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Observatory: Study Finds Asteroid Ahead of Dinosaur Extinction Accelerated Volcanoes

A new study suggests that volcanic eruptions started doubling in output within 50,000 years of the asteroid impact preceding the Cretaceous period mass extinction.

From the NYTimes News-2015-10-1:20:6:1

Genetic clue to breast cancer relapses

Scientists say they have discovered a genetic clue to why some breast cancers relapse, which could lead to better treatment.

From the BBC News-2015-9-25:8:5:2

Naledi fossil prints come to London

Visitors to London's Natural History Museum are being given the opportunity to see 3D prints of the sensational new Homo naledi fossils.

From the BBC News-2015-9-25:8:5:1

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The Runes of Evolution, How the Universe Became Self-Aware by S.Conway Morris from Templeton (Oct 2).

Noise Matters, The Evolution of Communication, by R.Haven Wiley from Harvard Univ Press (Oct 2).

Intl Journal Genomics call for papers for an issue on conservation and genomic tools. (Sep 21).

Reticulate Evolution: Symbiogenesis, Lateral gene transfer, Hybridization and Infectious heredity, edited by N.Gontier from Springer (Sep 14).

Bioinformatics workshops available from Genialis this fall in europe. (Sep 11).

Physiological and Biochemical Zoology is soliciting manuscripts for review for a Focused Issue on: Early-life Effects on the Adult Phenotype. (Sep 3).

August Weismann Development, Heredity, and Evolution, by F.Churchill from Harvard Univ Press (Aug 31).

When Life Nearly Died: The Greatest Mass Extinction of All Time, by M.Benton from Thames and Hudson (Aug 31).

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Oct 1 20:00Coevolution of parasite virulence and host mating strategies - Ben Ashby, Michael Boots (PNAS)
Oct 1 12:00Widespread and Adaptive Alterations in Genome-Wide Gene Expression Associated with Ecological Divergence of Two Oryza Species - Jie Guo et al. (MBE)
Oct 1 12:00Evolution of DNA-binding sites of a floral master regulatory transcription factor - Jose M. Muiño et al. (MBE)
Oct 1 08:00Recombining without hotspots: A comprehensive evolutionary portrait of recombination in two closely related species of Drosophila - Caiti S. Smukowski Heil, Chris Ellison, Matthew Dubin, Mohamed A. F. Noor (GBE)
Oct 1 08:00Expression divergence of chemosensory genes between Drosophila sechellia and its sibling species and its implications for host shift - Meng-Shin Shiao et al. (GBE)
Oct 1 08:00Sexual selection of protamine 1 in mammals - Lena Lüke, Maximiliano Tourmente, Eduardo R. S. Roldan (MBE)

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