Subject: Trends in Genetics: February 2023 (Volume 39, Issue 2)
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Feb 2023
Vol. 39, Iss. 2



Trends Voices collection on SDGs: Zero hunger

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Cell Symposia: Infection biology in the age of the microbiome

June 7-9, 2023 | Paris, France.

Cell Symposia: The conceptual power of single cell biology

August 28-30, 2023 | San Diego, CA, USA.

Table of Contents

Advisory Board and Contents

Passing down maternal dietary memories through lncRNAs
Xin Yi Koh, Jun Wei Pek
Small RNA-mediated genome rearrangement pathways in ciliates
Yunyi Gao, Therese Solberg, Chundi Wang, Feng Gao

Genetically transitional disease: a new concept in genomic medicine
Qingping Yao, Peter Gorevic, Bo Shen, Greg Gibson
Noncanonical DNA structures are drivers of genome evolution
Kateryna D. Makova, Matthias H. Weissensteiner
Open Access

Emerging functions of mitochondria-encoded noncoding RNAs
Bingbing Ren, Min-Xin Guan, Tianhua Zhou, Xiujun Cai, Ge Shan
Open Access
Chromatin modules and their implication in genomic organization and gene regulation
Guido van Mierlo, Olga Pushkarev, Judith F. Kribelbauer, Bart Deplancke
Open Access
Technological advances in mosquito olfaction neurogenetics
Iliano V. Coutinho-Abreu, Omar S. Akbari

Earth Biogenome Project: present status and future plans: (Trends in Genetics 38:8 p: 811-820, 2022)
Pushpendra Kumar Gupta
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