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Articles added in the last thirty days:

May 14 08:00Adaptive potential of epigenetic switching during adaptation to fluctuating environments - Dragan Stajic, Claudia Bank, Isabel Gordo (GBE)
May 14 08:00Cultural evolutionary theory: How culture evolves and why it matters - Nicole Creanza, Oren Kolodny, Marcus W. Feldman (PNAS)
May 13 08:00Pleiotropic enhancers are ubiquitous regulatory elements in the human genome - Ian Laiker, Nicolas Frankel (GBE)
May 12 12:00Haploid and Sexual Selection Shape the Rate of Evolution of Genes Across the Honey bee (Apis mellifera L.) Genome - Garett P. Slater, Amy L. Dapper, Brock A. Harpur (GBE)
May 12 12:00Population Genetics of Reproductive Genes in Arrhenotokous Species - Amy L. Dapper, Garett P. Slater, Katherynne Shores, Brock A. Harpur (GBE)
May 10 08:00Comparative Genomics Reveals Insights into the Divergent Evolution of Astigmatic Mites and Household Pest Adaptations - Qing Xiong et al. (MBE)
May 10 08:00Parallel evolution of ameloblastic scpp genes in bony and cartilaginous vertebrates - Nicolas Leurs, Camille Martinand-Mari, Sylvain Marcellini, Mélanie Debiais-Thibaud (MBE)
May 10 08:00Mutation load in sunflower inversions is negatively correlated with inversion heterozygosity - Kaichi Huang et al. (MBE)
May 9 16:00Gene structure-based homology search identifies highly divergent putative effector gene family - David L. Stern, Clair Han (GBE)
May 7 12:00The first genome of the Balearic shearwater (Puffinus mauretanicus) provides a valuable resource for conservation genomics and sheds light on adaptation to a pelagic lifestyle - Cristian Cuevas-Caballé et al. (GBE)
May 7 12:00Insights into Mus musculus population structure across Eurasia revealed by whole-genome analysis - Kazumichi Fujiwara et al. (GBE)
May 7 12:00CHD chromatin remodeling protein diversification yields novel clades and domains absent in classic model organisms - Joshua T. Trujillo et al. (GBE)
May 7 08:00Earliest photic zone niches probed by ancestral microbial rhodopsins - Cathryn D. Sephus et al. (MBE)
May 5 16:00Phylogenetic structure of the prokaryotic domain: The primary kingdoms - Carl R. Woese, George E. Fox (PNAS)
May 5 16:00Prospects for inferring very large phylogenies by using the neighbor-joining method - Koichiro Tamura, Masatoshi Nei, Sudhir Kumar (PNAS)
May 5 16:00Impact of diet in shaping gut microbiota revealed by a comparative study in children from Europe and rural Africa - Carlotta De Filippo et al. (PNAS)
May 5 16:00Penis size interacts with body shape and height to influence male attractiveness - Brian S. Mautz, Bob B. M. Wong, Richard A. Peters, Michael D. Jennions (PNAS)
May 5 16:00Cloning humans? Biological, ethical, and social considerations - Francisco J. Ayala (PNAS)
May 5 16:00Evolution of sociality in a primitively eusocial lineage of bees - Bryan N. Danforth (PNAS)
May 5 16:00A single Hox3 gene with composite bicoid and zerknüllt expression characteristics in non-Cyclorrhaphan flies - list of authors, Michael Stauber, Alexander Prell, Urs Schmidt-Ott (PNAS)
May 5 16:00Genomic insights into zokors' phylogeny and speciation in China - Xi Liu et al. (PNAS)
May 5 16:00Neo-sex chromosome evolution shapes sex-dependent asymmetrical introgression barrier - Silu Wang et al. (PNAS)
May 5 16:00Functional Diversity of the Lepidopteran ATP-Binding Cassette Transporters - Pranoti R. Barve, Meenakshi B. Tellis, Hemlata M. Kotkar (JME)
May 5 16:00PRD-class homeobox genes in bovine early embryos: function, evolution and overlapping roles - Thomas D. Lewin, Ali A. Fouladi-Nashta, Peter W. H. Holland (MBE)
May 5 08:00Genomic impact of whaling in North Atlantic fin whales. - Magnus Wolf et al. (MBE)
May 5 08:00Evolution, expression patterns and distribution of novel ribbon worm predatory and defensive toxins - Aida Verdes et al. (MBE)
May 3 08:00In-depth Satellitome Analyses of 37 Drosophila species illuminate repetitive DNA evolution in the Drosophila genus - Leonardo G. de Lima, Francisco J. Ruiz-Ruano (GBE)
May 3 08:00AliSim: a fast and versatile phylogenetic sequence simulator for the genomic era - Nhan Ly-Trong, Suha Naser-Khdour, Robert Lanfear, Bui Quang Minh (MBE)
May 3 08:00Molecular phylogeny reveals the past transoceanic voyages of drywood termites (Isoptera, Kalotermitidae) - A. Buček et al. (MBE)
May 3 08:00Genetic and Structural Analysis of SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein for Universal Epitope Selection - Christopher Markosian et al. (MBE)
May 2 08:00Individual-based modeling of genome evolution in haplodiploid organisms - Rodrigo Pracana et al. (GBE)
Apr 29 16:00When being flexible matters: Ecological underpinnings for the evolution of collective flexibility and task allocation - Merlijn Staps, Corina E. Tarnita (PNAS)
Apr 29 08:00Dynamics and impacts of transposable element proliferation in the Drosophila nasuta species group radiation - Kevin H.-C. Wei, Dat Mai, Kamalakar Chatla, Doris Bachtrog (MBE)
Apr 29 08:00Prediction of antibiotic resistance evolution by growth measurement of all proximal mutants of beta-lactamase - Siyuan Feng et al. (MBE)
Apr 28 08:00Evolution of Complex Regulation for Cell-Cycle Control - Samuel H. A. von der Dunk, Berend Snel, Paulien Hogeweg (GBE)
Apr 28 08:00Comparative study of protein aggregation propensity and mutation tolerance between naked mole-rat and mouse - Savandara Besse, Raphaël Poujol, Julie G. Hussin (GBE)
Apr 28 08:00Chromosome-Level Genome Assembly of the Hemiparasitic Taxillus chinensis - Jine Fu et al. (GBE)
Apr 28 08:00Rapid intraspecies evolution of fitness effects of yeast genes - Yayu Wang et al. (GBE)
Apr 28 08:00Low complexity regions in mammalian proteins are associated with low protein abundance and high transcript abundance - Zachery W Dickson, G Brian Golding (MBE)
Apr 28 08:00A genetic bottleneck of mitochondrial DNA during human lymphocyte development - Zhongjie Tang et al. (MBE)
Apr 28 08:00Climate warming since the Holocene accelerates west-east communication for a Eurasian temperate species Aquarius paludum - Zhen Ye et al. (MBE)
Apr 27 20:00Community structure in social and biological networks - list of authors, M. Girvan, M. E. J. Newman (PNAS)
Apr 27 20:00Global patterns of 16S rRNA diversity at a depth of millions of sequences per sample - list of authors et al. (PNAS)
Apr 27 20:00Gene set enrichment analysis: A knowledge-based approach for interpreting genome-wide expression profiles - list of authors et al. (PNAS)
Apr 27 20:00Bodily maps of emotions - list of authors, Lauri Nummenmaa, Enrico Glerean, Riitta Hari, Jari K. Hietanen (PNAS)
Apr 27 20:00Oxytocin-enforced norm compliance reduces xenophobic outgroup rejection - list of authors et al. (PNAS)
Apr 27 20:00Lack of association between pandemic chilblains and SARS-CoV-2 infection - list of authors et al. (PNAS)
Apr 27 12:00A Nearly-Neutral Model of Molecular Signatures of Natural Selection after Change in Population Size - Rebekka Müller, Ingemar Kaj, Carina F. Mugal (GBE)
Apr 25 20:00Attribution of cancer origins to endogenous, exogenous, and preventable mutational processes - Vincent L. Cannataro, Jeffrey D. Mandell, Jeffrey P. Townsend (MBE)
Apr 25 16:00Species divergence in gut-restricted bacteria of social bees - Yiyuan Li, Sean P. Leonard, J. Elijah Powell, Nancy A. Moran (PNAS)
Apr 22 16:00The Origins and Functions of De Novo Genes: Against All Odds? - Caroline M. Weisman (JME)
Apr 21 16:00Freeze-thaw cycles enable a prebiotically plausible and continuous pathway from nucleotide activation to nonenzymatic RNA copying - Stephanie J. Zhang, Daniel Duzdevich, Dian Ding, Jack W. Szostak (PNAS)
Apr 21 16:00Rates of mutations and transcript errors in the foodborne pathogen Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica - Jiao Pan et al. (MBE)
Apr 21 12:00Complete sequence of a 641-kb insertion of mitochondrial DNA in the Arabidopsis thaliana nuclear genome - Peter D. Fields et al. (GBE)
Apr 20 08:00Enrichment of non-B-form DNA at D. melanogaster centromeres - Venkata S.P. Patchigolla, Barbara G. Mellone (GBE)
Apr 19 16:00The Rad9-Rad1-Hus1 DNA repair clamp is found in Microsporidia - Anne Caroline Mascarenhas dos Santos, Alexander Thomas Julian, Jean-François Pombert (GBE)
Apr 19 16:00Comparative genomics of disease and carriage serotype 1 pneumococci - Chrispin Chaguza et al. (GBE)
Apr 19 16:00Machine learning in evolutionary studies comes of age - Viviane Callier (PNAS)
Apr 19 12:00Phylogenomic analyses of Alismatales shed light into adaptations to aquatic environments - Ling-Yun Chen et al. (MBE)