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Articles added in the last thirty days:

Jun 18 16:00Genomic reconstruction of the successful establishment of a feralized bovine population on the subantarctic island of Amsterdam - (MBE)
Jun 17 20:00Sampling Strategies for Experimentally Mapping Molecular Fitness Landscapes Using High-Throughput Methods - Steven K. Chen, Jing Liu, Belinda S. W. Chang (JME)
Jun 17 16:00Multiple human population movements and cultural dispersal events shaped the landscape of Chinese paternal heritage - (MBE)
Jun 16 12:00Modeling length changes in de novo ORFs during neutral evolution - (GBE)
Jun 16 12:00Evolutionary Dynamics of Accelerated Antiviral Resistance Development in Hypermutator Herpesvirus - (MBE)
Jun 14 12:00Charophytic Green Algae encode ancestral Pol IV/Pol V subunits and a CLSY/DRD1 homolog - (GBE)
Jun 14 12:00What makes a mimic? Orange, red, and black color production in the mimic poison frog (Ranitomeya imitator) - (GBE)
Jun 14 12:00Selection shapes the genomic landscape of introgressed ancestry in a pair of sympatric sea urchin species - (GBE)
Jun 14 12:00Biases in ARG-based inference of historical population size in populations experiencing selection - (MBE)
Jun 13 08:00COATi: statistical pairwise alignment of protein-coding sequences - (MBE)
Jun 12 16:00Recurrent duplication and diversification of a vital DNA repair gene family across Drosophila - (MBE)
Jun 12 16:00Ancient and recent hybridization in the Oreochromis cichlid fishes - (MBE)
Jun 12 16:00Analysis of Evolutionary Conservation, Expression Level, and Genetic Association at a Genome-wide Scale Reveals Heterogeneity in Traits Across Polygenic Phenotypes - (MBE)
Jun 12 12:00Diversification of von Willebrand Factor A and Chitin-Binding Domains in Pif/BMSPs Among Mollusks - Keisuke Shimizu, Lumi Negishi, Michio Suzuki (JME)
Jun 12 08:00Comparative genomics and the salivary transcriptome of the redbanded stink bug shed light on its high damage potential to soybean - (GBE)
Jun 11 08:00Differential regulation of opsin gene expression in response to internal and external stimuli - (GBE)
Jun 11 08:00Expansion and Functional Diversification of Long-Wavelength-Sensitive Opsin in Anabantoid Fishes - Jan Gerwin, Julián Torres-Dowdall, Axel Meyer (JME)
Jun 11 08:00PhyloBench: a Benchmark for Evaluating Phylogenetic Programs - (MBE)
Jun 10 16:00Telomere-to-telomere genome assembly of the clubroot pathogen Plasmodiophora brassicae - (GBE)
Jun 10 16:00odd-paired is involved in morphological divergence of snail-feeding beetles - (MBE)
Jun 8 08:00Pseudomonas Putida Dynamics of Adaptation under Prolonged Resource Exhaustion - (GBE)
Jun 8 08:00phyloBARCODER: A web tool for phylogenetic classification of eukaryote metabarcodes using custom reference databases - (MBE)
Jun 7 16:00Gene protein sequence evolution can predict the rapid divergence of ovariole numbers in the Drosophila melanogaster subgroup - (GBE)
Jun 6 16:00Genomic Gigantism is not Associated with Reduced Selection Efficiency in Neotropical Salamanders - Hairo Rios-Carlos, María Guadalupe Segovia-Ramírez, Sean M. Rovito (JME)
Jun 6 12:00Historic dog furs unravel the origin and artificial selection of modern Nordic Lapphund and Elkhound dog breeds - (MBE)
Jun 6 12:00Please Mind the Gap: Indel-Aware Parsimony for Fast and Accurate Ancestral Sequence Reconstruction and Multiple Sequence Alignment including Long Indels - (MBE)
Jun 6 08:00Breathing Air and Living Underwater: Molecular Evolution of Genes Related to Antioxidant Response in Cetaceans and Pinnipeds - Giovanna Selleghin-Veiga, Letícia Magpali, Mariana F. Nery (JME)
Jun 6 08:00Untangling the Evolution of the Receptor-Binding Motif of SARS-CoV-2 - Luis Delaye, Lizbeth Román-Padilla (JME)
Jun 6 08:00Phylogenetic Analysis and Comparative Genomics of Brucella abortus and Brucella melitensis Strains in Egypt - Alyaa Elrashedy, Mohamed Nayel, Mohamed E. Hasan (JME)
Jun 6 08:00Red-on-Yellow Queen: Bio-Layer Interferometry Reveals Functional Diversity Within Micrurus Venoms and Toxin Resistance in Prey Species - Daniel Dashevsky, Richard J. Harris, Bryan G. Fry (JME)
Jun 5 20:00Measuring the efficiency of purging by non-random mating in human populations - (MBE)
Jun 3 16:00The tree reconstruction game: phylogenetic reconstruction using reinforcement learning - (MBE)
Jun 3 16:00Genomic and phenotypic adaptations of Rattus tanezumi to cold limit its further northward expansion and range overlap with R. norvegicus - (MBE)
Jun 3 16:00Increased Positive Selection in Highly Recombining Genes Does not Necessarily Reflect an Evolutionary Advantage of Recombination - (MBE)
May 31 08:00SMBE Secretary's Report - (MBE)
May 30 08:00Endosymbioses have shaped the evolution of biological diversity and complexity time and time again - (GBE)
May 28 12:00Examining the effects of temperature on the evolution of bacterial tRNA pools - (GBE)
May 25 16:00Ancient Sheep Genomes reveal four Millennia of North European Short-Tailed Sheep in the Baltic Sea region - (GBE)
May 25 16:00The Maintenance of Deleterious Variation in Wild Chinese Rhesus Macaques - (GBE)
May 24 12:00Conifers concentrate large numbers of NLR immune receptor genes on one chromosome - (GBE)
May 24 08:00Severe Bottleneck Impacted the Genomic Structure of Egg-Eating Cichlids in Lake Victoria - (MBE)
May 23 16:00The evolution of transglutaminases underlies the origin and loss of cornified skin appendages in vertebrates - (MBE)
May 23 08:00De novo genome assembly and annotation of Leptosia nina provide new insights in the evolutionary dynamics of genes involved in host-plant adaptation of Pierinae butterflies - (GBE)
May 22 16:00Dating ammonia-oxidizing bacteria with abundant eukaryotic fossils - (MBE)
May 21 12:00Does effective population size govern evolutionary differences in telomere length? - (GBE)