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How have Dolly the Sheep's 'siblings' fared?

The prospect of using cloning to treat humans has been boosted by new evidence suggests that it can be used safely in animals.

From the BBC News-2016-7-26:20:6:1

Trilobites: Clones of Dolly the Sheep Have Aged Like Any Other Sheep, Study Says

Scientists have answered a longstanding question about whether cloned animals age prematurely.

From the NYTimes News-2016-7-26:14:6:2

Dolly the sheep's siblings 'healthy'

Dolly the sheep's "siblings" are generally healthy, a study has shown, providing hope that cloning can yield animals free from degenerative illness.

From the BBC News-2016-7-26:14:6:1

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Jul 26 16:00Impact of a homing intein on recombination frequency and organismal fitness - Adit Naor et al. (PNAS)
Jul 25 16:00Controlled fire use in early humans might have triggered the evolutionary emergence of tuberculosis - Rebecca H. Chisholm, James M. Trauer, Darren Curnoe, Mark M. Tanaka (PNAS)
Jul 25 08:00Expression-linked patterns of codon usage, amino acid frequency and protein length in the basally branching arthropod Parasteatoda tepidariorum - Carrie A. Whittle, Cassandra G. Extavour (GBE)
Jul 24 12:00Genome-Wide Identification of Regulatory Sequences Undergoing Accelerated Evolution in the Human Genome - Xinran Dong, Xiao Wang, Feng Zhang, Weidong Tian (MBE)

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