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Articles added in the last thirty days:

Jun 17 12:00Hearing sensitivity of primates: recurrent and episodic positive selection in hair cells and stereocilia protein-coding genes - Andreia Moreira et al. (GBE)
Jun 17 08:00Uniparental genome elimination in Australian carp gudgeons - Zuzana Majtánová et al. (GBE)
Jun 16 12:00Cellular reprogramming and immortality: Expression profiling reveals putative genes involved in Turritopsis dohrnii's life cycle reversal - Yui Matsumoto, Maria Pia Miglietta (GBE)
Jun 16 12:00Conservation of a DNA replication motif among phylogenetically distant budding yeast species - Haniam Maria, Shivali Kapoor, Tao Liu, Laura N Rusche (GBE)
Jun 16 12:00Effects of synonymous mutations beyond codon bias: The evidence for adaptive synonymous substitutions from microbial evolution experiments - Susan F Bailey, Luz Angela Alonso Morales, Rees Kassen (GBE)
Jun 16 12:00Mobile gene sequence evolution within individual human gut microbiomes is better explained by gene-specific than host-specific selective pressures - Arnaud N'Guessan, Ilana Lauren Brito, Adrian W R Serohijos, B Jesse Shapiro (GBE)
Jun 16 12:00Fluctuating environments maintain genetic diversity through neutral fitness effects and balancing selection - Farah Abdul-Rahman, Daniel Tranchina, David Gresham (MBE)
Jun 16 12:00DLX5/6 GABAergic expression affects social vocalization: implications for human evolution - Giovanni Levi et al. (MBE)
Jun 16 08:00Evolution of bacterial steroid biosynthesis and its impact on eukaryogenesis - Yosuke Hoshino, Eric A. Gaucher (PNAS)
Jun 15 12:00Helicobacter pylori's historical journey through Siberia and the Americas - Yoshan Moodley et al. (PNAS)
Jun 15 12:00Host's guardian protein counters degenerative symbiont evolution - Ryuichi Koga et al. (PNAS)
Jun 15 12:00Inferring Population Histories for Ancient Genomes Using Genome-Wide Genealogies - Leo Speidel et al. (MBE)
Jun 15 12:00Gene Conversion Facilitates the Adaptive Evolution of Self-Resistance in Highly Toxic Newts - Kerry L Gendreau, Angela D Hornsby, Michael T J Hague, Joel W McGlothlin (MBE)
Jun 13 09:25The genome assembly and annotation of the Apollo butterfly Parnassius apollo, a flagship species for conservation biology - Lars Podsiadlowski, Kalle Tunström, Marianne Espeland, Christopher W Wheat (GBE)
Jun 13 09:25Protein-Protein Interactions Shape Genomic Autoimmunity in the Adaptively-Evolving Rhino-Deadlock-Cutoff (RDC) Complex - Erin S Kelleher (GBE)
Jun 13 09:25Genome assembly of the cold-tolerant leaf beetle Gonioctena quinquepunctata, an important resource for studying its evolution and reproductive barriers between species - Svitlana Lukicheva, Jean-François Flot, Patrick Mardulyn (GBE)
Jun 13 09:25The Dryas iulia genome supports multiple gains of a W chromosome from a B chromosome in butterflies - James J Lewis et al. (GBE)
Jun 13 09:25Species-wide transposable element repertoires retrace the evolutionary history of the Saccharomyces cerevisiae host - Claudine Bleykasten-Grosshans, Romeo Fabrizio, Anne Friedrich, Joseph Schacherer (MBE)
Jun 13 09:25Evolutionary and Ecological Drivers Shape the Emergence and Extinction of Foot-and-Mouth Disease Virus Lineages - Antonello Di Nardo et al. (MBE)
Jun 13 09:25Geonomics: forward-time, spatially explicit, and arbitrarily complex landscape genomic simulations - Drew E Terasaki Hart, Anusha P Bishop, Ian J Wang (MBE)
Jun 13 09:25Heterogeneous histories of recombination suppression on stickleback sex chromosomes - Jason M Sardell et al. (MBE)
Jun 11 10:54Fifty million years of beetle evolution along the Antarctic Polar Front - Helena P. Baird et al. (PNAS)
Jun 11 10:54Unique pathogen peptidomes facilitate pathogen-specific selection and specialization of MHC alleles - Onur Özer, Tobias L Lenz (MBE)
Jun 8 19:34Genome-inferred correspondence between phylogeny and metabolic traits in the wild Drosophila gut microbiome - John G McMullen, II, Eduardo Bueno, Frances Blow, Angela E Douglas (GBE)
Jun 8 19:34Origin and evolution of the cannabinoid oxidocyclase gene family - Robin van Velzen, M Eric Schranz (GBE)
Jun 8 19:34Transposable elements contribute to genome dynamics and gene expression variation in the fungal plant pathogen Verticillium dahliae - David E Torres, Bart P H J Thomma, Michael F Seidl (GBE)
Jun 8 19:34Eusociality in snapping shrimps is associated with larger genomes and an accumulation of transposable elements - Solomon T. C. Chak, Stephen E. Harris, Kristin M. Hultgren, Nicholas W. Jeffery, Dustin R. Rubenstein (PNAS)
Jun 8 19:34Patterns and Causes of Signed Linkage Disequilibria in Flies and Plants - George Sandler, Stephen I Wright, Aneil F Agrawal (MBE)
Jun 8 19:34Rooting the animal tree of life - Yuanning Li et al. (MBE)
Jun 8 19:34Finding hybrid incompatibilities using genome sequences from hybrid populations - Alexandre Blanckaert, Bret A Payseur (MBE)
Jun 5 10:34Transposon-mediated insertional mutagenesis unmasks recessive insecticide resistance in the aphid Myzus persicae - Michela Panini et al. (PNAS)
Jun 5 10:34Evolution of single gyroid photonic crystals in bird feathers - Vinodkumar Saranathan, Suresh Narayanan, Alec Sandy, Eric R. Dufresne, Richard O. Prum (PNAS)
Jun 5 10:34Genomics-informed models reveal extensive stretches of coastline under threat by an ecologically dominant invasive species - Jamie Hudson et al. (PNAS)
Jun 5 10:34Developmental influence on evolutionary rates and the origin of placental mammal tooth complexity - Aidan M. C. Couzens, Karen E. Sears, Martin Rücklin (PNAS)
Jun 5 10:34Coevolutionary phage training leads to greater bacterial suppression and delays the evolution of phage resistance - Joshua M. Borin, Sarit Avrani, Jeffrey E. Barrick, Katherine L. Petrie, Justin R. Meyer (PNAS)
Jun 1 12:00The evolution of interdependence in a four-way mealybug symbiosis - Arkadiy I Garber et al. (GBE)
Jun 1 12:00Genomic rearrangements and sequence evolution across brown algal organelles - Samuel Starko et al. (GBE)
Jun 1 12:00Homology and modular evolution of CATCHR at the origin of the eukaryotic endomembrane-system - Carlos Santana-Molina, Fernando Gutierrez, Damien P Devos (GBE)
Jun 1 12:00Evolution after Whole-Genome Duplication: Teleost MicroRNAs - Thomas Desvignes et al. (MBE)
May 29 16:00Are geckos special in sex determination? Independently evolved differentiated ZZ/ZW sex chromosomes in carphodactylid geckos - Barbora Augstenová et al. (GBE)
May 29 16:00The assembled and annotated genome of the fairy-ring fungus Marasmius oreades - M Hiltunen, S L Ament-Velásquez, H Johannesson (GBE)
May 29 16:00Genomic Basis of Striking Fin Shapes and Colors in the Fighting Fish - Le Wang et al. (MBE)
May 29 16:00Resurrection of Ancestral Malate Dehydrogenases Reveals the Evolutionary History of Halobacterial Proteins: Deciphering Gene Trajectories and Changes in Biochemical Properties - Samuel Blanquart et al. (MBE)
May 29 08:00The history and evolution of the Denisovan-EPAS1 haplotype in Tibetans - Xinjun Zhang et al. (PNAS)
May 28 12:00Characterization of a sex-determining region and its genomic context via statistical estimates of haplotype frequencies in daughters and sons sequenced in pools - Richard Cordaux et al. (GBE)
May 28 12:00Erratum to: Genomic Insights into the Origin and Evolution of Molluscan Red-Bloodedness in the Blood Clam Tegillarca granosa - Yongbo Bao et al. (MBE)
May 28 12:00AniProtDB: A Collection of Consistently Generated Metazoan Proteomes for Comparative Genomics Studies - Sofia N Barreira et al. (MBE)
May 28 08:00De Novo Mutation Rate Variation and Its Determinants in Chlamydomonas - Eugenio López-Cortegano et al. (MBE)
May 27 16:00Inferring genome-wide correlations of mutation fitness effects between populations - Xin Huang et al. (MBE)
May 27 16:00Robustness of phylogenetic inference to model misspecification caused by pairwise epistasis - Andrew F Magee, Sarah K Hilton, William S DeWitt (MBE)
May 27 16:00On the origin of frameshift-robustness of the standard genetic code - Haiqing Xu, Jianzhi Zhang (MBE)
May 27 12:00The genomic signature of allopatric speciation in a songbird is shaped by genome architecture (Aves: Certhia americana) - Joseph D Manthey, John Klicka, Garth M Spellman (GBE)
May 26 12:00HuConTest: Testing human contamination in great ape samples - Martin Kuhlwilm et al. (GBE)
May 26 12:00Enhanced mutation rate, relaxed selection, and the 'domino effect' drive gene loss in Blattabacterium, a cockroach endosymbiont - Yukihiro Kinjo et al. (MBE)
May 26 08:00Colony expansions underlie the evolution of army ant mass raiding - Vikram Chandra, Asaf Gal, Daniel J. C. Kronauer (PNAS)
May 25 12:00Convergent adaptation in mitochondria of phylogenetically distant birds: does it exist? - Valentina Burskaia et al. (GBE)
May 25 12:00Broad concordance in the spatial distribution of adaptive and neutral genetic variation across an elevational gradient in deer mice - Rena M Schweizer et al. (MBE)
May 25 08:00A chromosome-level genome of a Kordofan melon illuminates the origin of domesticated watermelons - Susanne S. Renner et al. (PNAS)
May 25 08:00Aging as a consequence of selection to reduce the environmental risk of dying - Stig W. Omholt, Thomas B. L. Kirkwood (PNAS)
May 24 12:00Comparative Population Genetics in the Human Gut Microbiome - William R Shoemaker, Daisy Chen, Nandita R Garud (GBE)
May 24 08:00Kinetic Analysis Suggests Evolution of Ribosome Specificity in Modern Elongation Factor-Tus from "Generalist" Ancestors - Arindam De Tarafder et al. (MBE)
May 22 16:00Adaptive proteome diversification by nonsynonymous A-to-I RNA editing in coleoid cephalopods - Yoav Shoshan, Noa Liscovitch-Brauer, Joshua J C Rosenthal, Eli Eisenberg (MBE)
May 22 12:00The worldwide invasion of Drosophila suzukii is accompanied by a large increase of transposable element load and a small number of putatively adaptive insertions - Vincent Mérel et al. (MBE)
May 22 12:00Bacterial evolutionary precursors of eukaryotic copper-zinc superoxide dismutases - Gareth S A Wright (MBE)
May 22 12:00Integrated environmental and genomic analysis reveals the drivers of local adaptation in African indigenous chickens - Almas A Gheyas et al. (MBE)
May 22 12:00Genetic origins and sex-biased admixture of the Huis - Xixian Ma et al. (MBE)
May 21 08:00Nonparametric coalescent inference of mutation spectrum history and demography - William S. DeWitt, Kameron Decker Harris, Aaron P. Ragsdale, Kelley Harris (PNAS)
May 20 16:00Detecting Genetic Ancestry and Adaptation in the Taiwanese Han People - Yun-Hua Lo et al. (MBE)
May 20 12:00A chromosome-level genome assembly of Ephestia elutella ((Hübner, 1796) (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) - Bin Yan et al. (GBE)
May 20 12:00A bivalve biomineralization toolbox - Tejaswi Yarra, Mark Blaxter, Melody S Clark (MBE)
May 20 08:00Three genomes in the algal genus Volvox reveal the fate of a haploid sex-determining region after a transition to homothallism - Kayoko Yamamoto et al. (PNAS)
May 19 12:00Coxiella burnetii and related tick endosymbionts evolved from pathogenic ancestors - Amanda E Brenner et al. (GBE)
May 19 12:00Endosperm and seed transcriptomes reveal possible roles for small RNA pathways in wild tomato hybrid seed failure - Ana Marcela Florez-Rueda et al. (GBE)
May 19 12:00Fundamental identifiability limits in molecular epidemiology - Stilianos Louca et al. (MBE)