Subject: Trends in Ecology & Evolution: April 2024 (Volume 39, Issue 4)
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Apr 2024
Vol. 39, Iss. 4



Trends Voices on SDGs: Sustainable cities and communities

View the new collection on the sustainable development goal of sustainable cities and communities.

Trends Voices on SDGs: Life below water

View the new collection focused on contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goal of life below water.

Cell focus issue on sex and gender

Explore special content from the landmark focus issue on sex and gender in science.

Trends in Biotechnology is expanding

Read the editor's interview on the expansion of the journal

Table of Contents

Advisory Board and Contents
Scientific Life

The ABC of academic writing: non-native speakers' perspective
Shinichi Nakagawa, Malgorzata Lagisz
Journals must expand access to peer review data
Olivia M. Smith, Kayla L. Davis, Robin Waterman, Riley B. Pizza, Caitlin Mack, Emily E. Conway, Kara C. Dobson, Brianna Foster, Ani E. Hristova, Julie C. Jarvey, Nan Nourn, Courtney L. Davis

A sweet tooth makes a fly a pest
Nicolas O. Rode, Camille Meslin
Context-dependent bird body mass responses to climate change
Natalia Ocampo-Peñuela
Open Access
Shark conservation requires mortality-limiting regulations amid global change
Neil Hammerschlag, David W. Sims

AI-based discovery of habitats from museum collections
Christopher B. Jones, Kristin Stock, Sarah E. Perkins
Open Access

Recommendations for quantitative uncertainty consideration in ecology and evolution
Emily G. Simmonds, Kwaku P. Adjei, Benjamin Cretois, Lisa Dickel, Ricardo González-Gil, Jack H. Laverick, Caitlin P. Mandeville, Elizabeth G. Mandeville, Otso Ovaskainen, Jorge Sicacha-Parada, Emma S. Skarstein, Bob O'Hara
Open Access
Biodiversity modeling advances will improve predictions of nature's contributions to people
Jamie M. Kass, Keiichi Fukaya, Wilfried Thuiller, Akira S. Mori
Open Access
Unlocking ground-based imagery for habitat mapping
N. Morueta-Holme, L.L. Iversen, D. Corcoran, C. Rahbek, S. Normand
Trees, carbon, and the psychology of landscapes
Lindsey Gillson, M. Timm Hoffman, Peter A. Gell, Anneli Ekblom, William J. Bond

LIES of omission: complex observation processes in ecology
Fergus J. Chadwick, Daniel T. Haydon, Dirk Husmeier, Otso Ovaskainen, Jason Matthiopoulos
Open Access
Balancing multiple management objectives as climate change transforms ecosystems
Katherine J. Siegel, Kyle C. Cavanaugh, Laura E. Dee
Divergence time shapes gene reuse during repeated adaptation
Magdalena Bohutínská, Catherine L. Peichel
Open Access
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