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Evolutionary engineer wins tech prize

US biochemical engineer Frances Arnold takes the million-euro Millennium Technology Prize for pioneering 'directed evolution'.

From the BBC News-2016-5-24:14:6:1

The gene's still selfish: Dawkins' famous idea turns 40

Scientist and author Richard Dawkins discusses his legacy - and giving up Twitter

From the BBC News-2016-5-24:8:5:1

Scientist spots Turkish banknote error

Nobel chemistry laureate spots DNA error on Turkish banknote.

From the BBC News-2016-5-23:14:6:1

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The Inner Workings of Life: Vignettes in Systems Biology by E.Voit from Cambridge Univ Press (May 24).

Summer Internships for undergrads at Dupont, Wilmington DE. (May 6).

Genomics Scientist job at Monsanto with a focus on quantitative genetics. (May 6).

Evolutionary Bioinformatics (3rd Ed) by D.Forsdyke is available from Springer. (May 3).

Job opening at Monsanto, California for Vegetable Genomics. (Apr 25).

Training to create Science Videos with your smartphone is available May 15 - Jun 18. (Apr 21).

The 109th meeting of the German Zoological Society will take place in Kiel Sept 14-17. (Apr 15).

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May 24 12:00Do Intron and Coding Sequences of Some Human-Mouse Orthologs Evolve as a Single Unit? - (JME)

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