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Australia trial for GM fruit fly

Australia will carry out trials of a genetically modified fruit fly to break the breeding cycle of this crop pest.

From the BBC News-2015-11-24:14:6:1

Mutant mosquitoes 'resist malaria'

Scientists say they have bred a genetically modified mosquito that can resist malaria infection.

From the BBC News-2015-11-24:8:5:1

Engineering Mosquitoes' Genes to Resist Malaria

Two teams of biologists have created a novel breed of mosquito with modified genes in hopes of eradicating the disease.

From the NYTimes News-2015-11-23:20:6:1

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Grant for genomics research; $1500.00 is available to apply for. (Nov 24).

Cuvier's History of the Natural Sciences Nineteen Lessons on the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries by T. Pietsch, Ed., from Univ Chicago Press (Nov 22).

Nature is seeking to recruit editors to join Nature Ecology. Application deadline November 29th. (Nov 13).

Nature is seeking to recruit editors to join Nature Ecology and Evolution. Application deadline November 30th. (Nov 13).

Royal Society Phil. Tranactions has three special issues that are free for November. (Nov 5).

Call for papers for a special issue on Genomics of Marine Invertebrates. (Nov 3).

Great Transformations in Vertebrate Evolution by K.Dial, N.Shubin, E.Brainerd Eds, from Univ Chicago Press (Oct 29).

The Annihilation of Nature; Human Extinction of Birds and Mammals by G.Ceballos, A.Ehrlich, P.Ehrlich Eds, from Johns Hopkins Univ Press (Oct 29).

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Nov 25 08:00Repetitive DNA and plant domestication: variation in copy number and proximity to genes of LTR-retrotransposons among wild and cultivated sunflower (Helianthus annuus) genotypes. - Flavia Mascagni et al. (GBE)
Nov 25 08:00Adaptation to parasites and costs of parasite resistance in mutator and non-mutator bacteria - Sébastien Wielgoss, Tobias Bergmiller, Anna M. Bischofberger, Alex R. Hall (MBE)
Nov 25 08:00Molecular mechanism of the two-component suicidal weapon of Neocapritermes taracua old workers - Thomas Bourguignon et al. (MBE)
Nov 25 08:00Intein clustering suggests functional importance in different domains of life - Olga Novikova et al. (MBE)
Nov 24 20:00Comparative genomics identifies epidermal proteins associated with the evolution of the turtle shell - Karin Brigit Holthaus et al. (MBE)
Nov 24 12:00Association mapping reveals the role of purifying selection in the maintenance of genomic variation in gene expression - Emily B. Josephs, Young Wha Lee, John R. Stinchcombe, Stephen I. Wright (PNAS)
Nov 23 16:00Tracking the origins of Yakutian horses and the genetic basis for their fast adaptation to subarctic environments - Pablo Librado et al. (PNAS)
Nov 23 16:00Evolution in leaps: The punctuated accumulation and loss of cultural innovations - Oren Kolodny, Nicole Creanza, Marcus W. Feldman (PNAS)
Nov 23 16:00Topographical mapping of α- and β-keratins on developing chicken skin integuments: Functional interaction and evolutionary perspectives - Ping Wu et al. (PNAS)

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