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Theoretical Population Biology

Volume 146, Pages 1-86 , August 2022

Editorial Board

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Regular Articles

Total biomass of a single population in two-patch environments

Pages 1-14

Daozhou Gao, Yuan Lou

Rate of coalescence of lineage pairs in the Spatial Λ-Fleming-Viot process

Pages 15-28

Johannes Wirtz, Stéphane Guindon

Success-biased social learning in a one-consumer, two-resource model

Pages 29-35

Talia Borofsky, Marcus W. Feldman

Solving multispecies population games in continuous space and time

Pages 36-45

Emil F. Frølich, Uffe H. Thygesen

Joint effect of changing selection and demography on the site frequency spectrum

Pages 46-60

Kavita Jain, Sachin Kaushik

Adaptive meiotic drive in selfing populations with heterozygote advantage

Pages 61-70

Evgeny Brud

Dynamics of SIR model with heterogeneous response to intervention policy

Pages 71-85

Dmitrii Rachinskii, Samiha Rouf

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