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Matter: Having More Than One Set of DNA Carries Legacy of Risk

Mosaicism is more common than once thought and can lead to diseases in the children of those with more than one genome, a study says.

From the NYTimes News-2014-7-31:20:6:1

Observatory: Seals Surviving Climate Change Tend to Thrive

Antarctic fur seal populations are declining, and changing genetically.

From the NYTimes News-2014-7-28:20:6:1

Dinosaurs' extinction 'bad luck'

Dinosaurs might have survived if the asteroid that wiped them out had hit the Earth a few million years later or earlier, a new study suggests.

From the BBC News-2014-7-28:8:5:1

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One Plus One Equals One: Symbiosis and the Evolution of Complex Life, by J.Archibald from Oxford Univ Press (Jul 28).

The Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B invites proposals for issues for publication in late 2015. (Jul 18).

From Eve to Evolution Darwin, Science and Women's Rights in Gilded Age America by K.Hamlin from Univ Chicago Press (Jul 17).

Phenotypic integration and modularity in plants and animals ed by W.Armbruster from the Royal Society (Jul 10).

The Evolution of Sex Determination by L.Beukeboom and N.Perrin from Oxford Univ Press (Jul 10).

One Plus One Equals One: Symbiosis and the Evolution of Complex Life, by J.Archibald from Oxford Univ Press (Jul 9).

Plant Evolution by D.Crawford et al. from the Royal Society (Jul 3).

Primate Social Evolution by M.Pina and N.Gontier from Springer (Jun 28).

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Aug 1 12:00Remarkable diversity of endogenous viruses in a crustacean genome - Julien Thézé, Sébastien Leclercq, Bouziane Moumen, Richard Cordaux, Clément Gilbert (GBE)
Aug 1 12:00Ancient Nuclear Plastid DNA in the Yew Family (Taxaceae) - Chih-Yao Hsu, Chung-Shien Wu, Shu-Miaw Chaw (GBE)
Aug 1 11:59Multihost experimental evolution of the pathogen Ralstonia solanacearum unveils genes involved in adaptation to plants - A. Guidot et al. (MBE)
Aug 1 11:59Genome-wide SNP analysis reveals population structure and demographic history of the Ryukyu Islanders in the southern part of the Japanese Archipelago - Takehiro Sato et al. (MBE)
Aug 1 11:59Amino acid metabolism conflicts with protein diversity - Teresa Krick et al. (MBE)
Aug 1 11:59Alignment errors strongly impact likelihood-based tests for comparing topologies - Eli Levy Karin, Edward Susko, Tal Pupko (MBE)
Jul 30 12:00Three classes of plasmid (47-63 kb) carry the type B neurotoxin gene cluster of Group II Clostridium botulinum - Andrew T. Carter, John W. Austin, Kelly A. Weedmark, Cindi Corbett, Michael W. Peck (GBE)
Jul 30 12:00Restriction and recruitment - gene duplication and the origin and evolution of snake venom toxins - Adam D Hargreaves, Martin T Swain, Matthew J Hegarty, Darren W Logan, John F Mulley (GBE)
Jul 30 11:59Exchange and Complementation of Genes Coding for Photosynthetic Reaction Center Core Subunits among Purple Bacteria - Kenji V. P. Nagashima et al. (JME)
Jul 30 11:59Modular Evolution of DNA-Binding Preference of a Tbrain Transcription Factor Provides a Mechanism for Modifying Gene Regulatory Networks - Alys M. Cheatle Jarvela et al. (MBE)
Jul 30 07:59On the Complexity of Chloroplast RNA Metabolism: psaA Trans-splicing Can be Bypassed in Chlamydomonas - Linnka Lefebvre-Legendre, Livia Merendino, Cristian Rivier, Michel Goldschmidt-Clermont (MBE)

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