjarki Gunnarsson, Kevin Leder, Jasmine Foo

Inclusive fitness and Hamilton's rule in a stochastic environment

Pages 91-99

Sabin Lessard, Cong Li, Xiu-Deng Zheng, Yi Tao

Mate guarding in primates arises due to partner scarcity, even if the father provides no paternal care at all

Pages 100-113

Sara L. Loo, Danya Rose, Kristen Hawkes, Peter S. Kim

Model of two competing populations in two habitats with migration: Application to optimal marine protected area size

Pages 114-122

Alexander Sadykov, Keith D. Farnsworth

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