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Trilobites: In a Cockroach Genome, ‘Little Mighty’ Secrets

The American cockroach has the second largest insect genome ever sequenced. The variety of genes may help it survive in a multitude of environments.

From the NYTimes News-2018-3-20:20:6:1

Sudan, the Last Male Northern White Rhino, Dies in Kenya

Just two members of the charismatic subspecies remain, both female. But scientists still hope to prevent the extinction of the animals.

From the NYTimes News-2018-3-20:14:6:2

Stephen Hawking's ashes to be interred near Sir Isaac Newton's grave

The scientist's remains will be also be interred close to Charles Darwin's grave at Westminster Abbey.

From the BBC News-2018-3-20:14:6:1

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Synergistic Selection: How Cooperation Has Shaped Evolution and the Rise of Humankind by P. Corning from World Scientific (Mar 20).

Bioinformatics for Evolutionary Biologists: A Problems Approach by B. Haubold, A. Börsch-Haubold from Springer (Mar 14).

Rethinking Human Evolution edited by J.H. Schwartz from The MIT Press (Mar 7).

Systems Evolutionary Biology: Biological Network Evolution Theory, Stochastic Evolutionary Game Strategies, and Applications to Systems Synthetic Biology by B.-S. Chen from Elsevier Press (Mar 3).

Royal Society Publishing - Philosophical Transactions B - From DNA barcodes to biomes compiled and edited by Paul D N Hebert, Mehrdad Hajibabaei and Peter M Hollingsworth. This issue is now completely FREE to access here. (Feb 27).

Turning Points: How Critical Events Have Driven Human Evolution, Life, and Development by K. Kampourakis from Prometheus Books (Feb 20).

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Mar 21 08:00First Report of a Mitochondrial Pseudogene in Agnathan Vertebrates (Cyclostomata: Petromyzontidae) - Rex Meade Strange, Kimberly J. Delaney (JME)
Mar 21 08:00Theoretical foundation of the RelTime method for estimating divergence times from variable evolutionary rates - Koichiro Tamura, Qiqing Tao, Sudhir Kumar (MBE)
Mar 20 20:00Insights into platypus population structure and history from whole-genome sequencing - Hilary C Martin et al. (MBE)
Mar 19 08:00Contracted genes and dwarfed plastome in mycoheterotrophic Sciaphila thaidanica (Triuridaceae, Pandanales) - G Petersen, A Zervas, H Æ Pedersen, O Seberg (GBE)
Mar 19 08:00Evolutionary interplay between symbiotic relationships and patterns of signal peptide gain and loss - Peter Hönigschmid et al. (GBE)
Mar 19 08:00Patterns of population variation in two paleopolyploid eudicot lineages suggest that dosage-based selection on homeologs is long-lived - Yue Hao et al. (GBE)
Mar 19 08:00Signatures of DNA methylation across insects suggest reduced DNA methylation levels in Holometabola - Panagiotis Provataris et al. (GBE)
Mar 19 08:00Horizontal Gene Transfer Building Prokaryote Genomes: Genes Related to Exchange Between Cell and Environment are Frequently Transferred - Apuã C. M. Paquola et al. (JME)
Mar 19 08:00Application of Chloroplast Phylogenomics to Resolve Species Relationships Within the Plant Genus Amaranthus - Erika Viljoen et al. (JME)
Mar 19 08:00The birth and death of olfactory receptor gene families in mammalian niche adaptation - Graham M Hughes et al. (MBE)
Mar 19 08:00Viral fitness correlates with the magnitude and direction of the perturbation induced in the host's transcriptome: the tobacco etch potyvirus - tobacco case study - Héctor Cervera et al. (MBE)

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