Sitting Bull: DNA confirms great-grandson's identity

A sample of the Native American leader's hair confirms the identity of his great-grandson.

From the BBC News-2021-10-28:8:5:1

Kenyan northern white rhino Najin retired from breeding scheme

Najin, 32, has been part of a programme in Kenya trying to save her species from extinction.

From the BBC News-2021-10-22:8:5:1

New species of dinosaur unearthed by Isle of Wight fossil hunters

About 50 bones of the carnivorous dinosaurs are found on a beach in southern England.

From the BBC News-2021-9-29:8:5:2

Brexit paves the way for gene-edited crops

Ministers will relax regulation of gene-edited crops to allow their commercial growing in England.

From the BBC News-2021-9-29:8:5:1

Australian researchers uncover fossil of new eagle species

Palaeontologists from Australia found the 'exceptional' fossilised remains in 2016.

From the BBC News-2021-9-28:14:6:1

Australian bandicoot brought back from brink of extinction

The small furry Eastern Barred Bandicoot is bumped off an Australian "extinct in the wild" list.

From the BBC News-2021-9-15:14:6:1

Asteroid that wiped out dinosaurs shaped fortunes of snakes

Snakes owe their success in part to the asteroid impact that killed off the dinosaurs 66 million years ago.

From the BBC News-2021-9-14:14:6:1

Saving Australian frog species on the brink of extinction

Scientists fear four species are already extinct but say urgent action can save others.

From the BBC News-2021-9-6:8:5:1

Tuna bounce back, but sharks in 'desperate' decline

Extinction list update reveals mixed news for marine life, as world conservation summit open in France.

From the BBC News-2021-9-4:14:6:1

One-in-three trees face extinction in wild, says new report

Experts say 17,500 tree species are at risk around the world, including magnolias, oaks and maples.

From the BBC News-2021-8-31:20:6:1

Climate change: At-risk nations fear extinction after IPCC report

The most vulnerable developing countries plead for action after a stark warning from a UN panel.

From the BBC News-2021-8-10:8:5:1

'Jurassic Pompeii' yields thousands of 'squiggly wiggly' fossils

Scientists are excavating one of the most important Jurassic sites ever discovered in the UK.

From the BBC News-2021-7-21:8:5:1

Critically endangered antelope saiga makes comeback

The population of the rare saiga has more than doubled since 2019, reversing a slide towards extinction.

From the BBC News-2021-7-3:20:6:1

Fukushima disaster: Tracking the wild boar 'takeover'

A genetic study shows wild boar are thriving and breeding with domestic pigs from abandoned farms.

From the BBC News-2021-6-29:20:6:1

How farmers and scientists are engineering your food

By manipulating genes scientists say they can create better-tasting produce, but is it necessary?

From the BBC News-2021-6-22:14:6:1

Giant rhino fossils in China show new species was 'taller than giraffe'

The Paraceratherium linxiaense was taller than a giraffe and weighed as much as four large African elephants.

From the BBC News-2021-6-18:8:5:1

'Living fossil' fish may live for up to a century

The coelacanth was thought to live for about 20 years, but a new study suggests it's nearer 100.

From the BBC News-2021-6-17:14:6:1

Secrets of tiny diving mammals revealed

Biologists have uncovered the genetic secrets of water shrews, the world's smallest diving mammals.

From the BBC News-2021-6-14:20:6:1

Scientists say new dinosaur species is largest found in Australia

The Australotitan grew up to 30m (96ft) long and is among the largest dinosaurs found worldwide.

From the BBC News-2021-6-13:14:6:1

Billion-year-old fossil found preserved in Torridon rocks

Scientists said the microscopic fossil was "exceptionally" preserved in ancient rock in Torridon.

From the BBC News-2021-4-29:8:5:1

New species of dinosaur unearthed in Chile's Atacama desert

Scientists found remains of the sauropod in rocks from what is today the Atacama desert.

From the BBC News-2021-4-20:14:6:1

Extinction fears drive The Wildlife Trusts' re-wilding campaign

The Wildlife Trusts says it wants 30% of UK land and sea to be set aside for nature by 2030.

From the BBC News-2021-4-8:8:5:1

Skull of dinosaur called 'one who causes fear' found in Patagonia

The animal had horns and a large skull making it a fearsome predator around 85 million years ago.

From the BBC News-2021-3-31:14:6:1

Extinction: Elephants driven to the brink by poaching

The ivory trade and habitat loss combine to push Africa's elephants closer to extinction.

From the BBC News-2021-3-25:14:6:1

Sir David Attenborough answers dinosaur query from Otis, 4

Four-year-old Otis's mum was stumped, so they wrote to Sir David Attenborough... and he replied.

From the BBC News-2021-3-20:8:5:1

Hundreds of sewage leaks detected thanks to AI

Software originally used to diagnose genetic disorders can detect sewage spills, experts say.

From the BBC News-2021-3-11:8:5:1

Human origins: 'Little Foot' fossil's big journey out of Africa

How the priceless skull of an ancient ancestor was brought to the UK from South Africa for study.

From the BBC News-2021-3-2:8:5:1

Mary Anning: Fossil hunter celebrated with Jurassic 50p coins

The 19th Century fossil hunter's achievements were often overlooked during her own lifetime.

From the BBC News-2021-2-25:8:5:1

Extinction: Freshwater fish in 'catastrophic' decline

Numbers are plunging due to pollution, unsustainable fishing and the draining of rivers.

From the BBC News-2021-2-22:20:6:1

Texas weather: Are frozen wind turbines to blame for power cuts?

Frozen wind turbines are being blamed for power failures - but problems with fossils fuels are a bigger issue.

From the BBC News-2021-2-17:20:6:1

'Hedge trimmer' fish facing global extinction

These extraordinary fish, which are a type of ray, are vanishing in many countries due to overfishing.

From the BBC News-2021-2-12:8:5:1

Extinction: 'Time is running out' to save sharks and rays

Scientists say sharks and rays are disappearing from the world's oceans at an "alarming" rate.

From the BBC News-2021-1-27:14:6:1

Baby tyrannosaurs dinosaurs were the 'size of a Border Collie'

Scans of fossilised dinosaur remains reveal they were about 3ft long when they took their first steps.

From the BBC News-2021-1-25:8:5:1

Giant predatory worm's ancient fossil burrows discovered

Millions of years ago, giant worms as long as an adult human with sharp, slicing jaws were terrorizing the ocean, as they do today, recently discovered fossils suggest.

From the CBC News-2021-1-22:8:5:1

Sabre-toothed tiger cub fossils may reveal family secrets

An apparent family of sabre-toothed cats with an unusual genetic quirk is providing Canadian researchers new hints about how the predators lived tens of thousands of years ago.

From the CBC News-2021-1-21:20:6:2

New light shed on Charles Darwin's 'abominable mystery'

Historical documents are uncovered that provide clues to a puzzle that haunted Charles Darwin.

From the BBC News-2021-1-22:20:6:1

CBC | Technology News

Millions of years ago, giant worms as long as an adult human with sharp, slicing jaws were terrorizing the ocean, as they do today, recently discovered fossils suggest.

From the CBC News-2021-1-21:20:6:1

A Surprise in a 50 Million-Year-Old Assassin Bug Fossil: Its Genitals

Scientists were surprised to find the insect's preserved penis, which suggests it was an unknown species.

From the NYTimes News-2021-1-19:14:6:1

Twins with Covid Help Scientists Untangle the Disease's Genetic Roots

"I want to know," one twin said, "why did she have Covid worse than me?"

From the NYTimes News-2021-1-18:8:5:1

The Real Dire Wolf Ran Into an Evolutionary Dead End

The species' remarkable genetic isolation from other wolves may have contributed to its demise.

From the NYTimes News-2021-1-13:14:6:1

A Question Hidden in the Platypus Genome: Are We the Weird Ones?

Researchers have produced the most comprehensive platypus genome yet, as well as that of another monotreme, an echidna.

From the NYTimes News-2021-1-9:8:5:1

Consultation launched over gene edited food in England

The UK government launches a public consultation on using gene editing to modify livestock and crops.

From the BBC News-2021-1-7:14:6:1

Bryan Sykes, Who Saw the Ancient Past in Genes, Dies at 73

An Oxford scientist with a flair for the dramatic, he introduced millions of people to the secrets of their ancestry through his books and TV appearances.

From the NYTimes News-2021-1-6:20:6:1

U.S. Is Blind to Contagious New Virus Variant, Scientists Warn

It's not too late to curb the contagious variant's spread in the U.S., experts say - but only with a national program for genetic sequencing.

From the NYTimes News-2021-1-6:14:6:1

Ancient DNA Shows Humans Settled Caribbean in 2 Distinct Waves

Millions of people living on the islands today inherited genes from the people who made them home before Europeans arrived.

From the NYTimes News-2020-12-23:14:6:1

Pythons Slithered Through Europe Before Coiling Around the World

The oldest known fossils of the predatory snakes were found at a German site, changing the snake family tree.

From the NYTimes News-2020-12-20:8:5:1

Ivory From Shipwreck Reveals Elephant Slaughter During Spice Trade

A trove from a Portuguese trading ship that sank in 1533 preserved genetic traces of whole lineages that have vanished from West Africa.

From the NYTimes News-2020-12-17:14:6:1

Saving Corpse Flowers From Being Inbred to Extinction

To preserve corpse flowers and other rare plants, botanic gardens are borrowing studbooks, an approach used by zoos and horse breeders.

From the NYTimes News-2020-12-11:14:6:1

Alzheimer's Researchers Study a Rare Brain

A woman in Colombia with a rare genetic mutation recently made the ultimate donation to science.

From the NYTimes News-2020-12-11:8:5:1

Extinction: Conservation success set against 31 lost species

European bison take a step back from the brink, but there is bad news for other animals and plants.

From the BBC News-2020-12-10:8:5:1

This Unusual Bird Superpower Goes Back to the Dinosaur Extinction

Kiwis, ibises and sandpipers share this sensory power with birds that lived millions of years ago.

From the NYTimes News-2020-12-4:8:5:1

Charles Darwin: Notebooks worth millions lost for 20 years

Cambridge University Library launches an appeal to find the scientist's missing notes and sketches.

From the BBC News-2020-11-24:8:5:1

These Researchers Tested Positive. But the Virus Wasn't the Cause.

Several scientists working with harmless genetic material have discovered that their research may have contaminated their coronavirus tests.

From the NYTimes News-2020-11-12:8:5:1

How One Firm Drove Influence Campaigns Nationwide for Big Oil

FTI, a global consulting firm, helped design, staff and run organizations and websites funded by energy companies that can appear to represent grass-roots support for fossil-fuel initiatives.

From the NYTimes News-2020-11-11:20:6:1

Birds' genetic secrets revealed in global DNA study

Scientists have sequenced the "code of life" of species from almost every branch of the bird family tree.

From the BBC News-2020-11-11:14:6:1

How Some Skinks Lost Their Legs and Then Evolved New Ones

The lizards have complicated a rule of thumb that in evolution, once you lose a body part, you don't regain it.

From the NYTimes News-2020-11-10:20:6:2

Newly discovered primate 'already facing extinction'

Historical museum specimens have helped to solve a long standing scientific monkey puzzle.

From the BBC News-2020-11-10:20:6:1

Student finds mystery pterosaur in Cambridgeshire fossils

Roy Smith made his "exciting" discovery while trawling through wrongly-identified shark fossils.

From the BBC News-2020-11-10:14:6:1

Two-million-year-old skull of human 'cousin' unearthed

The fossil from a large-toothed species helps shed more light on how humans evolved, researchers say.

From the BBC News-2020-11-10:8:5:1

Skull Fossil Shows How Human Cousin Adapted to Changing Climate

A skull found in a South African cave suggests that the species went through a process of microevolution during a chaotic environmental shift.

From the NYTimes News-2020-11-9:20:6:1

Back from the dead: Race to save Romania's 65 million-year-old fish

The nocturnal, prehistoric Asprete has teetered on the brink of extinction for decades.

From the BBC News-2020-11-9:8:5:2

Saving India's tigers from extinction

How the Indian government launched 'Project Tiger' to save the animals from extinction

From the BBC News-2020-11-9:8:5:3

'Mutant coronavirus' seen before on mink farms, say scientists

The coronavirus mutation found in farmed mink in Denmark has arisen in the past, genetic data shows.

From the BBC News-2020-11-9:8:5:1

Tests Show Genetic Signature of Coronavirus That Likely Infected Trump

The White House did not take basic steps to investigate its outbreak. We worked with geneticists to sequence the virus that infected two journalists exposed during the outbreak, providing clues to how it may have spread.

From the NYTimes News-2020-11-1:20:6:1

Dogs are humans' oldest companions, DNA shows

A study of dog DNA patterns shows that our "best friend" among animals is also our oldest one.

From the BBC News-2020-10-29:20:6:1

Ancient Dog DNA Shows Early Spread Around the Globe

Research on fossil canine genomes is expanding and producing some surprises about the lives of dogs and humans in prehistoric times.

From the NYTimes News-2020-10-29:20:6:2