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Articles added in the last thirty days:

Jul 12 08:00Excessive parallelism in protein evolution of Lake Baikal amphipod species flock - Valentina Burskaia et al. (GBE)
Jul 12 08:00Contribution of cis- and trans-regulatory Evolution to Transcriptomic Divergence across Populations in the Drosophila mojavensis Larval Brain - Kyle M Benowitz, Joshua M Coleman, Carson W Allan, Luciano M Matzkin (GBE)
Jul 12 08:00Genomic analysis of the only blind cichlid reveals extensive inactivation in eye and pigment formation genes - Matthew L Aardema, Melanie L J Stiassny, S Elizabeth Alter (GBE)
Jul 12 08:00The genome of the softshell clam Mya arenaria and the evolution of apoptosis - David Plachetzki et al. (GBE)
Jul 12 08:00More Than One-to-Four via 2R: Evidence of an Independent Amphioxus Expansion and Two-Gene Ancestral Vertebrate State for MyoD-Related Myogenic Regulatory Factors (MRFs) - Madeleine E Aase-Remedios, Clara Coll-Lladó, David E K Ferrier (MBE)
Jul 11 12:00Asterid phylogenomics/phylotranscriptomics uncover morphological evolutionary histories and support phylogenetic placement for numerous whole genome duplications - Caifei Zhang et al. (MBE)
Jul 10 20:00Epidemics as an adaptive driving force determining lifespan setpoints - Peter V. Lidsky, Raul Andino (PNAS)
Jul 10 16:00PRE-1 Revealed Previous Unknown Introgression Events in Eurasian Boars during the Middle Pleistocene - Pengju Zhao et al. (GBE)
Jul 10 08:00A Uniquely Complex Mitochondrial Proteome from Euglena gracilis - Michael J Hammond et al. (MBE)
Jul 10 08:00Evolutionary Genomics at the Human-Environment Interface in Africa - Hannes Svardal et al. (MBE)
Jul 9 20:00Adaptation of plasticity to projected maximum temperatures and across climatically defined bioregions - Jonathan Sandoval-Castillo et al. (PNAS)
Jul 9 16:00Evolution of mutation rate in astronomically large phytoplankton populations - Marc Krasovec, Rosalind E M Rickaby, Dmitry A Filatov (GBE)
Jul 9 08:00GeneRax: A Tool for Species-Tree-Aware Maximum Likelihood-Based Gene  Family Tree Inference under Gene Duplication, Transfer, and Loss - Benoit Morel, Alexey M Kozlov, Alexandros Stamatakis, Gergely J Szöllősi (MBE)
Jul 9 08:00Prdm9 inter-subspecific interactions in hybrid male sterility of house mouse - Amisa Mukaj et al. (MBE)
Jul 9 08:00A simulation study to examine the information content in phylogenomic datasets under the multispecies coalescent model - Jun Huang, Tomáš Flouri, Ziheng Yang (MBE)
Jul 9 08:00Recent demographic history inferred by high-resolution analysis of linkage disequilibrium - Enrique Santiago et al. (MBE)
Jul 8 08:00Maternal effect killing by a supergene controlling ant social organization - Amaury Avril, Jessica Purcell, Sébastien Béniguel, Michel Chapuisat (PNAS)
Jul 8 08:00Distinguishing Felsenstein zone from Farris zone using neural networks - Alina F Leuchtenberger et al. (MBE)
Jul 8 08:00Higher germline mutagenesis of genes with stronger testis expressions refutes the transcriptional scanning hypothesis - Haoxuan Liu, Jianzhi Zhang (MBE)
Jul 7 08:00Flat latitudinal diversity gradient caused by the Permian-Triassic mass extinction - Haijun Song et al. (PNAS)
Jul 7 08:00A tiny ornithodiran archosaur from the Triassic of Madagascar and the role of miniaturization in dinosaur and pterosaur ancestry - Christian F. Kammerer, Sterling J. Nesbitt, John J. Flynn, Lovasoa Ranivoharimanana, André R. Wyss (PNAS)
Jul 7 08:00A TAL effector-like protein of an endofungal bacterium increases the stress tolerance and alters the transcriptome of the host - Morgan E. Carter et al. (PNAS)
Jul 7 08:00Bayesian inference of reassortment networks reveals fitness benefits of reassortment in human influenza viruses - Nicola F. Müller, Ugnė Stolz, Gytis Dudas, Tanja Stadler, Timothy G. Vaughan (PNAS)
Jul 7 08:00Collateral Toxicity Limits the Evolution of Bacterial Release Factor 2 toward Total Omnipotence - Hind Abdalaal et al. (MBE)
Jul 6 12:00Tumor necrosis factor superfamily: Ancestral functions and remodeling in early vertebrate evolution - Ignacio Marín (GBE)
Jul 6 12:00Detecting signatures of positive selection against a backdrop of compensatory processes - Peter B Chi, Westin M Kosater, David A Liberles (MBE)
Jul 6 12:00Bayesian Evaluation of Temporal Signal in Measurably Evolving Populations - Sebastian Duchene et al. (MBE)
Jul 4 08:00Ancient Genomic Regulatory Blocks Are a Source for Regulatory Gene Deserts in Vertebrates after Whole-Genome Duplications - María Touceda-Suárez et al. (MBE)
Jul 2 12:00Post-Admixture Selection on Chileans Targets Haplotype Involved in Pigmentation and Immune Defense Against Pathogens - Lucas Vicuña et al. (GBE)
Jul 2 08:00Male reproductive aging arises via multifaceted mating-dependent sperm and seminal proteome declines, but is postponable in Drosophila - Irem Sepil et al. (PNAS)
Jul 1 12:00Consequences of cryopreservation in diverse natural isolates of Saccharomyces cerevisiae - Kieslana M Wing, Mark A Phillips, Andrew R Baker, Molly K Burke (GBE)
Jun 30 20:00Ultrastructural, cytochemical and comparative genomic evidence of peroxisomes in three genera of pathogenic free-living amoebae, including the first morphological data for the presence of this organelle in Heteroloboseans - Arturo González-Robles et al. (GBE)
Jun 30 20:00Multiple Invasions of Visitor, a DD41D Family of Tc1/mariner Transposons, throughout the Evolution of Vertebrates - Dan Shen et al. (GBE)
Jun 30 20:00Asteroid impact, not volcanism, caused the end-Cretaceous dinosaur extinction - Alfio Alessandro Chiarenza et al. (PNAS)
Jun 30 20:00Divergence of chemosensing during the early stages of speciation - Bas van Schooten et al. (PNAS)
Jun 30 20:00A demographic and evolutionary analysis of maternal effect senescence - Christina M. Hernández, Silke F. van Daalen, Hal Caswell, Michael G. Neubert, Kristin E. Gribble (PNAS)
Jun 30 20:00Broccoli: combining phylogenetic and network analyses for orthology assignment - Romain Derelle, Hervé Philippe, John K Colbourne (MBE)
Jun 30 20:00Co-evolution in hybrid genomes: nuclear-encoded rubisco small subunits and their plastid-targeting translocons accompanying sequential allopolyploidy events in Triticum - Changping Li et al. (MBE)
Jun 29 12:00Lineage and parent-of-origin effects in DNA methylation of honey bees (Apis mellifera) revealed by reciprocal crosses and whole-genome bisulfite sequencing - Xin Wu et al. (GBE)
Jun 29 12:00Bumblebee workers show differences in allele-specific DNA methylation and allele-specific expression - H Marshall, A R C Jones, Z N Lonsdale, E B Mallon (GBE)
Jun 29 12:00Defense response in Brazilian honey bees (Apis mellifera scutellata x spp.) is underpinned by complex patterns of admixture - Brock A Harpur et al. (GBE)
Jun 29 12:00Evolutionary History of the Globin Gene Family in Annelids - Flávia A Belato et al. (GBE)
Jun 28 08:00Evolution of Human Brain Size-Associated NOTCH2NL Genes Proceeds toward Reduced Protein Levels - Gerrald A Lodewijk et al. (MBE)
Jun 27 12:00The first draft genome assembly of Snow sheep (Ovis nivicola) - Maulik Upadhyay et al. (GBE)
Jun 27 12:00Comparative genomics reveals evolution of a beak morphology locus in a high-altitude songbird - Yalin Cheng et al. (MBE)
Jun 26 12:00Revisiting ceriantharian (Anthozoa) mitochondrial genomes: casting doubts about their structure and size - David Roy Smith (GBE)
Jun 26 12:00Only a single taxonomically restricted gene family in the Drosophila melanogaster subgroup can be identified with high confidence - Karina Zile, Christophe Dessimoz, Yannick Wurm, Joanna Masel (GBE)
Jun 26 12:00Recent common origin, reduced population size, and marked admixture have shaped European Roma genomes - Erica Bianco et al. (MBE)
Jun 25 20:00Convergent evolution of conserved mitochondrial pathways underlies repeated adaptation to extreme environments - Ryan Greenway et al. (PNAS)
Jun 25 16:00The coevolution of fungal mitochondrial introns and their Homing Endonucleases (GIY-YIG and LAGLIDADG) - Amalia H Megarioti, Vassili N Kouvelis (GBE)
Jun 25 16:00ModelTeller: model selection for optimal phylogenetic reconstruction using machine learning - Shiran Abadi et al. (MBE)
Jun 25 16:00Interspecific gene flow and the evolution of specialisation in black and white rhinoceros - Yoshan Moodley et al. (MBE)
Jun 25 16:00Pervasive selection against microRNA target sites in human populations - Andrea Hatlen, Antonio Marco (MBE)
Jun 24 12:00A new high-quality draft genome assembly of the Chinese cordyceps Ophiocordyceps sinensis - Ruihao Shu et al. (GBE)
Jun 24 12:00A genomic cluster containing novel and conserved genes is associated with cichlid fish dental developmental convergence - Nidal Karagic, Ralf F Schneider, Axel Meyer, C Darrin Hulsey (MBE)
Jun 23 20:00Minimal cobalt metabolism in the marine cyanobacterium Prochlorococcus - Nicholas J. Hawco et al. (PNAS)
Jun 22 20:00Mating in the absence of fertilization promotes a growth-reproduction versus lifespan trade-off in female mice - Michael Garratt, Heather Try, Kristina O. Smiley, David R. Grattan, Robert C. Brooks (PNAS)
Jun 22 20:00Genetic dominance governs the evolution and spread of mobile genetic elements in bacteria - Jerónimo Rodríguez-Beltrán et al. (PNAS)
Jun 20 08:00A behavior-manipulating virus relative as a source of adaptive genes for Drosophila parasitoids - D Di Giovanni et al. (MBE)
Jun 19 20:00Primordial emergence of a nucleic acid-binding protein via phase separation and statistical ornithine-to-arginine conversion - Liam M. Longo et al. (PNAS)
Jun 19 08:00Multiple Genomic Events Altering Hominin SIGLEC Biology and Innate Immunity Predated the Common Ancestor of Humans and Archaic Hominins - Naazneen Khan et al. (GBE)
Jun 19 08:00Synteny-guided resolution of gene trees clarifies the functional impact of whole genome duplications - Elise Parey et al. (MBE)
Jun 19 08:00How a Scorpion Toxin Selectively Captures a Prey Sodium Channel: the Molecular and Evolutionary Basis Uncovered - Shunyi Zhu, Bin Gao, Steve Peigneur, Jan Tytgat (MBE)
Jun 18 08:00Inferring the Demographic History of Inbred Species from Genome-Wide SNP Frequency Data - Paul D Blischak, Michael S Barker, Ryan N Gutenkunst (MBE)
Jun 18 08:00Synonymous Site-to-Site Substitution Rate Variation Dramatically Inflates False Positive Rates of Selection Analyses: Ignore at Your Own Peril - Sadie R Wisotsky, Sergei L Kosakovsky Pond, Stephen D Shank, Spencer V Muse (MBE)
Jun 18 08:00Ancient Hybridization with an Unknown Population Facilitated High-Altitude Adaptation of Canids - Ming-Shan Wang et al. (MBE)
Jun 17 16:00Variable spontaneous mutation and loss of heterozygosity among heterozygous genomes in yeast - Duong T Nguyen et al. (MBE)
Jun 17 16:00Consequences of stability-induced epistasis for substitution rates - Noor Youssef, Edward Susko, Joseph P Bielawski (MBE)
Jun 16 16:00A novel microbialite-associated phototrophic Chloroflexi lineage exhibiting a quasi-clonal pattern along depth - Aurélien Saghaï et al. (GBE)
Jun 16 12:00Wild hummingbirds discriminate nonspectral colors - Mary Caswell Stoddard et al. (PNAS)
Jun 16 12:00Structure of the RECK CC domain, an evolutionary anomaly - Tao-Hsin Chang, Fu-Lien Hsieh, Philip M. Smallwood, Sandra B. Gabelli, Jeremy Nathans (PNAS)
Jun 16 12:00The Whi2p-Psr1p/Psr2p complex regulates interference competition and expansion of cells with competitive advantage in yeast colonies - Jana Maršíková et al. (PNAS)
Jun 15 12:00Genomic signatures of local adaptation in clam shrimp (Eulimnadia texana) from natural vernal pools - James G Baldwin-Brown, JGB, J G B Anthony D Long, ADL (GBE)
Jun 15 12:00Comparative analysis of genomic repeat content in gomphocerine grasshoppers reveals expansion of satellite DNA and helitrons in species with unusually large genomes - Abhijeet Shah, Joseph I Hoffman, Holger Schielzeth (GBE)
Jun 15 12:00Rampant nuclear transfer and substitutions of plastid genes in Passiflora - Bikash Shrestha, Lawrence E Gilbert, Tracey A Ruhlman, Robert K Jansen (GBE)
Jun 13 16:00Gene similarity networks unveil a potential novel unicellular group closely related to animals from the Tara Oceans expedition - Alicia S Arroyo, Romain Iannes, Eric Bapteste, Iñaki Ruiz-Trillo (GBE)