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Articles added in the last three days:

Dec 9 08:00DNA polymerase diversity reveals multiple incursions of Polintons during nematode evolution - (MBE)
Dec 9 08:00A fast, reproducible, high-throughput variant calling workflow for population genomics - (MBE)
Dec 9 08:00Mapping and functional dissection of the rumpless trait in Piao chicken identifies a causal loss of function mutation in the novel gene Rum - (MBE)
Dec 9 08:00Phylloxera and aphids show distinct features of genome evolution despite similar reproductive modes - (MBE)
Dec 8 08:00Functional prokaryotic-like dCTP deaminases and thymidylate synthase in eukaryotic social amoebae: vertical, endosymbiotic or horizontal gene transfer? - (MBE)
Dec 7 16:00Interchromosomal Colocalization with Parental Genes Is Linked to the Function and Evolution of Mammalian Retrocopies - (MBE)
Dec 7 16:00Parasitoid Serpins Evolve Novel Functions to Manipulate Host Homeostasis - (MBE)
Dec 7 08:00Origins and Functional Significance of Eukaryotic Protein Folds - Martin Romei, Mathilde Carpentier, Guillaume Lecointre (JME)
Dec 6 16:00An Ancestral MHC Organization in Cartilaginous Fish: Reconstructing MHC origin and evolution - (MBE)
Dec 5 12:00Pharmacogenetic variation in Neanderthals and Denisovans and implications for human health and response to medications - (GBE)
Dec 5 12:00Novel insights into the landscape of crossover and non-crossover events in rhesus macaques (Macaca mulatta) - (GBE)
Dec 1 12:00Functional divergence in solute permeability between ray-finned fish-specific paralogs of aqp10 - (GBE)
Dec 1 12:00Genetic modification of a Hox locus drives mimetic color pattern variation in a highly polymorphic bumble bee - (MBE)
Dec 1 12:00Molluscan genomes reveal extensive differences in photopigment evolution across the phylum - (MBE)
Nov 30 12:00Phylogenetic and protein structure analyses provide insight into the evolution and diversification of the CD36 domain 'apex' among scavenger receptor class B proteins across Eukarya - (GBE)
Nov 29 08:00The evolution of temperature and desiccation-related protein families in Tardigrada reveals the complex acquisition of extremotolerance - (GBE)
Nov 29 08:00ORFans in mitochondrial genomes of marine polychaete Polydora - (GBE)
Nov 28 16:00The Hypervariable Tpr Multigene Family of Theileria Parasites, Defined by a Conserved, Membrane-Associated, C-Terminal Domain, Includes Several Copies with Defined Orthology Between Species - Nicholas C. Palmateer, James B. Munro, Joana C. Silva (JME)
Nov 28 12:00The evolutionary complexities of DNA methylation in animals: from plasticity to genetic evolution - (GBE)
Nov 28 08:00Cytogenetics of the hybridogenetic frog Pelophylax grafi and its parental species Pelophylax perezi - (GBE)
Nov 27 16:00Genomes of an endangered rattlesnake show that neutral genetic variation predicts adaptive genetic variation and genetic load - Marty Kardos (PNAS)
Nov 27 16:00Reply to Blanco-Pastor: Introgression and heterozygosity complicated grapevine domestication - Hua Xiao, Zhongjie Liu, Nan Wang, Brandon S. Gaut, Yongfeng Zhou (PNAS)
Nov 27 16:00Inclusion of highly admixed genotypes in grapevine genomic analyses leads to an equivocal reconstruction of its domestication history - José Luis Blanco-Pastor (PNAS)
Nov 27 08:00Genomic Basis of Freshwater Adaptation in the Palaemonid Prawn Genus Macrobrachium: Convergent Evolution Following Multiple Independent Colonization Events - Md Lifat Rahi, Peter B. Mather, David A. Hurwood (JME)
Nov 27 08:00Molecular Footprints on Osmoregulation-Related Genes Associated with Freshwater Colonization by Cetaceans and Sirenians - Elisa Ramos, Giovanna Selleghin-Veiga, Mariana F. Nery (JME)
Nov 26 12:00Scaling of Protein Function Across the Tree of Life - (GBE)
Nov 26 08:00Unusual Evolution of Cephalopod Tryptophan Indole-Lyases - Hajime Julie Yuasa (JME)
Nov 25 12:00Overlaps Between CDS Regions of Protein-Coding Genes in the Human Genome: A Case Study on the NR1D1-THRA Gene Pair - Lasha Bukhnikashvili (JME)
Nov 25 08:00Ancestral Information Analysis of Chinese Korean Ethnic Group via a Novel Multiplex DIP System - Meiming Cai, Shuanglin Li, Bofeng Zhu (JME)
Nov 24 08:00Evaluating the Performance of Widely Used Phylogenetic Models for Gene Expression Evolution - (GBE)
Nov 24 08:00Subgenomic stability of progenitor genomes during repeated allotetraploid origins of the same grass Brachypodium hybridum - (MBE)
Nov 23 16:00Gene duplication, shifting selection, and dosage balance of silicon transporter proteins in marine and freshwater diatoms - (GBE)
Nov 23 12:00Genetic load and adaptive potential of a recovered avian species that narrowly avoided extinction - (MBE)
Nov 23 12:00Inference of admixture origins in indigenous African cattle - (MBE)
Nov 23 12:00Historic museum samples provide evidence for a recent replacement of Wolbachia types in European Drosophila melanogaster - (MBE)
Nov 22 12:00Temporal variation in introgressed segments' length statistics computed from a limited number of ancient genomes sheds light on past admixture pulses - (MBE)
Nov 22 12:00DegronMD: Leveraging evolutionary and structural features for deciphering protein-targeted degradation, mutations, and drug response to degrons - (MBE)
Nov 21 12:00Patterns of evolution of TRIM genes highlight the evolutionary plasticity of antiviral effectors in mammals - (GBE)
Nov 21 12:00The scorpionfly (Panorpa cognata) genome highlights conserved and derived features of the peculiar dipteran X chromosome - (MBE)
Nov 21 08:00A conserved ribosomal protein has entirely dissimilar structures in different organisms - (MBE)
Nov 21 08:00Complex evolutionary history with extensive ancestral gene flow in an African primate radiation - (MBE)
Nov 21 08:00Phosphate limitation responses in marine green algae are linked to reprogramming of the tRNA epitranscriptome and codon usage bias - (MBE)
Nov 21 08:00Extensive phylogenomic discordance and the complex evolutionary history of the Neotropical cat genus Leopardus - (MBE)
Nov 20 16:00Enhancing luciferase activity and stability through generative modeling of natural enzyme sequences - Wen Jun Xie et al. (PNAS)
Nov 18 12:00Functional Diversification and the Plant Secondary Cell Wall - Joseph B. Colbert, Heather D. Coleman (JME)
Nov 18 12:00Unravelling unusual subgenomic organization in the neopolyploid free-living flatworm Macrostomum lignano - (MBE)
Nov 18 12:00Parallel nonfunctionalization of CK1δ/ε kinase ohnologs following a whole-genome duplication event - (MBE)
Nov 17 12:00Intraspecific variation of transposable elements reveals differences in the evolutionary history of fungal phytopathogen pathotypes - (GBE)
Nov 16 12:00Divergence in the Saccharomyces species' heat shock response is indicative of their thermal tolerance - (GBE)
Nov 15 12:00Transcript Isoform Diversity of Ampliconic Genes on the Y Chromosome of Great Apes - (GBE)
Nov 14 16:00The emergence and diversification of a zoonotic pathogen from within the microbiota of intensively farmed pigs - Gemma G. R. Murray et al. (PNAS)
Nov 14 12:00Collaborative Expression: Transcriptomics of Conus virgo Suggests Contribution of Multiple Secretory Glands to Venom Production - Alexander Fedosov, Carmen Federica Tucci, Nicolas Puillandre (JME)
Nov 13 08:00Exploring Flexibility and Folding Patterns Throughout Time in Voltage Sensors - Abigail García-Morales, Daniel Balleza (JME)