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Articles added in the last thirty days:

Jun 5 16:00GeneRax: A tool for species tree-aware maximum likelihood based gene family tree inference under gene duplication, transfer, and loss - Benoit Morel, Alexey M Kozlov, Alexandros Stamatakis, Gergely J Szöllősi (MBE)
Jun 4 16:00Collagen sequence analysis reveals evolutionary history of extinct West Indies Nesophontes ('island-shrews') - M Buckley et al. (MBE)
Jun 3 12:00PIQMEE: Bayesian phylodynamic method for analysis of large datasets with duplicate sequences - Veronika Boskova, Tanja Stadler (MBE)
Jun 2 08:00Pervasive Phenotypic Impact of a Large Nonrecombining Introgressed Region in Yeast - Christian Brion et al. (MBE)
May 31 08:00Jointly inferring the dynamics of population size and sampling intensity from molecular sequences - K V Parag, L du Plessis, O G Pybus (MBE)
May 30 08:00Developmental plasticity shapes social traits and selection in a facultatively eusocial bee - Karen M. Kapheim et al. (PNAS)
May 29 20:00Uneven missing data skews phylogenomic relationships within the lories and lorikeets - Brian Tilston Smith, William M Mauck, III, Brett W Benz, Michael J Andersen (GBE)
May 29 08:00Transcriptome-wide comparisons and virulence gene polymorphisms of host-associated genotypes of the cnidarian parasite Ceratonova shasta in salmonids - Gema Alama-Bermejo et al. (GBE)
May 29 08:00Orthologous divergence and paralogous anti-convergence in molecular evolution of triplicated green opsin genes in medaka fish, genus Oryzias - Yoshifumi Matsumoto, Shoji Oda, Hiroshi Mitani, Shoji Kawamura (GBE)
May 29 08:00De novo genome assembly of limpet Bathyacmaea lactea (Gastropoda: Pectinodontidae), the first reference genome of a deep-sea gastropod endemic to cold seeps - Ruoyu Liu et al. (GBE)
May 29 08:00Comparative transcriptomics across nematode life cycles reveal gene expression conservation and correlated evolution in adjacent developmental stages - Min R Lu, Cheng-Kuo Lai, Ben-Yang Liao, Isheng Jason Tsai (GBE)
May 29 08:00Dental calculus as a tool to study the evolution of the mammalian oral microbiome - Jaelle C Brealey et al. (MBE)
May 28 08:00Flexible mixture model approaches that accommodate footprint size variability for robust detection of balancing selection - Xiaoheng Cheng, Michael DeGiorgio (MBE)
May 27 20:00Cultural evolution of conformity and anticonformity - Kaleda Krebs Denton, Yoav Ram, Uri Liberman, Marcus W. Feldman (PNAS)
May 27 08:00Gradients do grow on trees: a linear-time 𝒪 (N)-dimensional gradient for statistical phylogenetics - Xiang Ji et al. (MBE)
May 26 20:00Competition and hybridization drive interspecific territoriality in birds - Jonathan P. Drury, Madeline C. Cowen, Gregory F. Grether (PNAS)
May 26 20:00Tuning environmental timescales to evolve and maintain generalists - Vedant Sachdeva, Kabir Husain, Jiming Sheng, Shenshen Wang, Arvind Murugan (PNAS)
May 25 12:00Complete mitochondrial genome of a gymnosperm, Sitka spruce (Picea sitchensis), indicates a complex physical structure - Shaun D Jackman et al. (GBE)
May 25 12:00Evolution of the insecticide target Rdl in African Anopheles is driven by interspecific and interkaryotypic introgression - Xavier Grau-Bové et al. (MBE)
May 25 08:00Reconstructing the evolutionary history of chromosomal races on islands: a genome-wide analysis of natural house mouse populations - Paolo Franchini et al. (MBE)
May 22 16:00Recurrent loss of abaA, a master regulator of asexual development in filamentous fungi, correlates with changes in genomic and morphological traits - Matthew E Mead et al. (GBE)
May 22 16:00Performance of a priori and a posteriori calibration strategies in divergence time estimation - Alan J S Beavan, Philip C J Donoghue, Mark A Beaumont, Davide Pisani (GBE)
May 22 16:00Sawfly genomes reveal evolutionary acquisitions that fostered the mega-radiation of parasitoid and eusocial Hymenoptera - Jan Philip Oeyen et al. (GBE)
May 21 16:00Fine-scale position effects shape the distribution of inversion breakpoints in Drosophila melanogaster - Jakob McBroome, David Liang, Russell Corbett-Detig (GBE)
May 21 16:00Collateral toxicity limits the evolution of bacterial Release Factor 2 towards total omnipotence - Hind Abdalaal et al. (MBE)
May 21 16:00Chaperone-Mediated Autophagy in the light of evolution: insight from fish - Laury Lescat et al. (MBE)
May 21 16:00The Neandertal Progesterone Receptor - Hugo Zeberg, Janet Kelso, Svante Pääbo (MBE)
May 21 08:00Dynamic Evolution of De Novo DNA Methyltransferases in Rodent and Primate Genomes - Antoine Molaro, Harmit S Malik, Deborah Bourc'his (MBE)
May 20 16:00Viviparous reptile regarded to have temperature-dependent sex determination has old XY chromosomes - Paola Cornejo-Páramo et al. (GBE)
May 20 16:00Chromosomal-level genome assembly of the sea urchin Lytechinus variegatus substantially improves functional genomic analyses - Phillip L Davidson et al. (GBE)
May 20 12:00A near full-length HIV-1 genome from 1966 recovered from formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissue - Sophie Gryseels et al. (PNAS)
May 19 16:00Genome assembly of the ragweed leaf beetle: a step forward to better predict rapid evolution of a weed biocontrol agent to environmental novelties - Bouchemousse Sarah, Falquet Laurent, Müller-Schärer Heinz (GBE)
May 19 12:00Ediacaran reorganization of the marine phosphorus cycle - Thomas A. Laakso, Erik A. Sperling, David T. Johnston, Andrew H. Knoll (PNAS)
May 19 12:00An objective Bayesian analysis of life's early start and our late arrival - David Kipping (PNAS)
May 19 12:00Pleiotropy complicates a trade-off between phage resistance and antibiotic resistance - Alita R. Burmeister et al. (PNAS)
May 19 08:00Guppy Y chromosome integrity maintained by incomplete recombination suppression - Iulia Darolti, Alison E Wright, Judith E Mank (GBE)
May 19 08:00Molecular evolutionary analysis of nematode Zona Pellucida (ZP) modules reveals disulfide-bond reshuffling and standalone ZP-C domains - Cameron J Weadick (GBE)
May 18 16:00Ancient genomic regulatory blocks are a source for regulatory gene deserts in vertebrates after whole genome duplications - María Touceda-Suárez et al. (MBE)
May 18 16:00Molecular signatures of placentation and secretion uncovered in Poeciliopsis maternal follicles - Michael W Guernsey et al. (MBE)
May 18 16:00The Evolution of Human Cancer Gene Duplications across Mammals - Marc Tollis, Aika K Schneider-Utaka, Carlo C Maley (MBE)
May 18 16:00Physical constraints on epistasis - Kabir Husain, Arvind Murugan (MBE)
May 18 16:00The architecture of metabolism maximizes biosynthetic diversity in the largest class of fungi - Emile Gluck-Thaler et al. (MBE)
May 17 20:00The Evolutionary Forces Shaping Cis- and Trans-Regulation of Gene Expression within a Population of Outcrossing Plants - Emily B Josephs et al. (MBE)
May 17 16:00Genomic Signature of Shifts in Selection in a Subalpine Ant and Its Physiological Adaptations - Francesco Cicconardi et al. (MBE)
May 16 12:00Tibetan PHD2, an allele with loss-of-function properties - Daisheng Song et al. (PNAS)
May 15 16:00Early metazoan origin and multiple losses of a novel clade of RIM pre-synaptic calcium channel scaffolding protein homologues - Thomas Piekut et al. (GBE)
May 15 16:00Genomic analysis of European Drosophila melanogaster populations reveals longitudinal structure, continent-wide selection, and previously unknown DNA viruses - Martin Kapun et al. (MBE)
May 14 16:00Genomic epidemiology, evolution, and transmission dynamics of porcine deltacoronavirus - Wan-Ting He et al. (MBE)
May 13 20:00Behavioral and environmental contributions to drosophilid social networks - Jacob A. Jezovit, Rebecca Rooke, Jonathan Schneider, Joel D. Levine (PNAS)
May 13 20:00Ancient Genomes Reveal the Evolutionary History and Origin of Cashmere-Producing Goats in China - Yudong Cai et al. (MBE)
May 13 20:00Distinct Expression and Methylation Patterns for Genes with Different Fates following a Single Whole-Genome Duplication in Flowering Plants - Tao Shi et al. (MBE)
May 13 16:00Genomic insights into plastid evolution - Shannon J Sibbald, John M Archibald (GBE)
May 13 16:00Neuronal function and dopamine signaling evolve at high temperature in Drosophila - Ana Marija Jakšić et al. (MBE)
May 12 16:00piRNA and transposon dynamics in Drosophila: a female story - Bastien Saint-Leandre, Pierre Capy, Aurelie Hua-Van, Jonathan Filee (GBE)
May 12 16:00Considering genomic scans for selection as coalescent model choice - Rebecca B Harris, Jeffrey D Jensen (GBE)
May 11 20:00A Triassic stem-salamander from Kyrgyzstan and the origin of salamanders - Rainer R. Schoch, Ralf Werneburg, Sebastian Voigt (PNAS)
May 11 20:00Temporal flexibility of gene regulatory network underlies a novel wing pattern in flies - Héloïse D. Dufour, Shigeyuki Koshikawa, Cédric Finet (PNAS)
May 11 16:00A likelihood approach for uncovering selective sweep signatures from haplotype data - Alexandre M Harris, Michael DeGiorgio (MBE)
May 9 20:00Viral Fitness Determines the Magnitude of Transcriptomic and Epigenomic Reprograming of Defense Responses in Plants - Régis L Corrêa et al. (MBE)
May 9 16:00Plastid Genome Evolution in the subtribe Calypsoinae (Epidendroideae, Orchidaceae) - Zhang-Hai Li et al. (GBE)
May 9 16:00The protector within: Comparative genomics of APSE phages across aphids reveals rampant recombination and diverse toxin arsenals - Jeff Rouïl et al. (GBE)
May 9 16:00Loss of the polyketide synthase StlB results in stalk cell overproduction in Polysphondylium violaceum - Takaaki B Narita et al. (GBE)
May 9 16:00The first draft genome of the plasterer bee Colletes gigas (Hymenoptera: Colletidae: Colletes) - Qing-Song Zhou et al. (GBE)
May 8 20:00Collateral fitness effects of mutations - Jacob D. Mehlhoff et al. (PNAS)
May 8 16:00Ancient hybridization with an unknown population facilitated high altitude adaptation of canids - Ming-Shan Wang et al. (MBE)
May 8 16:00Phylogenetic reconstruction based on synteny block and gene adjacencies - Guénola Drillon et al. (MBE)