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Do You Know Which Dog Breeds Are in a Mutt? Scientists Want to Find Out

A new online citizen science questionnaire is a brain teaser for people who think they’re good at guessing the breeds in the genetic makeup of a mutt.

From the NYTimes News-2018-4-18:14:6:1

ScienceTake: How a Common Beetle May Offer Deep Insights Into Evolution

A molecular biologist has turned a childhood obsession with a common beetle into a scientific quest.

From the NYTimes News-2018-4-17:8:5:1

Basics: You Share Everything With Your Bestie. Even Brain Waves.

Scientists have made astonishing discoveries about the nature and evolution of friendship. Without it, humans suffer significant physical and emotional damage.

From the NYTimes News-2018-4-16:8:5:1

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The last days of smallpox: Tragedy in Brimingham is a history of the final episodes of smallpox (ebook). by Mark Pallen from Amazon (Apr 16).

Training to help you with science business and financial management. (Apr 10).

Principles of Evolutionary Genetics by R. Greer (Editor) from Syrawood Publ (Apr 7).

Smithsonian Conservation ideas and events to celebrate Earth Day. (Apr 5).

The Evolution of Flight by G. Glaeser, H.F. Paulus, W. Nachtigall from Springer (Mar 28).

Synergistic Selection: How Cooperation Has Shaped Evolution and the Rise of Humankind by P. Corning from World Scientific (Mar 20).

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Apr 18 20:00An Evaluation of Function of Multicopy Noncoding RNAs in Mammals Using ENCODE/FANTOM Data and Comparative Genomics - Marc P Hoeppner et al. (MBE)
Apr 18 08:00Failure to recover major events of gene flux in real biological data due to method misapplication - Nils Kapust et al. (GBE)
Apr 18 08:00Comparative genomics reveals thousands of novel chemosensory genes and massive changes in chemoreceptor repertories across chelicerates - Joel Vizueta, Julio Rozas, Alejandro Sánchez-Gracia (GBE)
Apr 17 20:00Novel genes, ancient genes, and gene co-option contributed to the genetic basis of the radula, a molluscan innovation - Leon Hilgers, Stefanie Hartmann, Michael Hofreiter, Thomas von Rintelen (MBE)
Apr 16 08:00Evolution of Genome Architecture in Archaea: Spontaneous Generation of a New Chromosome in Haloferax volcanii - Darya Ausiannikava et al. (MBE)

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