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Articles added in the last thirty days:

Dec 3 20:00Consequences of Genetic Recombination on Protein Folding Stability - Roberto Del Amparo, Luis Daniel González-Vázquez, Miguel Arenas (JME)
Dec 3 08:00A New Hope: A hermaphroditic nematode enables analysis of a recent whole genome duplication event - Sara S Wighard et al. (GBE)
Dec 2 16:00The restart effect in social dilemmas shows humans are self-interested not altruistic - Maxwell N. Burton-Chellew (PNAS)
Nov 30 16:00Evolutionary conservation and transcriptome analyses attribute perenniality and flowering to day-length responsive genes in bulbous barley (Hordeum bulbosum) - Dana Fuerst, Bar Shermeister, Tali Mandel, Sariel Hübner (GBE)
Nov 29 16:00Within-individual changes reveal increasing social selectivity with age in rhesus macaques - Erin R. Siracusa et al. (PNAS)
Nov 29 12:00Joint analysis of phenotypic and genomic diversity sheds light on the evolution of xenobiotic metabolism in humans - Médéric Mouterde et al. (GBE)
Nov 28 20:00The mud-dwelling clam Meretrix petechialis secretes endogenously synthesized erythromycin - Xin Yue et al. (PNAS)
Nov 28 20:00Mammalian diversification bursts and biotic turnovers are synchronous with Cenozoic geoclimatic events in Asia - Anderson Feijó et al. (PNAS)
Nov 24 16:00Transposable elements continuously remodel the regulatory landscape, transcriptome, and function of decidual stromal cells - Katelyn Mika, Vincent J Lynch (GBE)
Nov 23 16:00Transposable elements drive intron gain in diverse eukaryotes - Landen Gozashti et al. (PNAS)
Nov 23 16:00Insertions and deletions mediated functional divergence of Rossmann fold enzymes - Saacnicteh Toledo-Patiño, Stefano Pascarelli, Gen-ichiro Uechi, Paola Laurino (PNAS)
Nov 22 12:00African suid genomes provide insights into the local adaptation to diverse African environments - Hai-Bing Xie et al. (MBE)
Nov 21 16:00Global gradients in the distribution of animal polyploids - Kyle T. David (PNAS)
Nov 21 16:00A global analysis of matches and mismatches between human genetic and linguistic histories - Chiara Barbieri et al. (PNAS)
Nov 21 16:00Substrate affinity versus catalytic efficiency: Ancestral sequence reconstruction of tRNA nucleotidyltransferases solves an enzyme puzzle - Martina Hager et al. (MBE)
Nov 21 08:00The impact of genetic surfing on neutral genomic diversity - Flávia Schlichta, Stephan Peischl, Laurent Excoffier (MBE)
Nov 21 08:00Challenging the importance of plastid genome structure conservation: new insights from euglenophytes - Kacper Maciszewski, Alicja Fells, Anna Karnkowska (MBE)
Nov 18 08:00Ancestral Sequence Reconstruction of the Ribosomal Protein uS8 and Reduction of Amino Acid Usage to a Smaller Alphabet - Fangzheng Zhao, Satoshi Akanuma (JME)
Nov 17 16:00From Easy to Hopeless - Predicting the Difficulty of Phylogenetic Analyses - Julia Haag, Dimitri Höhler, Ben Bettisworth, Alexandros Stamatakis (MBE)
Nov 16 08:00Markhor-derived introgression of a genomic region encompassing PAPSS2 confers high-altitude adaptability in Tibetan goats - Chao Li et al. (MBE)
Nov 15 08:00Ecological speciation promoted by divergent regulation of functional genes within African cichlid fishes - Madeleine Carruthers et al. (MBE)
Nov 14 16:00Preserved soft anatomy confirms shoulder-powered upstroke of early theropod flyers, reveals enhanced early pygostylian upstroke, and explains early sternum loss - Michael Pittman et al. (PNAS)
Nov 12 16:00How Many Factors Influence Genomic GC Content Among Prokaryotes? - Héctor Musto (JME)
Nov 11 08:00Adaptation in outbred sexual yeast is repeatable, polygenic and favors rare haplotypes - Robert A Linder et al. (MBE)
Nov 8 16:00The highest-elevation frog provides insights into mechanisms and evolution of defenses against high UV radiation - Ting-Ting Fu et al. (PNAS)
Nov 8 16:00Ancestral sex-role plasticity facilitates the evolution of same-sex sexual behavior - Nobuaki Mizumoto, Thomas Bourguignon, Nathan W. Bailey (PNAS)
Nov 8 08:00Origins and evolution of human tandem duplicated exon substitution events - Laura Martinez-Gomez, Daniel Cerdán-Vélez, Federico Abascal, Michael L Tress (GBE)
Nov 7 16:00Why Wolbachia-induced cytoplasmic incompatibility is so common - Michael Turelli, Andrew Katznelson, Paul S. Ginsberg (PNAS)
Nov 7 16:00Stage-specific transposon activity in the life cycle of the fairy-ring mushroom Marasmius oreades - Markus Hiltunen, Sandra Lorena Ament-Velásquez, Martin Ryberg, Hanna Johannesson (PNAS)
Nov 7 16:00Environmental drivers of the first major animal extinction across the Ediacaran White Sea-Nama transition - Scott D. Evans et al. (PNAS)
Nov 5 12:00The dynamics of adaptation to stress from standing genetic variation and de novo mutations - S Lorena Ament-Velásquez et al. (MBE)