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Turkey Drops Evolution From Curriculum, Angering Secularists

A chapter on evolution will no longer appear in ninth graders’ textbooks because it is considered too “controversial” an idea, an education official said.

From the NYTimes News-2017-6-23:20:6:1

Review: In ‘Food Evolution,’ Scientists Strike Back

Scott Hamilton Kennedy’s documentary gives G.M.O. opponents their say, but leaves the last word to food technologists, who insist on reviewing the data.

From the NYTimes News-2017-6-22:20:6:1

Koalas 'facing extinction' in some Australian states

The conservation group WWF is warning that koalas could be wiped out in some Australian states amid deforestation and increasing attacks by livestock.

From the BBC News-2017-6-22:8:5:1

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Evolution 4th Ed, by D.J.Futuyma and M.Kirkpatrick, from Oxford Univ Press (Jun 23).

The Evolution Underground by A.J. Martin, from Pegasus Books (Jun 21).

Evolution of the Rodents Advances in Phylogeny, Functional Morphology and Development Editors: Philip G. Cox, et al. from Cambridge Univ Press (Jun 15).

Floral Mimicry by S.D. Johnson and F.P. Schiestl from Oxford Univ Press (May 31).

Royal Society Publishing has recently published a special issue of Philosophical Transactions B entitled Animal coloration edited by Tim Caro, Mary Caswell Stoddard and Devi Stuart-Fox. Content is open. (May 26).

T.Werner and J.Jaenike have published a guidebook to the Drosophilids of the Midwest and Northeast, which can be downloaded as a free eBook. (May 14).

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Jun 24 08:00Evolution of cytochrome c oxidase in hypoxia tolerant sculpins (Cottidae, Actinopterygii) - Gigi Y. Lau, Milica Mandic, Jeffrey G. Richards (MBE)
Jun 24 08:00Small RNA activity in archaeological barley shows novel germination inhibition in response to environment - Oliver Smith et al. (MBE)
Jun 23 08:00Transposable Elements Mediate Adaptive Debilitation of Flagella in Experimental Escherichia coli Populations - Gordon R. Plague et al. (JME)
Jun 23 08:00Using viral gene sequences to compare and explain the heterogeneous spatial dynamics of virus epidemics - Simon Dellicour et al. (MBE)
Jun 22 16:00Evolution of nonspectral rhodopsin function at high altitudes - Gianni M. Castiglione et al. (PNAS)
Jun 22 08:00Mutational biases influence parallel adaptation - Arlin Stoltzfus, David M. McCandlish (MBE)
Jun 22 08:00Genomic reconstruction of the history of native sheep reveals the peopling patterns of nomads and the expansion of early pastoralism in East Asia - Yong-Xin Zhao et al. (MBE)

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